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Top 8 Best Winter Pregnancy Dress Reviews in 2022

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Winter pregnancy can be quite tricky. And that is because of many reasons such as having to put up with hard, uncomfortable boots and layering multiple clothing just to stay warm. However, investing in the best winter pregnancy dress can help you manage things a little.

First, winter maternity dresses are warm, which eliminates the need to layer them. Second, most pregnancy dresses for winter are versatile. You can wear them to work during the day and, at night, stay in them for a date.

In this post, we have in-depth reviews about these maternity outfits. We have also written a comprehensive buyer’s guide as well as how to look stylish when pregnant.

People’s Picks (Based On Reliable Consumer Reports)

Best Overall: Xpenyo Women’s Maternity Maxi Dress. Who said you cannot look elegant while pregnant? The Xpenyo Pregnancy Dress is long and drapes beautifully.

Runner Up: HELLO MIZ Knit Ribbed Maternity Dress. We love the fact that this dress does not cling to the belly.

Best Winter Maternity Dress For Photoshoot: Mother Bee Long Sleeve Maternity Dress. These winter pregnancy outfits come in plain colors so you can have an easy time pairing them with different pregnancy shoes.

Best Maternity Dress For Fall & Winter: My Bump Maternity Sweater Dress. If you are looking for a convenient and super versatile maternity outfit that you can wear from fall to winter, look no further than this sweater dress for pregnancy.

Top 8 Best Winter Pregnancy Dresses Reviews

1. Xpenyo Women’s Long Sleeve Maternity Maxi Dress


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We are impressed with the fact that the Xpenyo Winter Maternity Dress can be worn in all stages of pregnancy. It has tons of room for growing, meaning you will always be comfortable in it no matter how big your baby bump is. Moreover, the Xpenyo Maxi Dress for Pregnancy can be dressed up or down.

It is a versatile dress that you can wear to a photoshoot, beach, party, baby shower, casual, and even work. This dress can also be your holiday wear both in the summer and winter. The dress is stretchy and, therefore, will fit perfectly. It also has a soft feel against the skin.

Another thing; the Xpenyo Maternity Long Dress features a classic round neck that allows you to accessorize it with long, hanging necklaces. It also features a cinched elastic pleated waistline for a more flattering look. Additionally, we love the functional pockets on each side of the dress. You can store your phone or wallet in these pockets.

Reasons To Buy

  • Breathable and very comfortable
  • Super flattering on most shapes
  • The dress is worth every penny
  • The material is of good quality

Take Note

  • In the Brown Flower Black color, patterns turn slightly white when stretched

2. HELLO MIZ Women’s Knit Ribbed Maternity Dress with Long Sleeve


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The HELLO MIZ Winter Pregnancy Dress will make you look pretty while making sure your baby bump is very noticeable. It has enough flow that prevents it from clinging to the belly while providing lots of room to grow. The dress is also versatile, just like the Xpenyo Long Sleeve Maternity Dress.

It is suitable for both casual wear and formal occasions. Moreover, you can match this dress with heels or even plantar fasciitis sandals in case you want to manage the pain associated with pregnancy. You can also dress down this winter pregnancy outfit by rocking it with a pair of cute sneakers.

It is an excellent dress for such occasions as a party, wedding, and gathering with family and friends. The dress is made of lightweight rayon that fits tight to the body so it can retain all the body warmth. Other materials it is made of are polyester (13%) and spandex (5%). To care for the dress, simply wash it on gentle cycle cold with like colors.

Reasons To Buy

  • Available in beautiful colors
  • The fabric is super soft and does not irritate the skin
  • The length is good
  • The price is okay

Take Note

  • The thin fabric tends to show panty and bra lines in the back

3. Amazon Essentials Women’s Maternity Long-Sleeve Dress


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Winter pregnancy comes with a lot of commitments, and it is not uncommon to find your budget stretched thin. The Amazon Essentials Maternity Dress with Long Sleeves is a wonderful purchase for anyone on a budget. It is priced right yet it has all the features of expensive winter pregnancy dresses.

