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9 Best Slippers For Pregnant Ladies

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It is reported that 27% of ladies experience fall while pregnant. That is why investing in the best slippers for pregnant ladies should not be overlooked.

Maternity slippers are designed with high-performance outsoles, which are slip and skid-resistant. For this reason, they ensure secure footing with each step.

These slippers are also very comfortable and versatile enough to be used for hospital stay, indoors, and outdoors.

Check out our reviews to see which brands have made the cut.

Our Top Picks: Best Slippers For Pregnant Ladies Reviews

Best Overall: Jessica Simpson Women’s House Slipper. Made of thick memory foam, this slipper is one of the best shoes for swollen pregnant feet.

Runner Up: HALLUCI Women’s Cross Band Slippers. The solid EVA sole makes these maternity slippers the best in class.

Best Hospital Slippers with Rubber Soles: ULTRAIDEAS Women’s Slippers. The rubber soles of these slippers are long-lasting and slip-resistant.

Best Slippers for Hospital Stay: SOLLBEAM Fuzzy House Slippers. The solid arch support ensures these are the best women’s slippers for hospital.

Cheap Hospital Slippers: HomeTop Women’s Slip On Slippers. You do not need to spend an arm and a leg to own quality hospital slippers for delivery.

Most Versatile: isotoner Women’s Terry Ballerina Slipper. These are the best pregnancy slippers when it comes to versatility.

9 Best Slippers For Pregnant Ladies Reviews

1. Jessica Simpson Women’s Faux Fur House Slipper


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What we like about these doctor slippers for pregnant ladies is that they are both comfortable and trendy. Made of thick memory foam, these slippers will cushion your swollen feet in a way you have never seen before. The thick memory foam cushion also offers excellent support all day.

Besides, slippers are equipped with a textured bottom that nicely grips the surface you are walking on to prevent slipping and sliding. Slippers also boast a fluffy, warm scuff style to make sure every step you take feels like you are walking on clouds.

Another reason why most pregnant ladies prefer these maternity slippers is that they are extremely easy to care for. They are machine washable to give you peace of mind knowing that no matter how dirty they get, you will have a painless experience cleaning them.

Slippers come in a wide range of sizes, including Small (US 6 – 7); Medium (US 7 – 8); Large (US 8 – 9), and X-Large (US 9 – 10). It is worth noting that they run small; therefore, we advise that you go for one size up.

Reasons To Buy

  • Available in plenty of colors to choose from
  • Seem to be solidly made
  • The faux fur is unbelievably soft
  • They fit wide feet well

Take Note

  • It may take time getting used to walking in these slippers

2. HALLUCI Women’s Cross Band House Indoor or Outdoor Slippers


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HALLUCI Women’s Maternity Slippers are highly rated because of their beautiful fleece upper. They also have a cross band design that further improves their elegance as well as giving them a chic look.

The high-density solid memory foam insole is another exceptional feature of these indoor/outdoor slippers. The insole relaxes feet and prevents any potential pain that can be brought about by walking for long hours. The solid memory foam also offers adequate support while walking.

HALLUCI Women’s Pregnancy Slippers also feature a solid EVA sole. The sole is slip-resistant and waterproof, thereby, making these slippers perfect for the outdoors. Another feature we find amazing is the fixed shoe shape. It provides awesome support to the feet from every angle.

If you are looking for a thoughtful Valentine’s gift for your expectant wife, look no further than HALLUCI Slippers for Pregnancy. Like the first slippers in these reviews, HALLUCI Maternity Footwear comes in 4 sizes. These are Small (5 – 6); Medium (7 – 8); Large (9 – 10), and X-Large (11 – 12).

Reasons To Buy

  • The fur is premium quality
  • The hard bottom improves the versatility of these slippers
  • Slippers are shipped in a cute package
  • They arrive on time and as imagined

Take Note

  • Slippers run small; therefore, try to go for one size up

3. NineCiFun Women’s Slip On Fuzzy House Slippers


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The best maternity slippers are comfortable and easy to care for. NineCiFun Women’s Fuzzy House Slippers are machine washable, and that’s why they are considered the best. The only thing you should not forget when cleaning them is to make sure they are in a shoe bag before you can throw them into the washer. These slippers can also be hand-washed in cold water.

The textured bottom is a nice feature that significantly improves the versatility of these fuzzy house slippers. They make them well-adapted for the unforgiving outdoor environment. Moreover, slippers have a rubber outsole that keeps each step quiet, and this, in turn, makes them ideal for the bedroom.

Slippers also boast a high-density memory foam cushion that not only provides comfort but also ensures maximum support. The solid memory foam cushion makes it possible to walk in these slippers all day. You can wear them when lounging at home or working in the office.

The overall style of these maternity slippers is simple yet so chic. There is a soft plush faux fur lining that provides unparalleled comfort. The style also features a horn button design and a knitted upper for a timeless, elegant look.

