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10 Best Comfortable Strappy Heels Reviews

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Getting the best strappy heels online is much harder than you think. This is because a lot of things can go wrong. If it is not inaccurate sizing, it is the color. If it is not the color, it is the comfort.

However, all of these should not discourage you from owning your dream pair of strappy sandal heels. Here, we have reviews, which before we put together, we consulted experienced fashionistas and footwear experts to make sure you are getting premium quality heels with straps.

We have also written a comprehensive buying guide and FAQs to further make it easier to find a suitable pair of strappy heels. So, whether you are interested in ankle strap heels or long strappy heeled sandals, this piece is for you.

People’s Picks (According to Customer Reviews)

Best Overall: LALA IKAI Gold Strappy Heels. If you are looking for the best high-heeled strappy sandals, the LALA IKAI Gold Heels are for you.

Runner Up: MARCOREPUBLIC Dubai Women’s Ankle Strap Heels. These are the best ankle strappy heels according to honest customer reviews.

Most Versatile: Huiyuzhi Womens Lace Up High Heeled Sandals. These heeled sandals are perfect both for formal and informal occasions.

Most Affordable: TOP Moda High Heel Lace Up Strappy Pumps. Just because you are on a budget does not mean you should end up with poor-quality lace-up sandals.

Best Low-Heeled Strappy Sandal: WETKISS Women’s Gladiator Heeled Sandals. These gladiator strappy heels are particularly perfect for tall women.

10 Best Comfortable Strappy Heels Reviews

1. LALA IKAI Women’s Gold Strappy High Heels Sandals


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The reason why these high strappy heels occupy position 1 is that their sole is made of leather. This is enough to show you that they are high-quality heels that you can rely on for more than one summer.

We also like the features of these heels sandals. There are clear and stunning rhinestones that adorn them to give a glamorous look. There is also a loop strap, which is adjustable for maximum convenience. Plus, these heels boast a sleek satin that forms a peep-toe upper.

The height of the heel is approximately 11 centimeters (4.33 inches). This makes LALA IKAI High Heels a nice purchase for someone that wants to look tall. It also makes them a perfect match with a maxi dress for summer. You should note that these heels should not be machine-washed. Also, make sure you store them in a cool, dark place.

Reasons To Buy

  • The size is as advertised
  • The look and sparkle is amazing
  • Great for parties and bridal showers
  • Straps nicely hold the fit in place

Take Note

  • Straps are a bit hard to tie at the back for the first time

2. MARCOREPUBLIC Dubai Women’s Ankle Strap High Heels


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While the first strappy heels in these reviews are super gorgeous, they are not the most comfortable, especially when new. So, if you are looking for heels sandals based on comfort, the MARCOREPUBLIC Dubai Strappy Stiletto Heels are for you.

The nicely cushioned insole of these heels offers second-to-none comfort. This, in turn, makes the heels suitable for work and other activities, which demand that you walk occasionally. But comfort is not the only thing that makes the MARCOREPUBLIC Ankle Strappy Heels popular.

There are other outstanding features too. They include a classy open-toe design and an upper with criss-cross straps. The well-thought-out upper and the open-toe design combine to give these heels a sophisticated look. Besides, these high stiletto sandals have a rear zip closure that makes them easy to put on and take off.

Additional Information: The outsole of these heels is textured and offers non-skid traction. This, in turn, ensures improved stability. Therefore, walk confidently in these sandals knowing that chances of suffering from a foot injury are down to zero. The heels are made of top-notch smooth vegan material, and they go with any outfit.

Reasons To Buy

  • The fit is true to size
  • Makes women appear taller
  • Comfortable enough to wear throughout the night
  • The quality is excellent
  • Perfect for a boudoir photoshoot

Take Note

  • Zipping up the back takes some effort when wearing the heels for the first time

3. Huiyuzhi Womens Lace Up High Heeled Sandals Party Shoes


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Huiyuzhi Ankle Strap heels come in at number 3 because they are some of the most versatile heel sandals for women. They are ideal for weddings, parties, shopping, casual, work, prom, and street, among others. Add this versatility to the reasonable price range and you have the ultimate party heeled sandals.

