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How To Spot Fake Dior Sandals

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Christian Dior Sandals are among the most popular designer shoes out there. That is why it is no surprise that there are plenty of fakes when it comes to these sandals. Well, nothing is as painful as realizing later on that you have been duped if you know what I mean.

Imagine a scenario where you have been saving to buy Dior Sandals. Eventually, you manage to raise enough money and decide it is time to get some stunning Dior Shoes. But, as soon as you put them on, you realize that something is weird with your shoes.

Upon researching here and there, it finally hits you; you bought a replica and not authentic Dior sandals. What’s even worse, you were charged the same price as that of authentic Dior shoes.

Well, no one deserves to go through this kind of experience – not even your worst enemy. That is why we have decided to take you through 5 surefire ways to spot fake Dior Sandals.

And we do not stop there; we also have reviews of the best Dior Sandals as well as reviews of the best Dior Sandal Substitutes in case you are not ready to spend such a huge amount of money on footwear.

How To Spot Fake Dior Shoes

Spotting fake Dior shoes can be a tedious task if you do not know what to check. That is because manufacturers of fakes normally try their best to make sure their products look exactly like authentic models.

Fortunately, the seemingly daunting experience will soon become a no-brainer immediately you are done reading this post.

Without further ado, these are the features that will help you distinguish between a fake Christian Dior Sandal and an authentic one.

1. Look At The Stitching

Good stitching is normally an indication of outstanding quality. Dior shoes are of stunning quality; therefore, expect their stitching to be superb. For example, in the Christian Dior Slingback Sandal Pumps, the stitch connecting the two pieces of the heel is long to ensure top-notch quality.

That cannot be said in fake Dior Slingback Heels where the stitch is noticeably short, which obviously throws the durability of this footwear into limbo. Over time, the stitch in the fake sandal will give in and you will not be able to wear your footwear.

You should also check how the stitching is done on the insole. In original Dior Sandals, stitching usually follows the shape of the insole. It does this with utmost precision to help create a gorgeous, neat finish. But, in Dior Sandal Replicas, stitching on the insole is asymmetrical and somewhat sloppy.

2. Check The Material Quality

Another way to spot fake Dior Shoes is to check the material quality. Most Dior Sneakers and Sandals are made of high-quality breathable material. This is done deliberately to keep your feet cool in hot summer weather. Another material Dior prefers is leather.

The company uses top-quality leather, which keeps feet comfortable while making sure the durability of your shoes stays uncompromised. Leather also gives Dior Shoes a classy look, plus it allows you to style them in many different ways.

The material quality of fake Dior Shoes tends to be cheap and is normally not breathable. The result is extremely uncomfortable footwear that you will not be able to walk in for long hours, especially in hot weather. Also, most companies that make Dior Shoe Replicas do not use premium leather; therefore, do not expect their sandals to last as long.

3. Pay Attention To Letters & Numbers

Letters and numbers in the authentic Dior Sandals are always of the same size/font and the spacing between each of them is uniform. Well, this is not the case in counterfeit Dior, as letters here do not have the same fonts nor are they in a perfect line. You can spot this difference by checking the ribbon of your Dior Shoes.

If your Dior shoes do not have any lettering on the ribbon or do not have the ribbon in the first place, you can check the letters and numbers on the insole. What’s even better about lettering on the insole is that you also get a chance to compare the colors of the letters in authentic model and replica.

That being said, the insole of an authentic Dior sandal features bold and well-defined letters and numbers that you will not struggle to read. On the other hand, the insole of the Dior replica has pale letters and numbers that look like they are worn out.

4. Remember The Insole & Heel Counter

One of the reasons why most people love Dior Slides, Flip Flops, and Sneakers is that they have nicely made insoles. You will immediately feel the difference from standard footwear the moment your feet interact with the insoles of Dior shoes. But it is not just amazing comfort these insoles bring; they are also of fabulous quality.

Things are completely different when it comes to the insoles of fake Dior Sneakers and Sandals. They may be comfortable, but not at the same level as authentic models. Their quality is also below par and you will be able to notice this after just a few days of walking in Dior Shoe Replicas.

The heel counter offers another practical way to spot fake Dior sandals. In original Dior Shoes, the heel counter is wide so you can have an easy time walking in your shoes. The wide heel counter also improves comfort by making sure your heels have a reliable place to rest.

On the contrary, the heel counter of replicas is quite narrow, which makes it hard to walk in these sandals. The narrow heel counter also takes away some comfort since your heels will always lack a place to rest.

5. Check The Details On The Dior’s Box

Do you know you can tell the difference between fake Dior Sandals and original ones without even looking at the shoes themselves? All you need to do is pay extra attention to the Dior box Christian Dior shoes normally come in.

Replica Dior footwear comes in a longer and narrower box. While you may not spot the difference immediately, it is easier if you have bought authentic Dior sandals and, therefore, can compare the shape of the two boxes.

You should also check the lettering on the box. And, here, you may not even need two boxes to tell which Dior Sandals are not original. In the replica, the lettering on the box is always bolder, whereas, in the authentic version, the lettering is pretty pale. While this is a bit confusing (especially when you consider that the lettering on authentic shoes is bold), it is what you should expect.

Those are the 5 best ways to spot fake Dior shoes or rather sandals. Others, depending on the design, may include checking the ribbon/rope and the star. In original footwear, the rope is always wide and textured. The purpose of this ribbon is to enhance the uniqueness and chic look of the sandal. In the replica, the ribbon tends to be narrow and appears to be out of place.

Ideally, the star of the replica is normally wider and has less defined spikes than authentic Dior sandals. So, if you happen to settle on Dior Sandals with Star, it is advisable that you check out this feature too, as it can prevent you from wasting money on fake Dior shoes.