Reasons To Buy

  • Slippers keep feet warm during winter
  • The material slippers are made of is sturdy
  • They come in beautiful colors
  • Slippers support flat feet beautifully

Take Note

  • The decorative buttons come off a little too easily

4. ULTRAIDEAS Women’s Micro Suede Slippers


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When ideas are taken to ultra-high standards, you get top-notch pregnancy footwear in ULTRAIDEAS Micro Suede Slippers for Women. These slippers are designed with long-lasting rubber soles, which are slip-resistant to ensure ultimate versatility.

You can wear them indoors when all you want to do is relax in the bedroom. Plus, you will find them handy when letting the dogs out or going to fetch a mail. They are high quality and, probably, a must-have for pregnant women.

Additionally, these slippers feature a slip-on design for easy on and off. They are also stylish and you will really be happy with how they look on your feet. The cushioning EVA insole and high-density memory foam work together to help your feet relax.

Besides, these slippers are designed with faux fur lining, which is soft and 100-percent vegan. The lining will keep your feet cozy and warm. Slippers are not only perfect for pregnant women but also you can buy them as a gift for mom and grandma.

Reasons To Buy

  • The manufacturer stands with the slippers
  • Great for people with arthritis
  • They come well packaged
  • Slippers appear to be solidly made

Take Note

  • Stuff might get stuck in the faux fur lining when slippers are used outdoors

5. SOLLBEAM Fuzzy House Slippers with Arch Support


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The great arch support is one of the reasons why many are convinced that these are the best women’s slippers for hospital. The arch support makes these maternity sandals ideal for someone with plantar fasciitis. They ensure your feet are wonderfully supported, thereby, making every step you take painless.

These pregnant slippers also feature deep heel cups that keep your heels padded not to mention providing awesome stability to every step you take. The outsole is another useful feature that cannot go unnoticed. It is designed in such a way that it absorbs potentially dangerous shock.

Also, there are contoured footbeds that distribute your weight evenly. These contoured footbeds make the slippers excellent for someone who suffers from back pain due to pregnancy.

Furthermore, we are impressed with the soft fur these maternity slippers are made of. It plays a huge role in keeping your feet comfortable and warm. Ideally, the soft fur design helps make these pregnancy shoes suitable for all-year use.

Reasons To Buy

  • The price is very reasonable
  • Ideal for someone with flat feet and/or bunions
  • The orthotic level arch support is perfect
  • The bottoms are solid

Take Note

  • Not so soft when new

6. HomeTop Women’s Slip On Indoor House Slippers


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You want to make your life as easy as possible during pregnancy. And one of the items you can rely on for this is the HomeTop Slipper for Pregnant Ladies. Unlike most pregnancy shoes, these indoor house slippers feature a knit upper.

The knit upper is breathable and combines with the memory foam insole to provide your feet with unrivaled comfort. There is also a cozy lining that wicks away moisture so your feet can stay dry.

Another feature we find interesting and hard to ignore is the stabilizing support. Despite being soft and weightless, these pregnancy sandals for hospital delivery promise to keep your feet really supported. We are also impressed with the durable outsole that allows you to walk around noiselessly without bothering anyone.

What’s more, these indoor house slippers for pregnancy are really good-looking. They have a decorative button that gives them an elegant look. They also have a faux fur trim, which is delicate to the touch and offers a luxurious feel.

Reasons To Buy

  • The price is inexpensive
  • Stylish enough to be paired with any outfit
  • The hard bottom improves durability
  • Perfect for chilly mornings

Take Note

  • Slippers run small; therefore, consider sizing up

7. Donpapa Womens Slipper for Indoor Outdoor


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The selling point of this pregnancy slipper for women is the durable sole. The sole is handmade, and, therefore, will not crack easily as seen in other brands. The sole is also light and will not damage the floor or make noise when you are walking.

We are also thrilled to note that the slipper is extremely easy to care for. You can either hand wash it or throw it into the washing machine. The only thing you should not do is use an automatic dryer on it.

The slipper is very soft, plus it is made of memory foam that will care for your feet by making sure they are well-cushioned. The slipper is also slip-resistant to ensure every step you take is a secure one. Additionally, it is versatile, which means you can wear it both indoors and outdoors.

The upper is comfortable and warm not to mention having a comfortable fluffy lining that wraps the feet gently. The upper is made of plush and thick fleece as well as breathable cotton. The two combine to keep cold at bay. The chic color and fine outer part make this slipper for pregnant women beautiful.

Reasons To Buy

  • The fur is thick and feels wonderful
  • The overall quality of the slipper is awesome
  • The fit is excellent
  • Suitable for someone who has had lots of surgeries

Take Note

  • Not the most suitable for summer or hot weather

8. Shevalues Womens Open Toe House Slippers


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The best maternity slippers are not only comfortable to wear but also boast an elegant design. Shevalues Open Toe Slippers for Women have a classic look that allows you to wear them with nearly any outfit. You can wear them with a maternity winter dress during fall and summer clothes during the hot season.

