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9 Best Skechers Sandals Review & Buying Guide

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In this best Skechers sandals review, we will take you through the features as well as pros & cons of the best Skechers for women. We will also take you through a detailed buyer’s guide that sheds light on which factors to pay attention to when buying Skechers. And, lastly, we have helpful FAQs about these popular shoes.

So, make yourself comfortable and go through this post keenly because everything you are looking for is right here.

People’s Picks (Based On Reliable Consumer Reports)

Best Overall: Skechers Women’s On-The-go Sport Sandal (600-Brilliancy). Unique features, like 5G responsive cushioning, make this On-The-go Skechers undisputed.

Runner Up: Skechers Trailway Reggae. These Skechers feature a shock-absorbing midsole that makes them perfect for walking on rough, unpredictable terrains.

Best Skechers For Standing All Day: Skechers Women’s Rock Crown Meditation Flat Sandal. This sandal is suitable for a teacher or someone whose job demands that they stand throughout the day.

Best Skechers For Walking: Skechers Women’s Reggae Slim Vacay Sandals. The reggae slim footbed is what makes these sandals perfect for walking, perhaps, during sightseeing.

Best Skechers Flip Flops: Skechers Women’s Meditation Flip Flop – Daisy Delight. In addition to being comfortable, this flip flop has a feminine look; thanks to the flower decoration.

9 Best Skechers Sandals Reviews

1. Skechers Women’s On-The-go Sport Sandal, 600-Brilliancy


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One good reason why Skechers On The Go Sandals are the best Skechers for walking in 2021 is that each of their features is geared towards promoting comfort. For example, the Skechers 600-Brilliancy On-The-Go Sport Sandal has responsive and lightweight 5G cushioning. The thoughtfully designed cushioning allows you to walk in the sandal for hours without any issues.

Another feature is the soft heathered fabric upper, which feels soft against the skin; hence, it will not cause chafing. This Skechers Sport Sandal also features adjustable straps that ensure a perfect and customized fit. Plus, it has the manufacturer’s Goga Max high rebound insole that further makes it comfortable to wear.

Reasons To Buy

  • Holds up well to a wet environment
  • Available in numerous colors to pick from
  • Perfect for teachers or someone that stands all day at work
  • The footbed is supportive and well-cushioned
  • Looks very slim and neat on feet

Take Note

  • The triangle where the straps meet tends to rub a bit when this Skechers sandal is new

2. Skechers Trailway Reggae


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The best Skechers shoes for walking have excellent features that greatly promote comfort. Well, Skechers Reggae Trailway is no exception. Equipped with a shock-absorbing midsole, this sandal offers outstanding support when walking. It also has a contoured footbed, which, in turn, features a toe ridge and arch cushion for extra comfort.

Another feature is a flexible outsole made of rubber. The outsole offers excellent traction to let you walk on different surfaces with confidence. Skechers Reggae Trailway also comes with a neoprene strap lining, which is made of fabric and is very breathable. The signature logo accent is worth mentioning too. It is conveniently placed at the instep strap to enhance the look of the sandal as well as to ensure authenticity.

Reasons To Buy

  • Has a nice arch support
  • Comfortable enough to wear all day
  • Seems to be solidly made
  • Perfect for someone that loves sneakers but do not like the confining design

Take Note

  • People with narrow feet might find the sandal a little too wide

3. Skechers Women’s Rock Crown Meditation Flat Sandal


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If you are a teacher or working in a place that demands that you stand all day, look no further than this Skechers Flat Sandal. It has a flexible sole, and this is what makes it one of the best Skechers shoes for standing all day.

This flat sandal by Skechers also features yoga foam that further makes it comfortable to walk in. The design of this sandal is another thoughtful feature we cannot go without mentioning. It has a strap at the back to keep your feet securely in place. Ideally, the strap is stretchable to ensure a perfect fit.

Reasons To Buy

  • The fit is as promised
  • Comfy enough to be worn for hours without any issues
  • Looks really cute on the feet
  • Receives tons of compliments
  • Supports high arches beautifully

Take Note

  • Tighter than expected when worn for the first time

4. Skechers Women’s Reggae Slim Vacay Sandals


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These sandals were the best Skechers for walking in 2020, and we can tell you with confidence that you will still find them trendy in 2022. They are well-made Skechers sandals that have all the features you need to stay comfortable in the summer.

They have a reggae slim footbed that molds wonderfully with your feet to provide you with all-day comfort. These sandals are also equipped with memory foam for more comfort. Moreover, we like the smooth faux leather that is soft against the skin and pretty durable as well.

