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9 Best Summer Dress Plus Size Reviews

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The best overall summer dress plus size is the Tralilbee Short Sleeve Dress. It is followed by the Nemidor Cold Shoulder Swing Dress. What we like about these two summer dresses for plus size women is that they have functional pockets. Our list of the best plus size summer dresses for women does not end here.

We also have other seven dresses, which are well researched and reviewed to make sure you have plenty of options to choose from. The criteria we used to compile the list below greatly relied upon customer reviews and ratings under each dress. This is because customer reviews and ratings are raw and accurate.

Go through the reviews with confidence knowing that at the end of it all, you will find exactly what you are looking for.

People’s Picks

Best Overall: Tralilbee Plus Size Short Sleeve Dress. The pockets of this dress are beautifully hidden and very functional.

Runner Up: Nemidor Cold Shoulder Plus Size T-Shirt Swing Dress. This dress is extremely easy to care for. Simply dry clean it.

Best Plus Size Maxi Dress for Summer: Kancystore Women’s Plus Size Long Maxi Dress. It is perfect for parties, beach, outdoors, and everyday wear.

Best A-Line Style Dress: Floerns Floral Print A Line Dress. The split and off-shoulder design make this summer dress for women one of the best in the market.

For All Seasons: AMZ PLUS Womens ¾ Sleeve A Line Swing Dress. Whether it is spring, autumn, summer, or winter, this dress should be a frontier for you.

9 Best Summer Dress Plus Size Reviews

1. Tralilbee Women’s Plus Size Short Sleeve Dress with Pockets


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The pockets of most plus size summer dresses for women tend to stick out on the sides of the hips, thereby, taking away the flattering look. We are happy to tell you that that is not the case with the Tralilbee Short Sleeve Dress. The pockets are nicely hidden and do not downgrade the overall look of the dress.

Moreover, these two side pockets are deep enough to store a lip balm or card in. The dress also has other stunning features such as a round neckline, bell sleeve, and short sleeve. Plus, it is pleated, though the pleats are not in the back.

Given how this summer dress is designed, it is no surprise that it is one of the most versatile in the market. It is suitable for the beach, casual daily wear, business, office, club, party, vacation, and more. The dress is made of 95-percent polyester and 5-percent spandex. Needless to say, it is very comfortable and soft for all-day wear.

Reasons To Buy

  • The fit is as expected
  • Wrinkles come out easily
  • The waistband in the front is a nice addition
  • Can be dressed up or down

Take Note

  • The material is thin and might be see-through

2. Nemidor Cold Shoulder Plus Size T-Shirt Swing Dress with Pockets


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What we like about the Nemidor T-Shirt Swing Dress is that it is very easy to care for. All you need to do is dry clean it and you are good to go. Alternatively, you can hand-wash the dress. We also like the fact that the material this summer dress is made of is comfortable, soft, and elastic.

The features of the dress are excellent as well. They include a round neck and short sleeves. The dress also has pockets, which are very useful for storing a number of items. Whether you want to go to the beach or attend a party, this summer dress plus size is for you.

It is also perfect for casual. Like other premium brands, the Nemidor Women’s T-shirt Dress is available in a wide range of colors. These are royal blue, flag, navy, wine, yellow, white flower, pink, purple, brown, and more.

Reasons To Buy

  • Fabric quality is good
  • The length is fine
  • The material is not see-through
  • Arrives on time and well packed

Take Note

  • Likely to shrink if dried in the machine

3. Kancystore Women’s Plus Size Long Maxi Dress


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If you are looking for the best plus size maxi summer dress for women, look no further than the Kancystore Long Dress Plus Size. It is made of 95-percent polyester and 5-percent spandex. The fabric is light, soft, and definitely perfect for summer.

That being said, this dress is a wonderful choice for the beach, daily wear, parties, and outdoors. It has a V neck and the sleeves are short. Additionally, this dress can be matched with a simple belt for a more flattering look.

Like the first two plus size summer dresses in these reviews, the Kancystore Long Dress Plus Size has 2 side pockets. These pockets are functional enough to carry phones and keys. The loose fit combines with other features of this dress to make dressing down or up a cakewalk. In case the dress gets dirty, simply dry clean it. You can also machine-wash or hand-wash it at temperatures less than 40 deg C.

Reasons To Buy

  • The fit is as advertised
  • Lightweight and easy to wear
  • The material is not cheap
  • The sleeves are perfect

Take Note

  • Some people might find the splits on the side much higher than expected

4. 7th Element Plus Size Women’s Loose Swing Slip Dress


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An affordable dress that promises to neatly conceal your tummy is a worthy investment. The 7th Element Plus Size Summer Dress is what we are talking about. It boasts a shirred and flowing fabric that does a wonderful job of making sure you look elegant throughout the day.

