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10 Best Weighted Blankets for Adults Reviews

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The best weighted blankets for adults work by hugging you gently and wrapping around you for maximum comfort while you sleep.

Contrary to what the majority thinks; these blankets are suitable for year-round use and not just during the winter. Needless to say, our reviews also have the best weighted blankets for summer.

They are perfect for people with insomnia or anxiety.

Well, let’s check them out here.

10 Best Weighted Blankets for Adults Reviews

1. YnM Weighted Blanket with Premium Glass Beads, Suit for One Person (~140lb)

YnM Weighted Blanket can be used on its own or with a duvet cover. Since washing the blanket frequently can damage it, the manufacturer advises that you use it with a duvet cover. The blanket is both machine-washable and hand-wash recommended. Once you have washed it, flat dry and then tumble dry low.

The blanket makes a wonderful gift for every age. You can, therefore, get it for your loved ones during winter to help them stay cozy and comfortable. It helps keep the body calm in a natural way, thereby, ensuring a more restful night of sleep. If you are buying for 1 adult, go for one with 10-percent of the adult’s body weight and then add 1 pound.

At A Glance

  • 7-layer structure will keep you cool and comfortable
  • Glass beads provide awesome temperature control
  • Smaller compartments contour to the shape of your body for maximum comfort
  • Available in lots of colors and sizes


  • Keeps the body at the right temperature
  • Ideal for someone having trouble getting quality sleep
  • Quality is excellent
  • The beads do not make noise at all


  • Seems to fall off the bed easily if it gets to the side of it

2. ZonLi Adults Weighted Blanket with Glass Beads

ZonLi Weighted Blanket features a thoughtful sewing technique that plays a huge role in its general performance. The technique boasts a tight quilting thread, which has the ability to distribute the weight of beads evenly. There are also 8 loops that prevent the blanket from moving when you are asleep.

ZonLi recommends that you use a duvet cover. And that is because a duvet cover is much easier to wash than the blanket itself. A duvet cover also helps extend the lifespan of the blanket. Furthermore, duvet covers are available in many different patterns, and this means you will easily get what goes with the décor of your bedroom.

At A Glance

  • 2-layer microfiber prevents the beads from leaking
  • Smaller squares evenly distribute glass beads inside the blanket
  • 100-percent soft cotton fabric will keep your body at the right temperature
  • 60 by 80-inch, 20lbs weighted blanket is perfect for 200 – 250lbs individuals


  • Seems to be of good quality
  • The blanket is exactly as described
  • Flexible and foldable despite being weighty
  • Makes a sweet Christmas gift for a loved one


  • People who get hot easily may find it a bit unsuitable to use

3. Waowoo Queen Size Adult Weighted Blanket with Glass Beads

Taking care and maintaining the Waowoo Queen Size Weighted Blanket is a no-brainer. Simply wash it on a gentle program in cold water. After that, air-dry it. This blanket can also be washed by hand, which is highly recommended. Still, on things that are highly recommended; the manufacturer advises that you use a duvet cover to protect and extend the lifespan of the blanket.

The blanket is comfortable and will hug you nicely, thereby, making sure you have a good night’s rest. Moreover, this blanket has smaller pockets that keep the glass beads evenly distributed. Plus the quality of the fabric has been improved in the sense that the blanket is thinner and softer yet still has the same excellent weight.

At A Glance

  • Designed to weigh around 10-percent of your body weight
  • Made of light fabric for optimum breathability
  • Smaller than a regular blanket of the same size to focus weight on your body
  • Available in different weights, including 15lbs, 17lbs, 20lbs, and 25lbs


  • Does not move around when you sleep
  • Perfect for someone that gets cold easily
  • Comes in a reusable case
  • Arrives ready to use


  • Smaller in size, but this is well documented in the description

4. Luna Adult Weighted Blanket – Individual Use

Luna Adult Weighted Blanket is made with non-toxic glass beads, which show that the manufacturer cares about the world and is determined to make it a much calmer and happier place than we found it. The blanket measures 48 by 72 inches and weighs 15 pounds. It is also available in other sizes and weights to make sure there is something for everyone.