Reasons To Buy

  • Appears to have an excellent support
  • Can be paired with a wide range of outfits
  • Suitable for plenty of walking during sightseeing
  • The bottom has a soft feel
  • The length is accurate

Take Note

  • The small buckle is not adjustable

5. Skechers Women’s Slide Wedge Sandal


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This Skechers Wedge Sandal may not be available in black. However, this should not be a concern because the available colors are still stunning. They include mauve, natural, white, coral, and luggage. These are unique colors that will make your feet look neat in this wedge slide sandal.

What’s more, these are the most comfortable Skechers you have ever come across. And the reason why we are saying this is that the footbed of this sandal is far from ordinary. It is a luxe foam cushioned and contoured footbed that will keep your feet comfortable and well protected regardless of the terrain you are walking on.

Additional Information: This Skechers Wedge Sandal for women also features a well-thought-out design that makes it dressy. So, if you are looking for comfortable sandals to wear with a summer dress, look no further than this footwear.

The wedge heel is made of cork to ensure superior durability while giving a comfy feel. The heel is also of decent height. It measures 2.25 inches; meaning it will work just fine for most ladies. In other words, you will not need to learn to walk in this wedge slide sandal from Skechers.

Reasons To Buy

  • The heel height is superb
  • Looks amazing with summer dresses and shorts
  • The straps do not rub on any toes
  • The sole does not let feet slide
  • Lightweight and feels wonderful right out of the box

Take Note

  • Straps are not stretchable, and this might make the sandal feel tight if you have “fat” feet

6. Skechers Women’s Rumblers Wedge Sandal


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This Rumblers Wedge Sandal is hands down the best Skechers walking shoes for ladies. It has a memory foam insole that keeps your feet comfortable while walking. Needless to say, the Skechers Rumblers Wedge Sandal for Women is exactly what you should buy if you are looking for comfortable sandals to walk in during summer.

The heel measures around 2.5 inches, which is great. It is neither too high to the extent that you will have to learn how to walk in this wedge sandal nor is it so low that it looks very old-fashioned. The platform, on the other hand, measures 0.75 inches, which is great too.

Reasons To Buy

  • The length is good
  • As comfortable as thong sandals
  • The design looks attractive
  • Works well for high arches
  • The toe grip is a nice bonus

Take Note

  • Seems to run small; therefore, try to size up for a perfect fit

7. Skechers Women’s Reggae-Mad Thong Woven Sandal


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One good thing about thong sandals is that they make feet look super beautiful. While the Skechers Reggae-Mad Swag-Toe Sandal is not a typical thong sandal, it still serves the same purpose. This means it should be your go-to footwear if you are looking for sandals that will nicely showcase your pedicure.

Moreover, the comfort this sandal delivers can only be matched by that of Skechers Luxe Foam Sandals. There is a comfortable footbed, which is well cushioned and contoured to make you feel like you are walking on clouds barefoot. Also, there is a shock-absorbing foam midsole. It is lightweight and allows you to walk in the sandal for hours.

Additional Information: The soft fabric lining improves comfort as well. It keeps your feet cool during summer so you can focus more on the wonderful things around you and less on breathability. Additionally, this sandal comes in lots of beautiful colors, including Dark Natural, Black, Navy, Grey, and Black/Grey.

Reasons To Buy

  • Versatile; can be worn both as walking shoes and indoor shoes
  • Also great for showering
  • Stays on and looks cute
  • The adjustable Velcro strap is a nice feature

Take Note

  • The arch support is very significant; hence, people with low arches might find it a bit too much

8. Skechers Women’s Meditation Flip Flop – Daisy Delight


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Skechers Flip Flops for women are popular because they are both good-looking and super comfy. Well, the Skechers Daisy Delight Flip Flop is no exception. It has a well-designed footbed that features yoga foam cushioning for amazing comfort.

Another feature that further makes this flip flop comfortable is a rubber sole. It absorbs shock nicely, thereby, allowing you to walk on different terrains without a problem. Another feature we must point out is the rhinestone and flower decoration that gives the daisy delight Skechers sandal a feminine look.

Reasons To Buy

  • The memory foam is comfortable
  • Very cute and fits true to size
  • The colors are vibrant
  • Fits wider feet well
  • The flower design receives plenty of compliments

Take Note

  • Beads are not sewn on; hence, are likely to come off pretty easily

9. Skechers Women’s On-The-go 600-Sunny Flip Flop


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It is safe to say that Skechers Go Walk Sandals and Skechers On The Go Sandals are on the same level as far as comfort is concerned. One of Skechers On The Go Sandals is Skechers 600-Sunny Flip Flop. This Skechers Women Sandal has responsive and lightweight 5Gen cushioning that makes it feel like you are wearing nothing at all when walking.