Measuring 3 inches high, these ankle strappy heels are ideal for all women, especially those that do not really love super high heels. Ideally, these heels are designed in such a way that they make your legs look slenderer and sexier than ever before.

The block heel sandals have a lace-up crisscross design. The strap is long enough to tie flexibly around your leg or ankle. The long length also makes it possible to tie the strap in a bow. In case you have thin feet, consider going for a half size down for a perfect fit.

Reasons To Buy

  • They receive lots of compliments
  • Lots of colors to choose from
  • Perfect for wide feet
  • Ties are comfortable and feet do not slide
  • Perfect for a boudoir photoshoot

Take Note

  • The brown color is really not brown – it is somewhat orange

4. IDIFU Women’s Strappy Low Kitten Heel


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If you do not feel very confident in high strappy heels, the IDIFU Low Kitten Heel Sandal is for you. With a heel height measuring around 2 inches, the IDIFU Strappy Heel is very easy to walk in. It is a stylish women’s shoe that features double toe bands for a secure fit and nice-looking feet.

There is also a slingback design that further makes you look amazing in this low kitten strappy heel. The buckle closure makes it easy to adjust the tightness and enjoy a customized fit throughout the day. We must also mention that this short strap heel is equipped with an anti-sweat soft lining. This unique feature makes it excellent for summer.

The insole is padded and the rubber outsole is slip-resistant. They combine to allow you to dance in this heel all night. Given how this heel sandal is made, you can wear it with jeans or a dress. The design also makes it extremely versatile. That being said, the heel is suitable for homecoming, bridal, nightclub, cocktail, evening, date, prom, work, and casual, among others.

Reasons To Buy

  • Comfortable enough to wear all day
  • Perfect for tall women
  • The price is inexpensive
  • Comes with an extra set of rubber heels

Take Note

  • Not so suitable for narrow feet

5. TOP Moda High Heel Lace Up Strappy Pumps


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We like the fact that Top Moda Strappy Pumps are incredibly affordable. So, if you are on a budget and are looking for a high-quality lace up high heel, these strappy pumps are a nice purchase.

They are also a worthwhile investment for short women that want to appear tall. The stiletto heels are 4.5 inches and have a 1-inch platform. Because of their high heel height, it might take a while to learn how to walk comfortably in them, especially if you are not always into long strap heels.

TOP Moda Lace Up Strappy Pumps are also packed with plenty of features. There is a peep-toe design that beautifully displays your cute toenails. There is also a rear zipper and lace up straps for easy on and off. The unique colors these strappy pumps for women come in are Denim, Blush, Tan, White, and Natural, among others.

Reasons To Buy

  • The comfort is amazing
  • Very easy to walk around in
  • The rear zipper is very handy
  • The width can be adjusted
  • Can be matched with pants, shorts, jeans, skirts, etc

Take Note

  • Strings come untied a little too easily

6. WETKISS Women’s Gladiator Square Toe Heeled Sandals


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What makes WETKISS Gladiator Strappy Heels among the best is the fact that you can wear them with nearly any outfit. So, if you are wondering what to rock your plus-size summer dress with, look no further than these square toe heeled sandals. You can also match them with skirts, shorts, pants, etc.

The outsole of these gladiator heeled sandals is made of rubber for improved grip. The upper is made of good quality material too – PU leather. Besides, these women’s square toe sandals feature a flip flop design that helps make them easy to put on and take off.

The heel measures around 2.55 inches; hence, they make these kitten sandals very easy to walk in. They also help make them versatile enough to be a staple in your closet. Whether it is shopping, date, office, clubbing, partying, dancing, or walking in the street, WETKISS Gladiator Strap Kitten Heels are for you. They are also perfect for casual, daily life, wedding, and more.

Reasons To Buy

  • Easy to walk in
  • The price is right
  • Low heel height makes them perfect for tall women
  • The fit is true to size

Take Note

  • Not the most comfortable

7. Vionic Women’s Ladies Strappy Sandal Heel


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The elevated support this strappy sandal for women offers is second to none. The sandal heel has a podiatrist-crafted footbed that hugs the arches so you can stand and walk throughout the day without any issues. That being said, this is the best strappy heel for standing all day.