Additionally, this blanket comes in many different colors. These include Dark Grey, Nautical, Light Grey, Blue Space, Polka Dot Navy, Grey Stripe, Grey Box, and more. When it comes to taking care of this blanket, you can either hand wash it or wash it cold on gentle. After that, hang it dry. But if you are not able to do that, tumble dry on low heat.

At A Glance

  • Smart and innovative design combines up to 7 layers to ensure even weight distribution
  • Naturally soft cotton fabric is breathable and controls the temperature nicely
  • King-size is made for 2 people
  • Choose a blanket that is 10-percent of your body weight


  • The beads are not made of plastic
  • Well made and holds up beautifully
  • The price is right
  • It is shipped fast


  • No overhang, but this is expected from weight adult blankets

5. Ourea 3.0 Upgrade Cooling Weighted Blanket Adult

Ourea Cooling Weighted Blanket for Adults is breathable and soft enough to instantly improve your sleep quality. It has evenly distributed glass beads in each pocket. Sewing in this blanket is also nicely done to ensure there is no spill out of the glass beads. According to the manufacturer, you should choose one that is 12-percent of your body weight.

The manufacturer also advises against washing the blanket frequently, given that it is heavy. What’s more, this blanket is available in a variety of colors, including Dark Grey, Navy Blue, Purple, Light Grey/Navy Blue, and Light Grey/Pink, among others. It is also available in many different sizes, with this particular one measuring 60” x 80” and weighing 20 pounds.

At A Glance

  • Wraps around you to reduce turning and tossing
  • Made of 100-percent organic 400 TC Egyptian cotton fabric
  • Filled with cooling glass beads to make it suitable for summer as well
  • 7-layer structure ensures beads do not leak out
  • 20lbs is suitable for individuals weighing between 180 and 220 pounds


  • Significantly improves sleep quality
  • Wonderfully made and great for the price
  • Glass beads are cooler than plastic
  • Beads do not shift when the blanket is in use


  • It might take a few days to get used to the blanket

6. Bare Home Weighted Blanket for Adults and Kids

Bare Home Weighted Blanket for Kids and Adults is made of 100-percent natural cotton and nontoxic glass beads. The natural cotton and glass beads combine to make this blanket very comfortable and cozy. The blanket measures 60 by 80 inches and weighs 17 pounds. It is also available in other sizes such as 40” by 60” – 10lb; 40” by 60” – 7lb; 80” by 87” – 30lb, and 80” by 87” – 20lb, among others.

This blanket also comes in a variety of colors to choose from. These are Grey, Green, Dark Blue, and Light Pink. It mimics the feeling of being held with relaxing and calming breathable pressure. That being said, this blanket is exactly what you need to enjoy relaxing comfort after a long, tiring day.

At A Glance

  • Hand-wash or machine-wash in gentle settings
  • Blanket has corner ties so you can conveniently use it with a duvet cover
  • 30-night money-back guarantee gives peace of mind during purchase
  • Blanket that is around 10-percent of your body weight is recommended
  • Increased filling and reinforced stitching keep the beads from leaking or shifting


  • The company goes above and beyond to make sure you are satisfied
  • The material quality is awesome
  • Color options are simple and great
  • Seems to make users fall asleep much quicker


  • Although the blanket is true to size, it is not as wide as many would have liked

7. RELAX EDEN Adult Weighted Blanket w/Removable Duvet Cover

Your sleeping moments will immediately be elevated to a whole new level of peacefulness when you invest in the RELAX EDEN Adult Weighted Blanket. One main thing that makes this weighted blanket a special brand is the included duvet cover. The duvet cover is very easy to remove plus it is washable.

The blanket soothes and calms the mind and muscles to provide complete relaxation. And when you are completely relaxed, expect to enjoy a deep, peaceful sleep and wake up the next morning rejuvenated and fresh. This blanket is also hypoallergenic, and it is filled with high-end, non-toxic glass beads.

At A Glance

  • 7-layered polyester and soft cotton construction
  • Blanket is washable for easy care
  • Cover can be removed when it is hot to make the blanket more breathable
  • 1-year warranty for a hassle-free buying experience
  • Size is 60” x 80” and weight is 15 pounds


  • Available in many different sizes and weights
  • Regulates the body temperature
  • The included duvet cover is surprisingly soft
  • The overall quality is outstanding
  • The length is decent and the color stunning


  • The blanket could be more breathable

8. WONAP Bamboo Weighted Blanket Adult

WONAP Adult Weighted Blanket is made of 100-percent natural bamboo fabric. The bamboo fabric is breathable to keep you cool and comfortable at night. The inner part of this blanket is also made with quality materials. It includes extremely soft cotton compartments. Furthermore, the blanket features non-toxic, odorless and hypoallergenic top-quality glass beads.

