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8 Best Winter Boots For Pregnancy In 2022 Reviews

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Researchers have found that women who are exposed to extreme cold weather conditions in their 7th week of pregnancy have a 20% risk of delivering before week 34 of pregnancy and a 9% risk of delivering between 34 and 36 weeks of pregnancy. It is for this reason you should not think twice about investing in the best winter boots for pregnancy.

With pregnancy snow boots, your feet will be kept warm from cold weather, and this means one less problem. But, which boots are actually recommended for pregnancy? Well, for boots to be regarded as the best for pregnant ladies, they must be very supportive. This helps you manage spinal pain and backaches while pregnant.

Pregnancy winter boots for women should also be very comfortable such that you can wear them all day. Plus, their waterproofing should be good enough to keep your feet dry even when you accidentally submerge them into the water.

The following reviews and buying guide talk about the best models for a sweat-free buying experience.

People’s Picks (Based On Reliable Consumer Reports)

Best Overall: UGG Women’s Classic Short Ii. This is one of the best UGG boots for when pregnant. It boasts stain and water-resistant construction for easy care.

Runner Up: HARENCE Winter Snow Boots for Women. If you are looking for boots that will let you walk on snow and water without a care on earth, HARENCE Snow Boots are for you.

Best Winter Boots for Plantar Fasciitis: gracosy Women’s Warm Snow Boots. These warm snow boots for plantar fasciitis are perfect for pregnant women suffering from plantar fasciitis or heel spur.

Budget-Friendly: Bearpaw Women’s Emma Short Snow Boot. Do you love UGG boots but are not ready to fork out the amount needed to acquire them? Well, look no further than the Bearpaw Emma Short Snow Boot.

Top 8 Best Winter Boots for Pregnancy Reviews

1. UGG Women’s Classic Short Ii


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You need to put on the best UGG boots while pregnant, and Classic Short Ii will not disappoint. It is an upgrade of the previous UGG boots for pregnancy, and this is one of the reasons why it is the first in our reviews. We are particularly impressed with the two upgrades of this shoe.

The first one is the water- and stain-resistant construction that makes it very easy to clean and care for this snow boot. The second is a lightweight sole, which improves durability, traction, and cushioning. We also like the fact that classic short ii is versatile such that you can rock it with almost any outfit for winter.

You can wear it with loose boyfriend jeans or leggings. The boot opening measures roughly 14 inches around and the platform measures approximately half an inch. The heel, on the other hand, measures 1 inch. The low heel means no pressure will be exerted on your arches, which is perfect for when you are pregnant.

Reasons To Buy

  • Available in lots of beautiful colors
  • The fit is accurate
  • The boot is exactly as pictured
  • Warm and very comfortable

Take Note

  • The interior feels a bit scratchy when the boot is new

2. HARENCE Winter Snow Boots for Women


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One thing the best winter boots for pregnancy have that are not there in other women’s boots for winter is quality craftsmanship. Look at HARENCE Winter Snow Boots, for example. They have a waterproof vamp, which is made of high-quality waterproof oxford cloth. The vamp does not just keep water at bay but also provides a soft feel and optimum warmth.

It provides all-day comfort and gives you the freedom to walk on snow, rain, and other forms of liquid without a care in the world. It also makes it easy to clean these boots when they get dirty. All you need is a piece of cloth to wipe off all the stains.

The breathable warm lining is another feature that ensures maximum comfort. It is made of fine artificial short plush material and will keep your feet dry and warm in freezing temperatures. HARENCE Winter Snow Boots for Pregnancy also has an anti-skid outsole that provides you with maximum control when walking on snow.

Additional Information: A high-quality elastic band makes it easy to take off these boots as well as to put them on. It is worth noting that men can also rock these winter boots. That being said, you should seriously consider investing in 2 pairs to show your wife that you fully support her in every step of the pregnancy.