With it, you will not sacrifice anything for anything – be it comfort for the look or the other way around. The heel height of this sandal is 3.1 inches. This means the sandal is between long strappy heels and short strappy heels. This decent heel height makes the sandal heel a favorite for many.

The outsole is made of rubber, and it is durable. Therefore, concerns about whether this sandal heel will hold up well to everyday use should not be there. The vamp features 3 straps that contribute to the overall look of the heel as well as providing a secure fit. The fourth strap is the ankle strap, and it is accented with a metal buckle to further improve fit.

Reasons To Buy

  • No back pain or foot injury even when worn for long
  • Receives plenty of compliments
  • Goes with everything
  • Available in beautiful color options

Take Note

  • Likely to fit a little tight if you have wide feet

8. DREAM PAIRS Women’s Open Toe Ankle Strap High Heel Sandals


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These DREAM PAIRS Strappy Heels have a rubber insole and padded PU. The two combine to provide superb cushioning when walking. So, like the Vionic Strappy Heeled Sandal, DREAM PAIRS Open Toe Strappy Heels are ideal for walking for an extended period.

The stacked block heel measures 3.5 inches; hence, it further improves comfort. It also makes these heel sandals steady enough to walk in for a long time without any issues. Additionally, these strap heels for women have an ankle strap, which is adjustable for a customized fit.

The ankle strap also has an antiqued buckle that improves the appearance of the heels, and, at the same time, provides enhanced heel support. The slightly stretchable Nubuck is another key feature of these high heel sandals. It is extremely soft and ensures there is no shoe bite when you wear these sandals.

Reasons To Buy

  • Comfortable and perfect for weddings
  • The taupe color is amazing
  • The price is very competitive
  • Go with lots of outfits

Take Note

  • Sizing is a bit inaccurate – seems to run large

9. MissHeel Rhinestone Lace Up Heel Sandals


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The reason why the majority loves MissHeel Sandals is that they never go out of fashion. These rhinestone lace-up heeled sandals are no exception. They are well-made with sparkly rhinestones that no doubt make them standout at every party you go to.

Sandals also feature a minimalist strap that makes them more stylish. In general, the design not only contributes to the cute look of these sandals but also does a lot as far as versatility is concerned. That being said, you will not think twice about wearing these lace-up strappy sandal heels to prom or date.

The tie-up design is timeless and plays a massive role in the overall performance of these sandals. It makes the ankle look charming and very flattering. These sandals measure around 3.9 inches, though, you should note that this might vary slightly according to size.

Reasons To Buy

  • The fit is wonderful
  • No hurting feet or legs
  • Sandals make a nice gift idea
  • The price is very reasonable

Take Note

  • Since heels are on the narrow side, consider sizing up if your feet are wide

10. ISNOM Lace Up Stiletto Open Toe High Heels


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The sole of these open-toe high heels is made of rubber, and it is non-slip. It allows you to walk steadily even on rainy days. The heel height is around 3.94 inches. It naturally increases your height by elongating the leg lines.

Unlike most strappy heeled sandals for women, the ISNOM Lace Up Open Toe Heels will not leave your feet exhausted and painful. This is because it has a super comfortable PU leather insole. The insole is also breathable and helps make these heels perfect for summer.

A classic thong design is another feature we must mention. It is unique and greatly improves the appearance of these heels. It also plays a role in promoting comfort. Plus, it makes these stiletto heels suitable for any occasion. Therefore, whether you are going shopping or dinner date, these lace-up sandals will come in handy. What’s more, you can match them with any outfit, including skirts, jeans, and dresses.

Reasons To Buy

  • Heels look sturdy and durable
  • They are shipped quickly
  • Cute, versatile, and fashionable
  • Comfortable enough to wear all night
  • They come in a gorgeous box and shoe bags

Take Note

  • If you have wide feet, you should consider sizing up for a perfect fit

Buyer’s Guide for the Best Strappy Sandal Heels

These are the factors we considered when writing the above reviews of the best strappy heels for women.