Besides, this dress is breezy and lightweight, plus it will drape away from your body to create a loose and relaxed fit. The dress is also versatile and you can wear it as an under-layer or independently.

The materials the dress is made of are spandex (5-percent) and polyester (95-percent). It is a comfy cute dress for summer that you can wear with a belt to add some shape or wear with jeans or a cardigan. It is available in several colors, including Red, Black, Gray, and even Tie-dye Purple Blue.

Reasons To Buy

  • The size is as promised
  • Lightweight yet not sheer
  • The fabric is solid
  • Looks great with heels, sandals, flats, etc

Take Note

  • The straps are not adjustable

5. Romwe Women’s Plus Size Boho Bohemian Summer Beach Dress


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The features of the Romwe Plus Size Beach Dress are stunning. They include a floral print and a round neck. What’s more, this dress has ¾ sleeves, and the length reaches the knee. You can wear it as a boho dress, loose dress, or summer beach dress.

The dress is made of 100-percent rayon. It is lightweight for all-day wear. You should, however, note that it has no stretch. You should also note that light colors are likely to be see-through. To make sure everyone gets one that fits her perfectly, this dress comes in many different sizes.

It is also available in uncountable color options. These are Navy Boho, Black Bohemian, Black Little Floral, Multicolor, Black Boho, and Navy Flowers. The dress can be worn with a nice sun hat for women and/or necklaces.

Reasons To Buy

  • The fit is nice
  • Thin yet not too sheer
  • Perfect for both professional and casual wear
  • The material is soft

Take Note

  • No stretch, but this is clearly stated in the description

6. ROSIANNA Women’s Off Shoulder Plus Size Swing Dresses


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The fabric this summer dress plus size is made of is breathable and extremely soft. It is also comfortable and makes the dress perfect for summer. Unlike most cute summer dresses, the ROSIANNA Swing Dress is not available in plenty of colors. But this should not be a concern since the colors it comes in are amazing.

They include Green, Yellow, Black, and Orange. The sizing options, this women’s swing dress comes in are in a wide range, though. There are Large, X-Large, XX-Large, 3X-Large, and 4X-Large. The dress is machine washable; meaning you will have no problem caring for it.

The dress is also easy to wear and simple yet very fashionable. You will find it suitable for homecoming, casual parties, travel, and more. It is made of 95-percent polyester and 5-percent spandex. It is sleeveless and features an off-shoulder design, plus it has ruffles.

Reasons To Buy

  • Pairs nicely with sandals
  • The dress is exactly as pictured
  • Drapes beautifully since the material is a bit heavy
  • Does not wrinkle easily
  • Can be dressed up or down

Take Note

  • The sewing on the dress is quite unconvincing

7. Floerns Women’s Boho Floral Print Off Shoulder A Line Dress


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Although this dress is made of 100-percent rayon, the fabric has some stretch. This means the dress is easy to wear and very flattering. It is a short sleeve summer dress plus size, and it features a high waist design.

Other features of this women’s cute dress for summer are a split and off shoulder design. The ditsy floral makes this summer dress plus size look very gorgeous. You will find the dress suitable for party, holiday, outdoor, casual, vacation, daily wear, and summer.

Taking care of this floral summer dress is a no-brainer as all you need to do is machine-wash it cold on gentle. Wash it with like colors and do not bleach. The dress is available in lots of sizes including Large Plus, X-Large Plus, XX-Large Plus, and 3X-Large Plus.

Reasons To Buy

  • The fit is wonderful
  • The dress is very flattering
  • The material is of good quality
  • It receives lots of compliments
  • Can be worn by petite women as a maternity dress

Take Note

  • Wrinkles a bit too easily

8. AMZ PLUS Womens ¾ Sleeve A Line Swing Dress


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Although the AMZ PLUS A Line Swing Dress does not make a great maternity dress for baby shower, it is still super versatile. In fact, this dress is perfect for all seasons and not just summer. So, whether it is winter, summer, spring, or autumn, the AMZ PLUS ¾ Sleeve Summer Dress Plus Size should be your go-to.

The dress is also perfect for office, work, party, and daily look. It has a bow-tie belt on the front to ensure a stunning fit and super flattering look. Rayon (95-percent) and spandex (5-percent) are the fabrics used to make the dress. They are soft, comfortable, and stretchy.

The manufacturer advises that you hand-wash the dress. You can also machine-wash it, but on cold. Do not bleach the dress, and after you are done washing it, hang or line dry. The colors this summer dress for women comes in are fabulous. They are C-blue, Printed F, Royal Blue, Wine Red, and more.