Reasons To Buy

  • Waterproofing is reliable and works as advertised
  • Boots fit nicely with room for socks
  • Comfortable enough to be worn all day
  • Delivery is fast and boots are of top quality

Take Note

  • The support is not great when walking on unleveled ground

3. gracosy Women’s Warm Snow Boots for Winter


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Winter shoes for pregnant ladies should not just be comfortable but also should look fashionable. The gracosy Warm Snow Boots for Pregnancy are in these reviews because they meet all these criteria. Their gorgeous design allows you to pair them with almost any outfit. It also makes these boots versatile.

That being said, gracosy Women’s Boots for winter are suitable for both indoor and outdoor activities. They are also ideal for daily walking and even for partying during cold days. The upper of these snow boots are waterproof and will no doubt keep your feet dry. There is also a rubber sole that makes boots well adapted to wet conditions.

The rubber sole offers maximum traction, so you can walk confidently on snow. The sole is also very durable and easily stands up to harsh winter conditions. The fully fur lining is another important feature of these winter boots for pregnancy. It keeps feet toasty and cozy throughout the day.

Additional Information: These boots look amazing and are comfortable. As such, you can buy them as a gift for your lovely wife. Well, this can be on Christmas, Valentine’s Day, or Thanksgiving. The shaft of these pregnant boots measures around 6 inches from the arch and the platform measures approximately half an inch.

Reasons To Buy

  • Perfect for walking the dog
  • Feet feel great even after long hours of wear
  • Lightweight and easy to walk in
  • The material is of good quality
  • The price is hard to beat

Take Note

  • Sizing is not so accurate; therefore, try to size up, especially if you have thick feet

4. Bearpaw Women’s Emma Short Snow Boot


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The non-marking outsole is one of the selling points of these women’s boots for pregnancy. The outsole makes Emma Short Winter Boot perfect for indoors. So, when it is so cold that slippers do not cut it, you can turn to this snow boot for comfort.

It has a wool blend lining that keeps feet toasty and cozy. It also has a flexible sole to provide you with more comfort. Still, on comfort; the footbed of this women’s snow boot for pregnancy is made of sheepskin, which is very soft against the skin.

The boot opening measures roughly 15.5 inches around and the shaft measures approximately 9 inches from the arch. The boot is available in lots of colors, including Black, Dark Purple, Mushroom, Camel, Hickory/Champagne, Tan/Smooth, and Chocolate/Bronze. The design and look allow you to pair the boot with denim or even a country dress.

Reasons To Buy

  • Makes a fabulous Christmas gift
  • A good alternative to costly UGG pregnancy boots
  • The boot is true to size
  • Keeps feet toasty even in super cold weather

Take Note

  • Smells like fish, but you can air it out for a few days to get rid of the awful smell

5. Koolaburra by UGG Women’s Victoria Tall Fashion Boot


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Who said that you cannot look fashionable while pregnant? The Koolaburra by UGG Fashion Boot is designed to keep you looking gorgeous without exposing your feet to cold winter weather. It is worth buying if you want to manage winter pregnancy without much fuss.

The shaft measures around 11 inches from the arch and the platform is approximately half an inch. The boot opening is also of nice size and measures 14 inches around. Fixed, decorative bows are among the reasons why we believe that these are among the most fashionable winter boots for pregnancy.

Comfort is worth talking about too when reviewing the Koolaburra by UGG Winter Pregnancy Boot. The sole combines with a Thinsulate sockliner to let you wear the boot for hours without any discomfort. Also, this boot boasts a lightweight outsole that makes it easy to walk in.

Reasons To Buy

  • Well made and seems sturdy
  • The boot is warm and soft
  • Cheaper than regular UGG boots
  • Gets a lot of compliments

Take Note

  • A bit difficult to get on

6. DUOYANGJIASHA Womens Snow Boots


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These winter shoes for pregnancy have a non-slip sole that allows you to walk steadily on a wet surface. Well, this is very important, considering that, during pregnancy, even simple skidding can complicate things. A thick plush lining is another reason why we love these snow boots. The lining creates a comfortable experience.

