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Wedge vs. Platform Sandals – What’s The Difference?

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Wedge vs. platform sandals – which one is better? Turns out a good number of people do not even know these two are different.

But worry not, because, in this post, we will not just tell you the difference between the two but also look at their pros and cons.

So, let’s start with the difference between wedges and platforms.

Wedge vs. Platform Sandals – Which Is Better?

According to housershoes.com, the heel does not determine whether particular footwear is a platform or not, but rather the sole sitting under the front of your foot. That being said, the sole of platforms normally has the same thickness from the front to the back.

This design makes platform sandals perfect for people with flat feet. It also greatly improves comfort. This means if you are looking for shoes to stand on the whole day, platform sandals are a worthy investment.

Wedge sandals, on the other hand, feature a wedge-shaped or triangle-shaped elevated heel. And that is where they get the name wedges. Normally, in wedges, the heel is elevated higher than the ball of the foot and toes.

The heel in a wedge shoe can be gently sloping or, in other words, not high at all. It can also be extremely elevated for a more elegant look. If you love heels but find them pretty tricky to walk in or just downright uncomfortable, you can go for wedges.

Benefits & Disadvantages of Wearing Platforms and Wedges

Wedge and platform shoes have a wide range of benefits. Perhaps, that is why they are loved by many.

Let’s start with platforms.brown platforms

Pros & Cons of Platform Shoes


These are some of the reasons you may want to own a pair of platforms.

1. Comfort

Platform sandals are some of the most comfortable footwear you have ever come across. This is because their sole has a uniform thickness, which, in turn, provides wonderful stability and balance. In fact, your chances of suffering from ankle sprains and foot pains are almost down to zero if your staple shoes are platform.

2. Versatility

Because of their look, platform shoes can be worn both on formal and informal occasions. You can match them with baggy blue jeans, a bucket hat, and a white t-shirt for the ultimate weekend look. Alternatively, you can rock your platforms with a dress or skirt for when going to work.


The cons of platforms are not so many. In fact, there is only one that stands out, which is bulkiness.

Because of their soles, most platform footwear tends to be bulky. This means carrying them to use on, perhaps, a trip or during vacation can be a bit tricky. Bulkiness also tends to make platforms heavy; hence, walking in them for long hours can be tiring.

With that said, when buying platforms, try to go for those with lightweight soles. Doc Marten Platform Sandals are lightweight and should be the ones to invest in. They also come in various styles, including gladiator.

Pros & Cons of Wedges


These are the benefits of wearing wedge sandals:

1. Fashionable

Wedges are really good-looking. They are elegant, and this means you can match them with nearly any outfit. For instance, you can wear them with skinny jeans, a summer hat, and a t-shirt for a casual look. Wedges also look extremely gorgeous with both dresses and skirts.

2. Stable

Unlike heels, wedges provide stunning stability that you will appreciate, especially if you do not like stilettos. This stability makes walking in them a breeze. It also makes them comfortable without sacrificing their trendy look.


Like platforms, wedges do not have lots of drawbacks. That being said, the only con of wedge shoes is that they tend to put a bit of pressure on your metatarsal bones. This is because their toe area is normally much lower than the heel. Fortunately, you can sort this out by going for a wedge sandal with a wide wedge.

Summary: Wedge vs. Platform Sandals

The difference between wedge and platform sandals mainly lies in the sole. While the sole of platforms is of uniform thickness, that of wedges is not. In wedge shoes, the heel is elevated, but the stability is retained. This makes wedges a perfect alternative to heels.

Platforms are no doubt some of the most comfortable sandals out there. Needless to say, you may want to add them to your closet, especially if you are prone to foot pains and even plantar fasciitis. But they can be bulky. Therefore, make sure you go for those with lightweight soles.

That’s all we had in this post of wedge vs. platform sandals. Which one is better; is it the wedge, platform, or none? Please let us know.