It is a figure-flattering pregnancy dress that will make you look cuter while showcasing your beautiful baby bump. It nicely displays all the stunning curves on your body simply by fitting as imagined. What’s more, this pregnant dress with long sleeves is versatile. You can wear it during the day when going to work and, at night, rock it to a party.

Ideally, you can match the dress with flat sneakers or sandals during spring or when the weather is pretty hot. And, in winter, you can pair it with ankle pregnancy boots for optimum warmth. The dress also features a round neck that allows you to accessorize it in many different ways. For instance, you can wear it with a long, hanging silver necklace.

Reasons To Buy

  • Warm, flattering, and comfy
  • The fabric is fairly thick and seems to be of good quality
  • Has plenty of room for a growing baby bump
  • Can be dressed up or kept casual

Take Note

  • Tall women might find it much shorter than imagined

4. LaClef Women’s Ruched Bodycon Basic Maternity Dress


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The best winter maternity clothes are not just warm but also have features that make them look fantastic on pregnant ladies. The LaClef Women’s Winter Pregnancy Dress is one of them. It is a midi-length maternity outfit with a slim bodycon fit. That being said, the dress fits tight to the body, and it is comfortable enough to wear all day.

Besides, this maternity outfit has a ruching on the side so you can adjust it in a snap. And, despite fitting tight, the dress gives a lot of space for baby bumps of all sizes. Like other quality cute pregnancy outfits for winter, the LaClef Bodycon Maternity Dress is suitable for both casual wear and formal parties.

What’s more, the material this dress is made of is amazingly soft and stretchy. It is a lightweight knit that comprises of 5-percent spandex, 25-percent polyester, and 70-percent rayon. The dress is fairly easy to care for since it is machine washable. Simply wash it in gentle cycle cold with like colors. Plus, you can dry low/iron low if need be.

Reasons To Buy

  • The fit is as expected
  • It is shipped quickly
  • Gets plenty of compliments
  • Shows baby bump superbly

Take Note

  • The red pattern is darker in person – not exactly as pictured

5. Mother Bee Women’s Long Sleeve Cowl Neck Maternity Dress


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The Mother Bee Women’s Pregnancy Dress for winter can be worn for several hours. It is one of the comfiest and warmest winter pregnancy dresses. The fabric it is made of consists of 5-percent spandex and 95-percent polyester. This is a premium fabric that will let you rock the dress even after delivery.

The dress is available in lots of plain colors. These include Black, Navy, Wine, Red, Royal, and Sage. These colors can be worn with heels and sandals of different colors and styles. For example, you can pair the black color with nude sandals for the ultimate professional look.

Or, wear the wine color with all-black wedges if you are looking for some height without sacrificing much-needed comfort during pregnancy. Plain colors also display the growing belly gorgeously, plus it makes this outfit the best winter maternity dress for photoshoot. When cleaning the dress, make sure you machine wash it on gentle cycle cold with like colors.

Reasons To Buy

  • Looks great with jackets and cardigans
  • Gets tons of compliments
  • The fabric is not too thin
  • Versatile; great for weddings, Easter holidays, and Christmas parties

Take Note

  • The length might be too short if you are tall, but also you can wear the dress with winter maternity leggings if you find it shorter than expected

6. Smallshow Women’s Long Sleeve Maternity Dress


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Most women love ruched pregnancy clothes because they give a cute look and offer a nice way to show off your bump. The Smallshow Long Sleeve Women’s Maternity Dress is one of them. It is made of 93.1-percent modal rayon and 6.9-percent spandex. Needless to say, the dress is soft and has plenty of stretch.

The dress also drapes wonderfully over the curves, and it is of the right length. The stretchy side ruching offers awesome room to cater to your growing baby bump. Like the Mother Bee Women’s Maternity Dress, the Smallshow Long Sleeve Pregnancy Dress is available in plain colors.

The one pictured is deep green, and it is one of the best pregnancy outfits for photoshoot. You can rock it with espadrilles or go all out and wear it with Dior’s Slingback Heels. Other colors this winter maternity dress comes in are Cyan, Grey Stripe, Light Green, Orange, and Navy. In case the dress gets dirty, simply machine-wash it on cold/tumble dry low. Bleaching the dress is a big no, but you can iron it on low heat if necessary.

