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Is Perming Good For Your Hair?

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It is widely believed that perming was first introduced between 1870 and 1872 by Marcel Grateau, who used a thermal perming method.

Karl Nessler, a German hairdresser, later took this process a notch higher by applying a curling hair method. It is thought that Karl Nessler used a mixture of water and cow urine.happy person perming hair

Roughly 60 years after its first introduction, perming was well established with many middle-class women flocking salons to get permanent waves.

Perming is still being practiced today albeit with more sophisticated equipment.

But, even with modern technology, do you think perming is good for your hair?

To answer this question with absolute accuracy, we must first know how perming of hair is done.

So, let’s get started!

1. How to Perm your Hair

According to wikiHow, perming of hair involves three stages.

These are:

  • Preparing & sectioning your hair
  • Wrapping the hair
  • Applying a perming solution

1.1 How to prepare and section your hair for perming

The first thing you need to do is get rid of residue and oil from your hair. This creates a clean base to work on. Use shampoo to achieve this. You should, however, not use a hair conditioner because this might make perming impossible to achieve.blonde woman with permed hair

Once you are done preparing your hair, split it into three sections. The middle section should start at your forehead and end at your nape. Moreover, it should be a bit narrower than the perming rod.

And if you feel the two side sections may get on the way, you can twist them.

2.1 How to wrap your hair

Separate a thin hair strand from the middle section. You can use a rat-tail comb to achieve this. Pull the hair strand taut to make it perpendicular to your head. Ideally, be keen to pick a hair strand that is smaller in diameter than the perm rod you plan to use. This helps prevent limp curls.

In the next step, you will need an end paper. Fold it around the end of the hair strand you had chosen. To do this, place the end paper against the strand of your hair. This should leave half of the end paper hanging from the sides.

Well, the excess paper should be folded under the hair strand to sandwich it inside. After that, slide the end paper towards the bottom section of the hair.

happy woman with permed hairTo have an easy time doing this, you should consider folding some end papers before you begin perming hair. When you do that, you will only need to slide them over the edge of the hair strand and then pull them down.

Next, you need perming curlers. Place the end of your hair strands on top of these perming curlers and then wrap them up until you reach the scalp.

If you are using perming rods to wrap your hair, consider their sizes because this determines curl sizes. This is to say; rods with smaller diameters give smaller and much tighter curls.

Also, make sure you roll the rod downward, which is away from your forehead and towards your nape.

The process of wrapping hair should be repeated for the entire middle section. Ensure all of the hair goes into the perming rod curlers.woman wearing glasses with permed hair

The next step is to apply a couple of columns of perming rods to each side section. Create a vertical part, which can be somewhere behind the ear. After that, wrap up the front section of your hair into a bun.

Wrap more perming rods horizontally in a vertical column. And once you are done, do the front section of the hair i.e. the part in front of the ears.

Last but not least, prevent the perming solution from getting to your skin by wrapping a cotton strip around the hairline.

3.1 How to apply a perming solution

Solutions for perming hair come in two types – acid and alkaline.

An acid perm solution is good for perming highlighted hair, tinted hair, damaged hair, fragile hair, or hair with high elasticity. An alkaline perming solution, on the other hand, is suitable for perming Asian hair, fine hair, coarse hair, resistant hair, and hair with low elasticity.

If you choose the wrong solution to perm your hair, you may get completely different results or, even worse, damage your hair.

After buying the right solution for the perming of hair, the next step is to apply it. But before you do that, consider piercing the tip of the bottle using a push pin. This will give you more control and woman with permed hair

Now to applying the solution; be keen to do it close to the perming rods in small, circular motions. You can choose to start with the right, left, or middle section – there is no procedure to follow here.

Once you have applied the solution, wait for 5 minutes, and then remove a rod and slightly unravel it. Check if there is a tight S-shape. If you cannot spot it, wrap the hair back up. Wait for a couple of minutes and then check the S-shape again. If you do not spot it, give it a few more minutes until you are able to.

Waiting for 10 – 15 minutes before checking the hair is highly discouraged because it increases the chances of having damaged hair.

Once you have spotted the S-shape, rinse your hair for around three minutes. You should do this with the perming curlers on. Ideally, you should run water between each perming rod for several seconds if you have very thick hair. This will rinse out all the solutions thoroughly.soft-looking woman with permed hair

Next, leave your hair dry with the rods on. It is a good idea to leave your hair to dry naturally. You can also use a hair dryer (especially if you are in a hurry) to speed up the process.

You are almost there! Apply a neutralizer the same way you did to a perming solution. Wait for ten minutes after the application and then rinse the neutralizer out for three minutes. Still, do not remove the rods.

Lastly, wait for your hair to dry and then remove the rods from your hair. Do not comb or brush your hair as this will undo the curls. Well, if you must do something to your hair after removing perming curlers, consider styling the curls gently with your fingers.

Perming hair has both pros and cons. So, which one do you want to read first?

Maybe we start with the benefits, right?

2. The Benefits of Perming Hairperming hair benefits

1.2 Perming Improves the Appearance of Hair

This is one of the main reasons why people think and believe they should perm their hair. We get fed up with straight hair, and when this happens, perming becomes a safe haven. We have looked at ourselves in the mirror and thought how beautiful we would be in permed hair. Fortunately, perming seems to give a brand new look that every girl finds irresistible.

2.2 Perming Saves Time

Perming of hair eliminates the need to style your hair every morning. You will not need a straightener or a hair curler. Moreover, perming is not an everyday thing. Well, less time needed to take care of your hair means more time to take care of other things such as cooking your family an insanely good meal or going shopping more often.

3.2 Bulks up Hair

If you have thin hair, perming it up is a smart move. This is because perming has been proven to boost the volume of hair. You should, however, note that perming thin hair is not really encouraged because perming seems to work best on thick hair.

And now let’s check out the section very few are looking forward to reading – the drawbacks of perming your hair.

3. The Drawbacks of Perming Hairperming hair disadvantages

1.3 No Immediate Washing of Hair

One bizarre rule of perming is that it is unacceptable to wash your hair immediately after perming it. The reason behind this is that the curls you have struggled so much to get may loosen up within the blink of an eye. This is strange because perming tends to leave behind weird odors that can really be bothersome. Unfortunately, you will have to put up with those smells for at least a day.

2.3 Perming Can Weaken Hair

Let’s be a bit technical; the hair has the S-S protein bonds. These bonds, when exposed to perming creams or perming solutions, they are reformed. The results are more split ends, high chance in hair breakage, and less natural moisture for the hair. You should, however, note that it’s not perming chemicals alone, which lead to such devastating effects – any chemical treatment can make S-S protein bonds be reformed.

3.3 Changing Hairstyles Becomes Impossible

While perming of hair can help you save time, it effectively restricts you to just one style. Plaiting or tying your hair at the back of your head quickly becomes a thing of the past when you go for perming. Well, this might be a big, fat problem if you are that person who changes hairstyles regularly.

4.3 Perming Can make your Hair Frizzy and Dry

Studies show that chemical perming damages the outer layer of the hair. This, in turn, leads to hair dryness as well as making the hair frizzy. Needless to say, perming hair is highly discouraged for those with brittle and dry hair.


We are not encouraging you to perm your hair nor are we discouraging you from doing it. All we are saying is there are some crucial tips you must know before perming your hair.

When you know them, you will be able to determine whether perming is good for your hair or is an idea you shouldn’t even have thought of in the first place.

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