This allows you to walk for miles without suffering from blisters or having to deal with foot aches. This Skechers Flip Flop for Women is also equipped with a Skechers Goga Mat footbed. This is a uniquely designed footbed that ensures each step is energized. Needless to say, this flip-flop sandal is a worthy purchase if you are looking for comfortable walking shoes.

Reasons To Buy

  • Thick sole cushions each step
  • The sole is flexible and molds to the foot
  • The support is great
  • Versatile; perfect for the beach and walking long miles
  • Easy to care for – the flip flop is washable

Take Note

  • Runs a bit narrow

Buying Guide for the Best Skechers Sandals

Getting a quality pair of Skechers sandals in any reviews is now easier than anticipated. All you need to do is look at certain factors and then decide which pair best meets your needs.

Well, here are those factors.

1. Comfort

Skechers’ sandals are known for their incredible comfort. That is why the best Skechers sandals for plantar fasciitis are very popular among men and women alike. Lots of features make these sandals extremely comfortable to wear. Some of them include a shock-absorbing midsole, a cushioned and contoured footbed, and lightweight construction.

Regardless of the reason for buying Skechers, you should always focus on getting footwear that offers maximum comfort. Chances are you will use your Skechers for walking or working in an environment that requires you to stand all day. Therefore, go for Skechers shoes that will not leave you with blisters or painful feet.

2. Arch Support

Arch support is one thing you will never lack in Skechers for women and men. These sandals normally offer it in plenty to let you cover long miles without suffering from tired feet afterward. However, you still need to pick a sandal with the right arch support, depending on your arches.

For instance, if you have high arches, go for Skechers sandals that offer plenty of arch support. But if you have low arches, then try to settle on sandals whose arch support is not “too much”. At the end of the day, comfort comes first. Plus you will always want to walk naturally.

3. Style

Skechers sandals come in a wide range of styles and designs to suit everyone’s needs. There are wedge-shaped Skechers sandals for those who love wedges. Also, there are strappy Skechers for women who love strappy sandals. Other styles include flip flops and sport sandals.

In our opinion, Skechers wedges should be a frontier for you if you are looking for dressy sandals that look stunning with your summer dress and are very comfortable, whereas, Skechers flip flops are the best for the beach or showering. Skechers sport sandals, on the other hand, are suitable for standing all day or long-distance walking, given that they are among the comfiest not just in Skechers but in the entire footwear industry.

4. Durability

According to, Skechers shoes, in general, can last up to a couple of years, with some brands normally getting worn out before the end of this period. It is, therefore, safe to say that Skechers sandals are not the most durable footwear out there. But then this does not mean they are not worth it. Given their price points and how comfortable they are, Skechers sandals offer great value for the money.

Skechers Sandals FAQs

Q1. Which Skechers are the best for plantar fasciitis and painful feet?

Nearly all Skechers sandals work great for someone with plantar fasciitis or bad metatarsal. This is because Skechers sandals are uniquely designed with maximum focus on comfort. For example, Skechers On-The-go 600-Brilliancy features Goga Max high rebound insole that combines with 5Gen responsive cushioning for maximum comfort.

Apart from its fabulous features, Skechers On-The-go 600-Brilliancy is very reasonably priced. Well, this makes it a perfect purchase for someone on a budget yet needs urgent relief from painful feet.

Q2. How do Skechers sandals fit?

We advise that you go for what you normally wear when buying Skechers sandals or sneakers. This is because they run true to size. But there are a few exceptions. For instance, some Skechers models run wide and may, therefore, fit loose if you have narrow feet. Others, on the other hand, tend to run narrow, so those with wider feet might find them a bit too tight.

It is for these reasons you should go through various customer reviews before buying a pair. This will help you know whether the shoe you are interested in runs wide, narrow, or is true to size.

Q3. How do I take care of my Skechers Sandals?

Unlike most shoes, Skechers sandals for men and women are very easy to keep clean and maintain. You should, however, note that how you clean one Skechers model may be different from how you clean the other. This is because different Skechers shoes are made of different types of materials.

For example, Skechers made of nylon or mesh can be tossed into the washing machine, while those made of leather, nubuck, or suede can be kept clean by brushing the dirt off. Ideally, most Skechers sandals will not be damaged when they get wet, which further makes cleaning them easier.

Best Skechers Sandals Review: Conclusion

Although Skechers are readily available in nearby stores and online, finding the right pair can be more daunting than expected. That is why we have come up with this detailed Skechers sandals review. In these reviews, we have tried to be as honest as possible to make sure you get real value for your money.