These beads are evenly filled into each small compartment of the blanket so they can apply the same amount of pressure to the body. Needless to say, you will sleep deeper when you have this blanket. The natural bamboo fabric makes this weighted blanket suitable for year-round use.

At A Glance

  • Blanket is suitable for adults and kids
  • 4” x 4” sized diamond pattern prevents the movement of glass beads
  • Durable materials make the blanket machine washable
  • Durable thread and dense stitches prevent glass beads from leaking
  • Recommended weight of the blanket should be between 8% and 12% of your body weight


  • Does not feel extremely heavy on top of the user
  • The color is as pictured
  • Well made and the fabric used is smooth
  • Loops for tying a duvet cover are very useful


  • May not fit a queen-sized bed as beautifully as a comforter does despite the size being exactly as advertised

9. Hypnoser Queen Size Adult Weighted Blanket (20lbs, 60” x 80”)

Hypnoser Queen Sized Weighted Blanket measures 60 by 80 inches and weighs 20 pounds. It is also available in 25lb weight, which is suitable for those weighing between 220lbs and 270lbs. Moreover, there is a size 48” x 72”, which is ideal for full and twin beds. Ideally, you can pick size 60 by 80 inches for a king-sized or full bed.

The blanket is double lined and stitched so it can hold up well to the rigors of everyday use. According to the manufacturer, you should wash it by hand because this helps extend its lifespan. You can also dry clean the blanket. The manufacturer recommends that you cover the blanket with a removable duvet cover (sold separately) so you can have a much easier time keeping it clean.

At A Glance

  • Smaller diamond pockets measuring 4 by 4 inches keep beads evenly distributed
  • Precision computer-programmed sewing technique ensures absolute perfection
  • After-sale services include a 3-year service and 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Diamond sewn style improves the aesthetics of the blanket


  • Appears to work great for those with anxiety
  • Speeds up the time taken to fall asleep
  • Amazing for the price
  • Warm and very comfortable


  • The length is a bit shorter than imagined

10. Bedsure Weighted Blanket for Adults with Removable Duvet Cover

The fact that the Bedsure Weighted Blanket is stain-resistant means you will have an easy time keeping it clean. You can also wash it in cold water and then dry at low temperature. The blanket is 60 by 80 inches and weighs 15 pounds. That being said, it is suitable for adults weighing up to 150 pounds.

The blanket is also available in other sizes such as 36 by 48 – 5lbs; 41 by 60 – 10lbs; 41 by 60 – 7lbs; 60 by 80 – 25lbs, and 48 by 72 – 15lbs, among others. What’s more, the blanket comes in a variety of simple colors, including Navy and Grey.

At A Glance

  • 7-layered design is ergonomically designed to provide unrivaled comfort
  • Breathable and suitable for all seasons
  • Gently hugs and wraps around you to relieve fatigue
  • Small lattice reinforced seam technology ensures glass beads are evenly distributed


  • Small sizes work well for kids
  • Comes with a removable, washable cover
  • The cover is very soft and made of high-quality material
  • The price is right
  • The weight is excellent – not too heavy


  • The blanket may have a funny smell when new. But 1 or 2 rounds of washes should fix this

Buyer’s Guide – The Best Weighted Blankets Adults

In this buying guide, we have highlighted a number of factors to further make it easier for you to find a suitable weighted blanket for adults.


One thing you should note is that weighted blankets may be accurately sized but they tend to be smaller than comforters and will not overhang. This is, probably, to minimize the chances of these blankets falling off the bed as well as to make sure they focus weight where it is needed. Also, you should go for a queen-sized or larger weighted blanket if you are 6 feet plus tall.

Color and Pattern

You should choose a weighted blanket that perfectly matches your bedroom décor. As far as color is concerned, grey weighted blankets are highly recommended because they look neat on the bed plus they blend seamlessly with other colors in the bedroom. You can also go for a navy blue or light pink weighted blanket, depending on the finish of your bedroom.

