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How To Wear Summer Sandals In Winter

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Wearing sandals in winter is rapidly becoming a popular trend. One of the reasons most ladies are into the idea of rocking their women’s sandals during cold weather is comfort. Sandals such as crocs, slides, platforms, and sports sandals are very comfortable and light, making them a better option than heavy and bulky winter boots.

Another reason why women are diving into the idea of rocking summer sandals in winter is fashion. Get it right, and your image might make it to the front page of Vogue magazine. What’s even better, pairing your sandals with winter clothes is a no-brainer.

For example, you can keep it simple by wearing a pair of white socks with black wedges. Or go for a more determined look that will see you clad in knee-length sandal boots and a cowgirl outfit.

Before we check out the tips for wearing sandals in winter, let’s look at the types of sandals you can easily style in cold weather or during rainy seasons.

Types Of Summer Sandals You Can Wear In Winter


There are more sandals out there than you can imagine. But for the sake of this article, we will only look at those sandals you can style during winter or fall.

1. Boot Sandals

Boot sandals are becoming trendier each year. Every girl wants to try them because they look extremely sexy. They also give a sense of boldness, especially if you go with red or black. Boot sandals are further divided into 2 categories; knee-length boot sandals and ankle-length booties.

2. Crocs

If you have a hard time finding comfortable footwear, look no further than crocs. They are by far the comfiest sandals in the market. While the unorthodox design tends to make them bulky and somewhat difficult to pack, crocs are still a worthwhile investment. Moreover, crocs come in a wide range of styles and colors.

3. Platforms

Although platform sandals have a slight resemblance to wedges, the two are very different. And, if we were to choose which one is better, then we will settle on platforms. This is because platforms have a thicker sole than wedge sandals; hence, they are very much comfortable to wear.

4. Slides

Slide Sandals and flip flops are probably some of the oldest footwear in the world. According to, the oldest sandal is roughly 11,000 years old! Well, one reason why slides have stood the test of time is that they are extremely easy to put on. Simply slide your feet in, and you are good to go.

5. Flip Flops

After slides, it is in order that we come to flip flops. These sandals have a Y-shaped thong nicely secured to the sole. Most flip flops are made of rubber; therefore, they are very light in weight. Flip flops are perfect for summer and the beach, but remember, you are looking for ways to style yours during winter. So, keep reading to know exactly how.

6. Sport Sandals

Sports sandals are different from other sandals in the sense that they are tough enough to be worn during physical activity. They are suitable for hiking, camping, jogging, and even running. These sandals are equipped with lots of straps that keep your feet securely in place. They also have a supportive sole to provide excellent cushioning.

Now you know which types of sandals you can rock in cold weather. But how exactly do you wear them so you can stay warm without crucifying your overall look?

One easy way is to wear your sandals with socks.

Wearing Sandals With Socks During Winter

man wearing sport sandals with white socks

You can wear your sandals with different types of socks. These include thick socks, knee-length socks, and ankle socks.

From the above list, sandals that look great with socks are crocs, slides, flip flops, sport sandals, and even platforms. One common thing these sandals have is that their toe area is wide, which makes it easy to wear them with socks.

Ideally, wearing sandals with socks during winter or autumn is a wonderful idea since you get to stay warm without having to put up with the bulkiness of winter boots.

But not every pair of socks will look great with your sandals. Therefore, you need to check on the color so you do not color-clash. If you are looking to keep things simple or unsure how to color block, we recommend plain-colored boots.

For example, you will never go wrong with white socks paired with black Dr. Martens Platform Sandals. Your socks can either be knee-length or ankle-length, depending on how chilly it is. What’s more, platform sandals look great with long skirts and trousers; therefore, do not be afraid to try them with one of these.

Just make sure your skirt or trousers do not stand out in a bad way. For example, in a look where platforms are black and socks are white, your skirt or trousers should be plain colored and not floral or multi-colored.

Crocs, sport sandals, slides, and flip flops look much better when paired with ankle-length socks during cold weather. For extra warmth, make sure the socks are thick. We also advise that you pick socks with a sporty look.

If you are into multi-colored crocs, then it is okay to go for multi-colored socks. In this case, you can pick knee-length socks and a pair of shorts. To make sure you do not go overboard, try to settle on plain-colored shorts. Also, your short should be made of thick fabric that retains warmth.

Wearing Sandals Without Socks In Winter

brown leather sandal boots

Maybe you are the kind of person that detests putting on socks, especially with sandals. In this case, your go-to sandals are the booties. Their closed design enables them to retain warmth nicely; thereby, keeping your feet cozy.

In case you go for knee-length sandal boots, be sure to style them with a short skirt. Knee-length sandal boots also look amazing with a cowgirl outfit, as illustrated by

But if you love ankle-length sandal boots because they are easier to put on and take off than their knee-length counterparts, then this is how you should style them. Look for a short skirt or skinny jeans. The skirt can be leather to give a bit of vintage to your look.

Assuming your pedicure is out of this world, and you have no intentions to hide them, in that case, peep-toe sandal boots are a stunning option. In a picture on, supermodel Naomi Campbell is in open-toed boots and black pants. This is one way to expose your toes while keeping warm in winter.

Wrap Up: Wearing Sandals In Winter

Not so long ago, the idea of wearing sandals in winter with socks was left for the old. But that is quickly changing as more people are refusing to throw their sandals into the abyss when winter comes. Instead, they are rocking them during this period with and without socks.

In case you are willing to try out this new, bold look, the above tips should come in handy. You can rock your sandal shoes with many different kinds of socks for a warm look.

But if you do not find the idea of wearing sandals in winter with socks fancy, this is not the end of the road. You can still pull off a gorgeous look with your sandal boots.

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