Besides, these house slippers are lightweight, which means you can easily fold and carry them in your luggage for on-the-go use. The open-toe design and slip-on style make these slippers extremely easy to put on and walk in. They also ensure optimum breathability, which, in turn, makes these the best slippers for summer pregnancy.

TPR soles cannot go unmentioned when reviewing these slippers. They are silent and resistant to slipping and sliding. Furthermore, these soles will not damage your flooring surface whether it is vinyl, tile, or wood.

TPR soles also contribute massively to the versatility of these slippers. They are sturdy enough to let you wear the slippers both indoors and outdoors. You can wear the slippers indoors after having an unforgettable bath or outdoors when you want to run a quick errand.

Additional Information: Given their features and look, Shevalues Open Toe Slippers for Pregnancy are suitable for autumn, summer, and spring. You can also wear them during winter with socks.

Reasons To Buy

  • Great for house guests
  • The price is right
  • The padding holds up well to daily wear
  • They fit wide feet without a problem

Take Note

  • Slippers get dirty a little too easily

9. isotoner Women’s Terry Ballerina Slipper with Bow


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Hospital slippers with rubber soles are highly recommended because they are normally slip-resistant. The isotoner Ballerina Slipper for Pregnancy is one of these pieces of footwear. It has a low-profile rubber outsole, which makes it perfect for indoors and outdoors.

Furthermore, this maternity slipper is machine washable. All you need to do is machine wash it in cool water and then dry it flat. Make sure the slipper is away from the heat when drying it.

Isoflex comfort insoles are another reason why this maternity footwear is one of the best women’s slippers for hospital. These insoles flex and conform to the feet to ensure secure footing. They also offer a custom fit that will meet your active lifestyle.

The slipper is also portable and foldable, which makes it highly versatile. It is suitable for the gym, yoga, spa, hotel, hospital, office, and dorm. Ideally, this slipper is perfect for women of all ages and not just expectant moms. You can, therefore, go ahead and get it for your grandma, sister, or friend.

Additional Information: The isotoner Ballerina Slipper for Pregnant Ladies features a luxurious terry lining that offers optimum comfort. It also has a feminine satin bow detail that gives it a timeless look. If you are in search of convenient pregnancy sandals for casual lifestyle or on-the-go wear, then the isotoner Ballerina Slipper is for you.

Reasons To Buy

  • Holds up well to several rounds of washing
  • Outsoles are non-marking and skid-proof
  • The price is hard to beat
  • Does not slip off the heel

Take Note

  • The elastic around the top of the foot is quite tight when the slipper is new

Buyer’s Guide for The Best Maternity Slippers

These are the factors to check out when buying the best slippers for pregnancy.

1. Comfort

One of the reasons why you want to buy maternity sandals and not anything else is comfort. Therefore, it is important that you get this factor spot on. Well, different factors promote comfort in slippers for pregnant ladies.

One of these is the insole. And about that; we say that you get slippers that are well padded so your feet can be nicely cushioned all day. Also, the outsole can promote comfort by offering superior stability.

Plus, it is worth noting that some pregnancy sandals for ladies are designed with faux fur lining to keep feet warm and toasty. These slippers are particularly perfect for winter, spring, and autumn. You can also wear them during summer if they are breathable.

2. Textured Bottom

Some things should not even be imagined when pregnant. Some of them are slipping and sliding. That is why buying a pair of pregnancy footwear with a reliable textured bottom should not be ignored.

Regardless of the price, the slippers you are going for should be made with solid outsoles that are skid-resistant to ensure secure footing all the time. Furthermore, go for slippers whose outsoles will not damage your flooring or make noise while you walk.

3. Sizing

We have noticed that most slippers for pregnant ladies run small. As such, you should try to size up, especially if you are between sizes.

Ideally, do not just focus on the length when buying pregnancy slippers – also consider the width. That is because some sandals are quite wide and might fit a bit too loose for narrow feet. Others, on the other hand, run narrow; hence, they may not be suitable for someone with wide feet.

Overall, maternity shoes come in all sizes, including small, medium, large, and X-large. If you are not so sure about sizing, we advise that you go through customer reviews to see what previous buyers are saying about the fit.

4. Design

As seen in the above reviews, different shoes for pregnant ladies feature different designs and styles. Some have a slip-on design for easy on and off, whereas others have adjustable bands to perfectly fit you both when your feet are swollen as well as when they are normal.

What’s more, some sandals for pregnant moms have an open-toe design for optimum breathability. These sandals are the best option for someone whose feet sweat easily when they are kept toasty.

Whether you are looking for the best slippers for hospital stay or simply want high-performance house slippers for pregnancy, we are confident that the above reviews have exactly what you want.

Best Slippers For Pregnant Ladies Reviews: Conclusion

We have learned that the percentage of the number of women that slip and fall during their pregnancy is quite high. Fortunately, the best slippers for pregnant ladies can help reduce your chances of slipping or skidding.

That is because these pregnancy shoes are designed with high-performance outsoles, which are resistant to skidding and slipping. These slippers are comfortable too since most of them are made with memory foam insoles.