Reasons To Buy

  • The weight of the material is good
  • You will feel beautiful in it
  • The length is right
  • The neckline is very flattering

Take Note

  • Can be pretty hard to iron at first

9. FANDEE Plus Size Maxi Dress for Women


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Made of 95-percent polyester and 5-percent spandex, the FANDEE Plus Size Summer Maxi Dress is breathable, comfortable, and soft. The fabric is also thick enough not to be see-through. And, at the same time, it is lightweight to make sure it does not compromise the comfort of the dress.

The multiple prints are worth talking about too. They make the dress vibrant and perfect for many different occasions. That being said, you will find this maxi summer dress plus size for women ideal for vacation, travel, home, nightclub, wedding, daily wear, evening out, party, cocktail, and beach.

You can also wear the dress to a camping adventure. The dress features a floral design, and it goes with nearly all body types. It also features a high waistband that you can tie into a knot or bow for a more flattering look. Some of the colors this women’s summer dress is available in are Gold, Color Stripe, Burgundy, Ltagreen, Olivine, and Light Blue.

Reasons To Buy

  • The fit is excellent
  • Solid and receives plenty of compliments
  • The colors scream spring and summer
  • Covers the areas, which are not very flattering

Take Note

  • The material is kind of glossy, which some people may not like

Buyer’s Guide for the Best Plus Size Dresses

In this guide to getting a quality women’s plus size dress for summer, we discuss the following factors.

1. Size

The first thing you need to look at before buying a summer dress plus size is the size. This is because get it wrong and your chances of wearing the dress are in real jeopardy. Well, one way to make sure you are getting a dress that fits perfectly is to check the manufacturer’s size chart. Of course, you should do this after knowing what sizes fit you beautifully.

Another way is to go through customer reviews to see what people are saying about the size. If, for instance, the majority says the dress fits true to size, then go for the size you normally wear and so on.

2. Length

There are short summer dresses plus size and maxi or long summer dresses plus size. Short plus size summer dresses are, of course, very easy to wear. They look really nice with boots and heels; hence, if you love wearing your cute dresses with heels or boots, short plus size dresses are for you.

On the other hand, long plus size summer dresses go with flats and sandals. They are also elegant and flow nicely. Additionally, most of these dresses can be accessorized or simply dressed up/down. They are perfect for office, work, wedding, and party.

3. Color

Women’s plus size summer dresses are available in all kinds of colors. There are tie-dye, wine red, gray, black, and brown. Also, there are summer dresses white, which, normally, are suitable for the beach and even Diner En Blanc. You must note, though, that light colors are likely to be see-through; hence, make sure you wear them with nude undergarment.

4. Style

Like the color, plus size women’s dresses for summer come in a wide range of styles. For example, there are ¾ sleeve, full sleeve, and sleeveless summer dresses. Also, some dresses come with belts, which you can tie into a knot or bow. Plus, there are some with splits on one side for a more flattering look.

Summer Dresses Plus Size FAQs

Q1. What is the best plus size summer dress for women?

The best summer dress plus size fits perfectly and hides all the flaws. It also hides the tummy nicely, and it is very comfortable to wear. Another thing; quality plus size cute summer dresses for women are made of top-notch fabrics, which do not add volume and make plus size women look slimmer.

Q2. Should I have the fabric type in mind when buying a plus size summer dress?

Yes. When buying a summer dress for plus size, make sure you settle on fabrics, which are fuller towards the waist. These fabrics ensure your upper torso is not attention-grabbing. They also create a balanced overall look. Examples of these fabrics are linen and cotton.

Q3. Why should I buy a plus size dress white?

A white summer dress is perfect for the beach, Diner En Blanc, wedding, and formal occasions, among others. In other words, white summer dresses are super versatile. However, you must note that most cute white summer dresses for women are see-through; hence, you should wear them with something nude underneath.

Q4. Are plus size dresses only good for summer?

No. Most summer dresses for plus size women can also be worn during spring and autumn. If you plan to wear your plus size cute dress in spring then choose something whose color screams both spring and summer. Ideally, most plus size dresses for women look great with cardigans or jackets; hence, you can wear them in spring.

Best Summer Dress Plus Size Reviews: Summary

The best summer dress plus size is made of solid fabric, which hides all the flaws and is soft and comfortable to wear. Moreover, this dress fits perfectly and looks stunning with accessories. You can also wear it with a jacket or cardigan, as well as with boots, flats, or sandals. Another thing, plus size women’s dresses for summer look really amazing with strappy heels.