Quality and Stitching

The weighted blanket you have decided to go for should be well stitched no matter the price. Reinforced stitching will not let the beads inside the blanket leak. It also enables the blanket to hold up well to everyday use as well as to withstand regular washing in the machine or by hand.

The Material Used

Good stitching alone will not improve the overall quality of a weighted blanket. For this reason, pick a brand made with premium material. Well, such a material is one that is soft and smooth for maximum comfort. It is also hypoallergenic so you can use it without any issues even if you are allergic or have sensitive skin. Examples of good materials are cotton, bamboo, and polyester.

Extra Features

These are loops and latches for attaching the blanket to a duvet cover; small pockets/compartments to make sure beads are evenly distributed, and a removable duvet cover to help extend the lifespan of the blanket. Most blankets do not come with a duvet cover, but again, this should not be an issue because duvet covers are readily available.

FAQs for Weighted Blankets for Kids & Adults

Q1. Are weighted blankets for adults and kids safe?

Yes. Weighted blankets may have some heft to them but this is not to hurt you. The weight in these blankets enables them to gently hug and wrap around you so you can feel secure, relaxed, and seriously comfortable throughout the night.

To be safe when using a weighted blanket, make sure you follow the manufacturer’s guidelines to the latter. One of the common instructions is that the weight of your weighted blanket should be around 8-percent to 12-percent of your body weight. For example, if you are around 150 pounds, you should go for a 15-pound blanket.

Q2. Does it take long to get used to a weighted blanket?

It takes around 2 – 7 days to get used to a weighted blanket. It is advisable that if you are a first-time user of a weighted blanket and you are not sure whether your body can handle it; consider testing the waters with a lighter brand.

Q3. Are weighted blankets for kids and adults flexible enough to be folded?

Weighted blankets are made of materials like cotton and bamboo; meaning they can be folded. When not using yours, simply fold it on the bed and then store it in the right place like the closet.

Q4. Who should not use a weighted blanket?

A weighted blanket is not suitable for kids below 3 years. Also, claustrophobic persons should not use a weighted blanket. Expectant moms are also advised against using a weighted blanket. Furthermore, it is important to note that if you have a medical condition and would like to use a weighted blanket, you should consider consulting a doctor first.

Q5. Are weighted blankets breathable?

Most weighted blankets are made of a quality and light fabric that makes them breathable and comfortable without reducing their weights. Because of these fabrics, weighted blankets are perfect for all-season use, including during the summer.

Benefits of a Bamboo Weighted Blanket

Don’t get us wrong – weighted blankets made of cotton and other fabrics work great. However, blankets made of bamboo have seen their popularity increase in recent years.

This is why;

Super Versatile

Bamboo stays cool to the touch and does not trap heat in it. This means bamboo weighted blankets for adults can be used both during the winter and summer. In winter, these blankets stay warm and cozy, while in summer, they stay cool.


The chemical properties and material structure of bamboo make it hard for bacteria to survive let alone thrive in it. Bamboo also boasts anti-static properties; meaning there is no build-up of static electricity in them. All these properties make them the real deal for allergy-sufferers as well as those with sensitive skin


Bamboo is easy to grow plus it grows fast. It is also biodegradable, which makes it better than other fabrics produced in factories. So, by buying a bamboo weighted blanket, know that you are playing a massive role in conserving the environment.


Weighted blankets for adults made of bamboo are very durable and will withstand the rigors of everyday use. They also hold up well to washes. Talking of washes; bamboo blankets are both hand-wash and machine-washable for easy care.

Summary: The Best Weighted Blankets for Adults

The best overall weighted blanket for adults is the YnM Weighted Blanket. It is suitable for one person weighing up to 140 pounds. Moreover, this blanket is packed with lots of impressive features such as a 7-layer structure and small compartments that help provide unparalleled comfort.

Ideally, if you are looking for a convenient weighted blanket that comes with a removable cover then the RELAX EDEN and Bedsure Weighted Blankets for Adults are for you. They come ready to use and will spare you the hassle of having to buy a duvet cover.

Those are our reviews of the best weighted blankets for adults. We hope you were able to find a suitable one.