Reasons To Buy

  • The fabric is comfortable and very stretchy
  • Has a lot of room for growth
  • Can also be worn in the summer
  • Thick and not see-through

Take Note

  • Smells pretty weird when new, but washing the dress seems to fix this

7. My Bump Women Maternity Clothes Sweater Dress


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Sweater dresses have been steadily growing in popularity since their introduction. What’s even more amazing is the fact that today there are winter sweater dresses for pregnancy. The My Bump Women’s Maternity Sweater Dress is one of them. Apart from winter, this outfit makes a perfect fall maternity dress.

It is made of rayon, polyester, and spandex. As such, it is incredibly lightweight and soft on the skin. It is also very stretchy, meaning it will grow with your beautiful bump. Another reason why we recommend this sweater dress is that you can dress it up or down. It is a versatile knitted maternity dress that you can wear to a baby shower or a brunch date with friends.

Ideally, you can rock this dress with tall boots for when it is extremely cold outside. And, when there is little sun, then matching it with your favorite sneakers will be the way to go. The dress features a scoop v-neck, which is deep enough to show off your beautiful collar bone. The v-neck design also makes this dress look stunning with a necklace.

Reasons To Buy

  • Has lots of room
  • Comfy enough to wear all day
  • Hugs in all the right places
  • Does not ride up when walking

Take Note

  • The material is thin; hence, lighter colors might be sheer

8. Coolmee Womens Maternity Dresses


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Coolmee Winter Pregnancy Dresses are suitable for all-year wear. You can wear them in the summer, fall, spring, and, of course, winter. These dresses are also designed in such a way that they are perfect for nearly all occasions. You can wear them to the beach during summer.

Moreover, Coolmee Maternity Dresses are suitable for parties, vacations, daily wear, dating, cocktail, club, weddings, and a night-out with friends. The O-neck is a feature that we really like in these dresses. It is quite unique, given that most dresses feature a v-neck. The O-neck allows you to wear these dresses with beautiful necklaces.

The ruched design is another feature that makes these dresses the best winter outfits for pregnancy. They combine with a slim fit to give you a flattering look that will receive plenty of compliments. Dresses also have an irregular hem, which further makes them unique. The materials these winter maternity dresses are made of include 60-percent rayon, 35-percent polyester, and 5-percent spandex.

Reasons To Buy

  • The fit is accurate
  • The color is cute and exactly as pictured
  • The seams are beautifully done
  • Perfect for women with bigger bumps

Take Note

  • The back is see-through, but you can fix this by wearing the dress with tights

Guide To Buying The Best Winter Maternity Dress

There are a number of factors to look at when buying the best winter maternity clothes. These are:

  • The Fit
  • Fabric Used
  • Style & Look
  • Ease of Care

1. The Fit

In most cases, you will not have to size up when buying a winter or fall maternity dress. You will simply go for what you normally wear. But even with that said, you should check how the winter pregnancy dress you are interested in fits. You can do that by checking the product description and/or reviews by previous buyers.

Another thing, make sure the warm winter maternity dress you are going for fits with room to spare. Such a pregnancy outfit will grow with your bump, thereby, eliminating the need to buy new clothes at every pregnancy phase.

2. The Fabric Used

Most maternity dresses for winter are made of rayon, polyester, and spandex. This combination of materials creates dresses that are super soft against the skin. They also make sure your winter pregnancy outfit is warm enough to keep you cozy at freezing temperatures.

Plus, the spandex makes the dress stretchy so your range of motion is not restricted. The spandex also ensures that your maternity dress hugs you in all the right places and is able to show off your cute bump.

3. Style & Look

Pregnancy dresses for winter come in a wide range of styles and look. For instance, some are designed to hit you right at the knee, while others are maxi dresses that drape nicely. Also, some winter maternity dresses have long sleeves whereas others have ¾ sleeves.

The neck is another area where the different styles of these dresses come out. That being said, some winter pregnancy outfits have V-necks, while others have round or O-necks. Well, when buying a pregnancy winter dress, try to go for something you can accessorize i.e. wear with jewelry.