Best Dior Sandals Reviews In 2021

Here are the reviews of the best Dior Shoes to buy in 2021

1. Dior Christian Womens Sweet-D Slingback Heels


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Made of leather/textile, the Dior Christian Sweet-D Slingback Heels are authentic; hence, a worthwhile investment. The superb material quality improves durability and comfort. This, in turn, makes the heels perfect for everyday wear.

These slingbacks also feature a ribbon, which is equally well made and looks classy. That being said, the ribbon helps enhance the overall look of these heels. The ribbon also seems easy to care for and maintain.

Another feature worth mentioning is the heel height. At 2-3/4 inches, the heel height is decent, thereby, making these Christian Dior Heels suitable for most women. What’s more, these heels feature deep Amaran color, which brings the ultimate uniqueness as well as the flexibility to wear these heels with many different outfits.

2. Dior Christian Womens Dress Sandals


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We love the fact that these Christian Dior Dress Sandals for Women are made of 100-percent leather. Leather gives these sandals superior durability, not to mention enhancing their general look. Besides, the quality leather these sandals are made of feel nice against the skin.

Additionally, these Dior Sandals for women are equipped with an ankle strap to ensure a perfect fit as well as to keep your feet secure when walking around. The ankle strap is equipped with a premium buckle that makes it easy to put on and take off the dress sandals.

The tortoise finish on the heel is another fascinating feature to talk about. It creates a nice contrast with the noir color. The result is a pair of dress sandals that you can match with nearly any attire. You can wear it with a midi summer dress or black mini skirt.

Additional Information: The heel height of these Dior’s Dress Sandals is around 4-1/2 inches. Needless to say, there might be a learning curve, especially if you have never tried walking in high-heeled sandals before. But also, the design of these sandals makes it pretty easy to learn to walk in them. The heel is thoughtfully made and gives these heels a wedge-like look.

3. Dior Christian Womens Etoile Strappy Heel Sandals


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If you love clear sandals, these Christian Dior Strappy Heels should be a frontier for you. They are black and clear (not completely clear, but they still look pretty). Moreover, these strappy heels feature a heel height of 4 inches. These high heels help lengthen your legs; making sure they appear sexier and more flattering.

Better yet, these Dior Strappy Sandals have a wedge-like look that makes it easy to walk in them despite the high heel craftsmanship. The strappy feature is another reason why you should buy these heels. They create a modern and gorgeous look that you will no doubt fall in love with.

Furthermore, we love the fact that the straps are wider, which means they will not dig into your skin after walking in the sandals for some time. The open toe design is another feature we would like to point out. It gives you a chance to showcase your pedicure and, at the same time, improves breathability.

Best Dior Sandal Dupes Reviews in 2021

Instead of referring to these sandals as Dior Dupes, we shall describe them as substitutes for Dior Shoes as that is what best explains their purpose. Assuming you really love Dior Sneakers and Slides but are not ready to part with a huge sum of money to acquire a pair, then these sandals are for you.

1. Women’s Kitten Heel Sling Back Pump


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This heel slingback is designed by a company that loves fashion. And it is a wonderful substitute to Christian Dior Sweet-D Slingback. Although its quality is nowhere near the Sweet-D slingback, the find Sling Back Pump is still an exciting purchase, especially when you consider its extremely low price point.

It is elegant looking and the all-black appearance allows you to match it with all kinds of clothes, including trousers, skirts, shoes, and dresses. Ideally, if, for some reason, you are really not into the black color, you can choose another color, which is Green (Jade Croc). It is important to note that this sling back pump is designed in Europe. Therefore, make sure you refer to the size chart for an excellent fit.

2. Cushionaire Women’s Alba One Block Heel Sandal


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If you love the animal print in Dior Sandals, then you will love the Cushionaire Block Heel Sandal. Made by a reputable company and then priced right, this sandal is suitable for someone on a budget.

The heel height is just 2.25 inches and you will not feel like your heels are straining even when you walk in the sandal for hours. The sandal also features a nicely designed outsole, which is flexible and can last longer than imagined.

Plus, it has a memory foam insole to provide you with every bit of comfort while walking on a variety of terrains. Another outstanding feature is the ankle strap. It is adjustable to ensure a perfect fit. The fabric this block heel sandal is made of is soft and extremely easy to care for.

3. Huiyuzhi Womens Strappy Lace Up High Heels Sandals


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Huiyuzhi Strappy Heel Sandals make a stunning substitute to Dior Etoile Strappy Heel Sandals for Women. Although the straps of Huiyuzhi Heels are not as wide as those of Dior Sandals, this should not be a concern because they do not compromise comfort.

Additionally, the straps of Huiyuzhi Heel Sandals are extremely long to provide you with endless ways to style them. For instance, you can tie them in a bow for a cute, sexy look or stick to a simple, less complicated tie.

The block heel of these sandals measures around 3 inches, which is great. It is neither too short nor too long. This means you will be able to create sexy, slender legs while having no issues at all with comfort. Huiyuzhi Strappy Heel Sandals for Women are ideal for weddings, parties, shopping, prom, office, and club.

The above sandals may not look exactly like Christian Dior Sandals for women, but at least they have somewhat the same design. Their quality is also not on the same level as authentic Dior shoes, but they make up for this through insanely low price tags.

How To Spot Fake Dior Sandals: Conclusion

Spotting fake Dior sandals or shoes is not as daunting as imagined – as long as you know exactly what to look for. You see, manufacturers of fake Dior shoes cannot get everything right. And some of these things include stitching, material quality, lettering, numbers, and even the box Dior sneakers and sandals come in.

That being said, these are the factors to pay attention to if you suspect that your Dior sandals are nothing but the replica of an authentic model.