1. Comfort

It is not weird that nowadays everyone is looking for the best comfortable strappy heels. This is because most heeled sandals tend to sacrifice comfort for cuteness. In fact, most people (including fashion experts) will tell you that comfort and looks do not go together in strappy heels.

Fortunately, that is not always the case. Most modern sandal heels are designed to offer both comfort and great looks to the wearer. Well, if you want to get such heels, make sure you pay attention to the insole. Ask yourself if it is nicely padded and offers an unrivaled cushion.

If the answer is yes then that is the sandal to go for. One good thing about picking comfortable strappy sandal heels is that they are highly versatile. You can wear them to work during the day and at night go clubbing in them.

2. Fit

Also, one way to make sure you are getting comfortable strap heels is to choose a brand that fits perfectly. The first step to this is to know your size. But, normally, this might not be enough as some brands run large while others run small. So, to make sure you are getting a perfectly fitting strappy heel, check customer reviews. This way, you will know whether the brand you are interested in runs large, small, or if it is true to size.

You can also increase your chances of getting a good-fitting heeled sandal by picking a brand whose design is adjustable. For example, strappy heels with buckles are a nice purchase since they allow you to customize the fit. If you hate buckles then go for strappy heels with strings. You can tie these strings however you want for an excellent fit.

3. Design

There are 3 common designs of strappy heels:

  • Closed-toe Strappy Heels
  • Open-toe Strappy Heels
  • Peep-toe Strappy Heels
1. Closed-toe Strappy Heels

If you are looking for strappy sandal heels to wear to a wedding, dinner date, or even work, closed-toe brands are for you. These heels have a professional look, and, therefore, are perfect for formal occasions. You can match them with a professional dress or solid-colored pants for a bold yet professional look.

2. Open-toe Strappy Heels

Open-toe heeled sandals are obviously the opposite of closed-toe heels. They tend to be more comfortable than their closed-toe counterparts. This is because they provide the toes with more room not to mention the fact that they are highly breathable. Because of the comfort they offer, open-toe strappy sandal heels are the best for parties, club, dance, and other informal occasions. Also, if you have wide feet, you may want to buy open-toe strappy heels.

3. Peep-toe Strappy Heels

If you are undecided between an open-toe heel and a closed-toe heel, a peep-toe strappy sandal heel is for you. The design of these heels is somewhere between closed-toe and open-toe. Or, as their name suggests, these heels will only show a peep of your toe. Because of their thoughtful design, peep-toe heels tend to be very versatile and are ideal both for formal and informal occasions.

Strappy Heels FAQs

Q1. What are the best designer strappy heels?

These are DREAM PAIRS Open Toe Ankle Strap Heels. Unlike typical designer heels, these ones by DREAM PAIRS are very reasonably priced. So, you can get them even when on a budget. We also like the fact that these strappy heels offer amazing comfort and are highly versatile.

Q2. How do you find the best white strappy heels?

First of all, you must make sure the heels you are getting really are white. Because of lighting and stuff, it is easy to end up with cream strappy heels, which exactly is not what you want. Once you are certain that the color is white, look at the size.

If the white heeled sandal is true to size, pick what you normally wear. But if it runs large or small, consider sizing down or up. You should also have comfort in mind if you want to find the best white strappy sandal heels. Plus, do not forget the style and heel height.

Q3. Which strappy heels are the easiest to walk in?

Strappy sandal heels with wide surface area are no doubt the easiest to walk in. These heels normally have a wedge-like design that effectively eliminates the likelihood of being thrown off balance while walking. If you are a beginner, we recommend that you choose low-heeled strappy sandals with wide surface area. This way, you will enjoy your introduction to heels in general.

Best Strappy Heels Reviews: Conclusion

Finding the best strappy heels online should not be a daunting task. All you need to do is have your preferences at your fingertips. After that, research to know what experts and other customers are saying about the sandals you are interested in.

Luckily, you do not need to open multiple pages on your desktop to find this piece of valuable information. That is because everything you are looking for about the best heeled sandals is right here.