We would also like to tell you that the heel is great and works for everyone. It measures between 2.5 and 3 centimeters. What’s more, these snow boots are waterproof, just like other best winter boots for pregnancy. With them, the last thing you will have to worry about is water getting to your feet.

The sole of these winter boots for pregnant women gives a soft bend so you can walk with ease. Boots are also good-looking and make a wonderful gift for Valentine’s Day, New Year’s Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Plus, they come in lots of beautiful colors such as Winered, Beige, Coffee, Blue, and Black.

Reasons To Buy

  • The non-slip sole appears to work just as described
  • Waterproofing works as promised
  • The price is affordable
  • Boots look cute and are very comfy

Take Note

  • Boots run small; hence, you may want to order, perhaps, half a size up

7. DREAM PAIRS Women’s Winter Snow Knee High Boots


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The boot opening of these DREAM PAIRS Knee High Boots for pregnancy is approximately 15 inches around, meaning these boots are ideal for everyone. The heel measures around 1 inch, which is great too. The low heel allows you to walk steadily on wet and potentially dangerous surfaces.

What’s more, these pregnant knee-high snow boots for women feature a side zipper closure that makes it easy to take them off as well as to put them on. Boots also have a fully fur lining to keep feet toasty and warm in cold weather.

Like other best pregnant winter boots for women, DREAM PAIRS Knee High Shoes are available in countless colors. These colors include brown, black, khaki, grey, camel, and rabbit grey, among others. Moreover, boots have thermoplastic elastomers sole that makes them comfortable enough to wear the whole day.

Reasons To Buy

  • The lining is nicely done
  • The traction is surprisingly good
  • Boots hold up well to everyday use
  • They stay snug without being uncomfortable

Take Note

  • Go for half size up if you plan to wear boots with thick socks or have wide feet

8. ALEADER Women’s Fashion Waterproof Winter Snow Boots


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These reviews of the best winter boots for pregnancy will not be complete without looking at the ALEADER Fashionable Winter Snow Boots for pregnant ladies. The awesome look of these snow boots makes them versatile such that you can wear them during snowy days or rock them when gardening or enjoying an outdoor activity.

The fashionable look also makes these boots somewhat an all-year shoe. This means you can wear the boots right from fall to early spring as well as match them with nearly any outfit. Moreover, ALEADER Winter Snow Boots feature a lightweight midsole, which is amazing, considering their super rugged look.

This midsole ensures you have no issues walking around in these boots. It gives a high energy return and offers unparalleled cushioning. Needless to say, you will be able to walk in these super comfy pregnancy winter boots for hours. The overall quality of these boots is incredible too; making them a worthwhile investment for someone not planning to buy winter boots every year.

Additional Information: The uppers of ALEADER Snow Boots are made of long-lasting leather plus they have synthetic overlays. They are water-resistant PU uppers that keep feet dry in a wet environment. Boots also feature a knitted collar detail that gives a unique style while ensuring optimum warmth.

Another feature we are proud to talk about is the lace-up front, which is equipped with D-ring metal hardware. It ensures a secure yet comfortable fit. Well, if you are looking for well-made, super gorgeous snow boots that you can wear even after pregnancy, ALEADER Winter Boots are for you.

Reasons To Buy

  • Easy to put on and take off
  • A steal for the price
  • Boots hold up well to ice
  • They receive plenty of compliments

Take Note

  • The material seems to crease up a little too easily

Guide To Buying The Best Boots For Pregnancy

We know that the above reviews are not enough when it comes to choosing the best winter boots for pregnancy. That is why we have also written a comprehensive buyer’s guide.