Also, go for cute pregnancy winter outfits that you can rock on nearly all occasions. Make sure your dress is professional enough to wear to work as well as elegant enough to wear to weddings, baby showers, or brunch dates with friends.

4. Ease of Care

Most manufacturers recommend that you wash their pregnancy dresses in the machine on gentle cycle cold with like colors and with non-bleaching detergents. Ideally, you can iron low or tumble dry low if necessary. Picking a winter pregnancy dress that is easy to care for is crucial. Therefore, make sure you pay attention to this as well when purchasing the dress.

How To Look Stylish When Pregnant

Pregnancy can take so much from you that you can easily forget to style it up. Sometimes, it comes with weight gain, which can really be stressful to some extent. But pregnant or not, you need to look gorgeous.

And that is why we have come up with a few tips to consider if you want to look sizzling hot while pregnant.

1. Styling Sweater Dresses for Pregnancy

You already know that pregnancy in winter is not the easiest. However, wearing a sweater dress during this period can help make things quite manageable. Sweater dresses are obviously warm, plus they are very easy to style up. It is worth noting that most of these dresses hit right at the knee, though, some go slightly beyond the knee.

In the middle of winter, you will want to wear your pregnancy sweater dress with winter boots for pregnancy. These boots are super comfy and will not take a toll on your pregnancy. You can either choose knee-high or ankle winter boots, depending on the length of your dress.

2. Wearing Bodycon Dresses During Pregnancy

Who does not love bodycon dresses? They hug the body beautifully and show off your curves in ways you have never seen before. Styling bodycon dresses on a normal day is extremely easy. But did you know it is also pretty effortless while pregnant?

The first thing you need to do to make sure you do not end up with the wrong bodycon dress is to get the fit right. Yes, a bodycon should fit tight but not so tight that you feel like your bump is being squeezed.

With that said, get a pregnancy bodycon dress that fits with room to spare. You can wear this kind of dress throughout the pregnancy period. Also, make sure the dress you are getting does not ride up while walking.

Pregnancy bodycon dresses come in innumerable patterns. There are floral as well as those with vibrant colors. Floral bodycon dresses for pregnancy are perfect for summer, but you can still wear them during winter, especially when you love floral outfits.

You can wear your vibrant bodycon dress with white sneakers. One good thing about sneakers is that they are extremely comfortable and simple to walk in. They are no doubt one of the best shoes for pregnancy.

3. Consider Accessories

According to tingandthings.com, most expecting mothers overlook accessories when styling their pregnancy outfits. However, accessories can completely transform your look. So, if the design of the dress you are rocking permits it, make sure you accessorize it.

Depending on the style of your dress’s neck, you can choose to go with a long, hanging necklace or a short one that tends to stay tight to your neck. Also, if your dress has ¾ sleeves, you can consider wearing it with bracelets.

4. Wearing Pregnancy Dresses with Winter Maternity Leggings

Short winter pregnancy dresses look superb with winter maternity leggings. This is a look you will be comfortable in. Moreover, winter pregnancy leggings are warm, which makes them ideal for the outdoors.

Talking of outdoors, you can consider this pregnancy look for shopping, walking the dog, or taking an evening walk. And, as far as footwear is concerned, you can go for something tried and tested such as a pair of sneakers or boots. You can also be bold enough to match your outfit with heels.

However, heels are highly discouraged during pregnancy. Therefore, try to stick to block heels only. In case you do not like them, you can pick wedges or espadrilles. Block heels, wedges, and espadrilles are easy to walk and balance in, especially if they have low heel heights.

Summary: Those are the different ways to look stylish while pregnant. You realize that they are so many; hence, you should not have any reasons not to look gorgeous during pregnancy. Depending on your preference, you can either choose a maxi dress for pregnancy or stick to a mini dress paired with leggings or maternity pants.

Best Winter Pregnancy Dress Reviews: Conclusion

When choosing a winter pregnancy dress, focus on the fit. That is to say, make sure your maternity cloth hugs you in all the right places and hides what needs to be hidden. Furthermore, make sure it has plenty of room for the growing bump. Other factors you should pay attention to are the quality of the materials your dress is made of as well as the style.