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How Can I Make My Small Kitchen Look Bigger?

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These tips on how to make small kitchen look larger are very practical.

You see; small kitchens have a lot of benefits such as being very easy to clean and keeping everything from kitchen knives to kitchen trash can within reach.

These kitchens even deny too many cooks the space to spoil the broth!

But are you fed up with your tiny kitchen because it is just too crowded with appliances and kitchen furniture?

The tips below are for you.

Let’s check them out!

Making A Small Kitchen Look Larger

1. Change Color and Make Some Parts of the Wall See-Through

If your kitchen walls are dark-colored, it is time you consider changing the color to something brighter. The thing is; dark colors absorb light, and this means your kitchen will look crowded. A bright color, on the other hand, reflects light, thereby, making small spaces appear larger. That being said, you can color the walls of your kitchen white.nicely organized white kitchen

Another fantastic kitchen wall décor is to make some parts of the wall see-through. This not only allows you to interact with nature on an epic scale but also gives the eye an endless view. A transparent wall also lets in as much sunshine as possible, which, in turn, makes any small space look larger than it really is.

If it is impossible to come up with a see-through wall, you can consider replacing your old kitchen door with a new glass door. Alternatively, you can have the roof of your kitchen made with a sturdy glass that lets in natural light during the day and, at night, provides a picturesque view of the sky full of stars.

2. Introduce Under Cabinet Kitchen Lighting

Natural light makes a confined space look bigger and so is under cabinet lighting. It eliminates shadows at night under the cabinet; thereby, making it look like the space there is bigger. Shadows can make a space appear crowded; therefore, it is best if you get rid of them.

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Under-cabinet lighting also improves the aesthetics of the kitchen without getting on the way during the day.cabinets with under lighting

You should also consider downlights because they are modern and not bulky. Needless to say, downlights will not take up much space, especially during the day when they are pretty much not needed. They blend nicely with under cabinet lighting to give your kitchen a vibrant look as well as to make food preparation much safer and easier.

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3. Go for Open Kitchen Storage Shelves

Closed kitchen cabinets not only threaten to take away the aesthetics of your kitchen but also can make a small space look much tinier than it already is. If your kitchen cabinets are closed, consider replacing them with open shelving.

These open shelving units give a more spacious look that will immediately make your kitchen appear bigger.

Moreover, try to paint your open kitchen shelves with the same tone as the surrounding wall. Since it is a small kitchen, the last thing you want to do is come up with blocks of color. Well, blocks of color create boundaries, which make a space look smaller and crowded.

If you are unsure which tone will blend seamlessly with the color of your kitchen wall, settle on the same color as the wall. You will never go wrong with this.

If, for some reason, you do not like open shelving, you can go for a slimmer cabinet. Apart from taking little space, a slimmer kitchen cabinet looks sleek while being functional.

4. Add the Right Pieces of Kitchen Furniture

Small kitchen islands, narrow tables, and compact stools are what we are referring to when we use the word “the right pieces of kitchen furniture”. It is easy to be carried away when buying furniture for kitchen. You can easily love a set of kitchen chairs only to realize later on that it is too bulky to neatly fit in your small kitchen.

By sticking to a kitchen table and chairs with small footprints, you will not just be saving up valuable space but also you will be adding functionality to your with nice dining set

And, if you feel that these pieces of furniture are not visually appealing enough, you can shop for geometric pattern tablecloths, cushions, and kitchen rugs. This is one of the best kitchen ideas that let you kill two birds with one stone. Geometric patterns create an illusion that a space is big and, at the same time, take uniqueness and the general look of that space to a skyrocketing level.

5. Opt for Minimalist Kitchen Appliances

Kitchen décor ideas do not start and end with decoration like adding a kitchen wall paper – the appliances you put in your kitchen play a huge role too. Luckily, bringing in kitchen appliances with small footprints to your small kitchen should not be a tedious task; thanks to advanced technology.

Advanced technology does not just make energy-efficient devices and appliances but also it is keen to create things that are not bulky and space-consuming. Best of all, technology does this without sacrificing functionality.

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So, if you feel your kitchen is a bit too crowded, minimalist appliances should be a frontier for you. You will be able to easily fit them in odd spaces such as behind the door, under the sink, under the kitchen drawer organizer (if there is space), and so on.

Also, if possible, you should go for integrated appliances. For instance, an integrated fridge will save an enormous amount of space. An over-the-counter kitchen microwave is another appliance that should not miss from your kitchen because it saves valuable countertop kitchen appliances

Another good thing about integrated appliances is that they will blend beautifully with your kitchen design and décor. Talking of blending; choose kitchen appliances with simple, low-profile styles.

6. Get rid of Double Kitchen Sinks

Double kitchen sinks make life in the kitchen very convenient. So, why should you get rid of them? Well, the thing is; double sinks can take up much-needed space in the kitchen. As such, replacing them with a compact sink like a butler sink makes a lot of sense.

Butler sinks have large basins, and this means you can still clean your pots and pans inside them. As if that’s not enough, they feature an apron-like front that helps eliminate the need to lean over the counter when doing the dishes. In a nutshell, butler sinks greatly reduce strains. So, if you can, they are the kind of sinks you should go for.

Our point here is; settle on a compact kitchen sink that does not sacrifice performance for space.

7. Make the Edge of your Countertop Curved

It has been proven that straight lines can unnecessarily consume a lot of space. It is, therefore, a smart idea to avoid them completely during a kitchen remodel. And, instead, have them replaced with something curved.

A curved kitchen countertop creates small little spaces that you will quickly find super useful. It also has softer edges that automatically make a small kitchen appear bigger as well as enhancing aesthetics.

8. Lay your Kitchen Flooring Length-ways

When we talk about making your small kitchen look bigger, the first thing that comes to the mind of many is to improve their kitchen table and chairs, appliances, kitchen fixtures, and cabinets. We always overlook the flooring yet it can play a massive role in making your kitchen spacious.lengthway kitchen flooring

With that said, try to lay the flooring of your kitchen length-ways. You see; flooring laid sideways makes a room appear more compact and tiny. On the contrary, flooring laid length-ways draws the eyes along the kitchen’s length; thereby, making the space appear elongated.

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To summarize, a small kitchen is great but it can easily look like it is stuffed and messed up. This can embarrass you, especially when you have friends, family, and guests over.

With the above simple tricks, you can make your small kitchen look as spacious and aesthetically pleasing as possible.

If there is a point we have not included, please let us know. Also, if you found the post interesting, share it widely. Thanks!