Here, we look at the following factors:

1. Outsole & Traction

When buying a winter boot for pregnancy, do not even for a sec overlook the outsole. As mentioned earlier, accidental skidding while pregnant is unthinkable. It can bring lots of super worrying complications.

As such, make sure the winter boots you plan to purchase have good traction that allows you to walk steadily on slippery, icy surfaces. The outsole should be intentionally built with anti-skid design in mind for maximum safety.

2. Waterproofing

A top-quality winter boot for pregnant women should have a reliable waterproof upper. During winter, you will often find yourself stepping on wet ground. Well, the last thing you want is water getting to your socks and then feet.

This is not just uncomfortable but also is potentially dangerous, as seen in an article by The best snow boots for pregnancy have good waterproof uppers that keep feet dry even when you accidentally submerge them into the water.

3. Comfort

We will be lying if we say that comfort is not a key factor when buying a pregnant winter boot for ladies. Comfort is so crucial that a boot can meet the above 2 criteria but still remain irrelevant if it is not as comfortable as expected.

Comfort in winter boots starts with the fit; therefore, make sure you get boots that fit beautifully. You should note that, when buying winter boots, try to go for half size up so they can still fit you perfectly even when worn with thick socks.

Another factor that promotes comfort, and you should pay attention to is the fur lining. We recommend that you choose women’s snow boots with fully fur lining. This will keep your feet toasty even in super freezing temperatures.

4. Ease of Care

Things (your boots included) tend to get messy during winter. For this reason, go for pregnancy snow boots that are very easy to care for. Well, different winter boots come with different care instructions. And what normally causes this is the material these boots are made of.

Needless to say, pick boots made of materials that are easy to clean. A good example of these materials is leather, which, in most cases, you will only need to wipe with a piece of cloth. You can also pick a boot made of stain and water-resistant oxford material.

Best Snow Boots for Pregnancy FAQs

Q1. Which manufacturers produce the best winter boots for pregnancy?

Companies that produce high-quality snow boots for pregnancy include UGG, ALEADER, and DREAM PAIRS. UGG boots for pregnant ladies can be expensive, but also they are worth every penny. Moreover, there are lots of good alternatives to UGG winter boots. These include BEARPAW and Koolaburra by UGG.

What we like about ALEADER Pregnancy Winter Boots is the look. These boots are fashionable and can be rocked from fall to early spring. You can also wear them with many different outfits, including jeans and leggings.

Q2. How should a winter boot for pregnancy fit?

Since feet tend to swell during pregnancy, it is recommended that you buy winter boots that fit nicely with room to spare. This means you will still be able to rock your winter shoes for pregnancy even when your feet are swollen.

Additionally, boots with allowance are very easy to wear with thick socks. And you should not overlook this because there are times when it will get so cold that you will need super thick socks for winter to keep your feet warm.

Q3. Is it okay to wear winter boots while pregnant?

Yes, but make sure the boots you are going for are very supportive. When pregnant, you are likely to suffer from painful spine and backaches. Going for boots with adequate support, especially at the arches is, therefore, highly recommended. Such boots can help you manage the pain associated with pregnancy.

Q4. Why should I wear pregnancy snow boots during winter?

Snow boots for pregnancy have features that will keep your feet warm and cozy. Some of these features are fully fur lining and waterproofing. Well, experts demand that you should stay protected from extremes in temperature while pregnant. This is because exposure to extremes of cold and hot can increase the risk of preterm birth. Preterm is a term used to refer to babies born alive before pregnancy week 37.

Best Winter Boots For Pregnancy: Conclusion

The best winter boots for pregnancy will protect you from exposure to the extremes of cold, which is very crucial when pregnant. These boots feature a fully fur lining that helps keep feet toasty warm in freezing temperatures. They also have a waterproof upper to keep your feet dry.

Additionally, the best snow boots for pregnancy are very durable and can stand up to snow and ice without a problem. They also look fashionable; hence, you can wear them with nearly any outfit for cold weather.