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10 Best Retro Gaming Console in 2022 Reviews

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The best retro gaming console will remind you of the 80s and 90s by providing you with an opportunity to play your favorite old games. Some of the games the console gives you a chance to enjoy are PAC-Man, Mario, Contra, Tetris, and Street Fighter, among others. The console normally comes with controllers for easy playing.

Moreover, retro game consoles come in a wide range of designs including handheld gaming consoles, which are mostly portable. Well, if you want to evoke memories of the distant past, the consumer reports below are for you.

10 Best Retro Gaming Console Reviews

1. CZHOON Classic Mini Retro Game Console

CZHOON Gaming Console comes with 2 classic controllers, a wall plug, a user manual, and an AV cable. It has what it takes to bring back the fantastic childhood memories you had when growing up. The games include Mario 1, Street Fighter, PAC-Man, Tetris 2, and Contra, among others. You do not need to download games or insert cards.

And the fact that this console comes with everything means you will be able to start playing it right out of the box. It is not just meant to remind you of the days when you were young but also you can use it to promote parent-child bonding since kids can game on it as well. To start using the game console, connect it to power and then use the included AV cable to connect the console with the TV. After that, plug in the game controllers, power on the game console, and then start playing.

N/B: – Classic games may not be as clear as today’s games. Plus they may be incompatible with some 4K monitors. However, these games are still exciting and challenging to play. You should also note that the console has some game repetitions.


  • Material: Metal and plastic
  • Output: AV OUT
  • Game Console Dimensions: Approximately 3.94” by 5.12” by 1.77
  • Joystick Type: Wired
  • Applicable Platform: TV


  • The list of games comes right up to choose from when the console is first powered on
  • Makes a nice Valentine’s or Easter gifts for gaming enthusiasts
  • Extremely light in weight and super small
  • The controller cord is of good quality


  • The color in Mario is a bit off, but this is said in the description

2. MEEPHONG Retro Game Console, 821 Classic Video Games

MEEPHONG Retro Game Console is up there with the best gaming console Nintendo. This is because it has plenty of features that allow you to play your favorite childhood games without a problem. You can connect it with your computer or TV via HDMI and instantly play hundreds of games. 4K TV displays are sharper and will provide you with an opportunity to enjoy exciting and vivid games on a big screen.

Moreover, this game console will bring the same happiness and experience to your children. It comes with a couple of sensitive joysticks, which are plug-and-play. These joysticks feel comfortable in the hand, and since they are two, they will let you share the fun with family and friends. The console makes a wonderful gift for birthdays and holidays. The only concern is that the console might take a little getting used to because the picture quality is not as crisp as modern games.


  • Output: HDMI
  • Joystick line length: 56”
  • Material: Metal and plastic
  • Joystick Type: Wired
  • Game Console Dimensions: Approx. 13cm by 10.5cm by 4.5cm


  • The console has lots of classic games
  • Quality on television is not too bad
  • Very easy to navigate
  • Extremely easy to plug into TV via HDMI cable


  • The controllers are not the best quality

3. Kiztoys Handheld Game Console with 400 Classic Handheld Games

Kiztoys Retro Game Console is one of the best gaming consoles handheld in the market. It is very reasonably priced and comes with up to 400 classic games. While this is not the highest number of games in gaming consoles systems, it is quite a lot for a handheld video game console. These built-in handheld classic games include shooting, action, racing, sports and fighting games, among others.

Another reason why you should invest in this handheld retro video game is that it supports 2 players. This helps improve the interaction between sibling and sibling or parent and child. You should, however, note that the wired controller only works in 2-player games and not in 1-player games. This means in 1-player games, you should use the buttons on the console.


  • Connectivity: AV output cable connects to TV
  • Compact Design: Makes the console very easy to carry
  • Battery Life: 5 – 6 hours on a full charge
  • Battery Type: 800mAh rechargeable


  • Delivery appears to be fast
  • Fits beautifully in hands
  • Lightweight for easy gaming
  • The extra controller is a handy addition
  • Charges quickly and holds a charge long enough to be used outdoors


  • Some of the games are repeated, but this is well explained in the description

4. Feoinvc 620 Retro Classic Video Game Console for Kids & Adults (Small)

Feoinvc Video Game Console has up to 620 classic games. These games were popular in the 80s and 90s. So, if you want to bring back happy childhood memories, this classic retro video game console should seriously be the go-to gaming console. Some of these 620 classic games are Super Mario 1, Street Fighter, PAC-Man, Tetris, and Contra. It is worth noting that Super Mario 2 and 3 are not included.

With this console, you will not need to download games or insert cards. Simply connect it to power via the charger. After that, connect it with TV using the AV cable. And when you are done, plug in the controllers before powering on the console to enjoy the games you last played when you were a child. The console comes with 2 NES classic controllers, a user manual, an AV cable, a game list, and a charger.


  • Material: Metal and plastic
  • Color: Grey
  • Applicable platform: TV
  • Output: AV OUT
  • Joystick Type: Wired


  • Makes a wonderful gift for kids
  • The console arrives well packaged
  • Great value for the money
  • It is shipped quickly and arrives as described


  • Does not have an HDMI OUT, but so are several retro gaming consoles

5. Oriflame Classic Retro Game Console for Kids Gift Birthday Gift

You do not need to download games or insert cards when you have the Oriflame Retro Classic Game Console. This is because the game console has up to 620 games. You should, however, note that some of these games are repeated. And this is likely to leave you with around 500 games. This is not a concern though, given the low price point of the console.

The console will not only evoke sweet childhood memories but also can play a role in making your kids happier than ever before. It improves communication between you and your child as well as promoting general growth. The games are smooth and the sound is familiar to make sure you enjoy every minute of gaming. Furthermore, this console is made of premium plastic, which is durable and helps it stand the test of time.


  • Warranty: 2 years for quality-related issues
  • Material: Metal and plastic
  • Plug: US Plug
  • Power Supply: 110 – 250 volts
  • Output: HDMI & AV output
  • Color: Grey


  • Makes a nice birthday present for kids
  • Nicely packaged and arrives fast
  • The compact size is wonderful
  • The included games are amazing


  • Does not include Mario games, but it will still take you back to the good old days

6. BLANDSTRS Handheld Game Console with 520 Classic FC Games

Although the BLANDSTRS Game Console is handheld, it has lots of classic games to make sure you are entertained to the fullest. These games include Puzzle, Card Games, Action, Adventure, Racing, Strategy, Fighting Games, Arcade Retro Games, Shooting, Logic & Math, Arcade, and Sports, among others. Setting options include intermediate, elementary, and advanced levels to meet the demands of every member of the family.

What’s more, this console comes with a USB cable, an AV output cable, and a gamepad. The gamepad allows 2 players to share the console simultaneously. You can also connect the console with the television to enjoy lively and fascinating video games on a bigger screen. The yellow terminal of the AV cable is the video terminal, while the red terminal of the AV cable is the audio terminal.


  • Battery Life: 5 hours on a single charge
  • Battery Type: Built-in 800mAh large capacity lithium battery
  • Warranty: 6 months
  • Lightweight and compact size promotes portability
  • Color options: Black, Red, and Blue


  • Arrives quick and packaged nicely
  • The screen works beautifully
  • Easy to use and the volume is loud enough
  • The option for 2 players is good
  • The quality of picture is wonderful


  • The charging jack inside the console is not the sturdiest

7. JJFUN Retro Handheld Game Console for Kids

If you are concerned about the content of some games in “normal” retro video game consoles, the JJFUN Retro Handheld Gaming Console is what you should go for. It makes an excellent gift for little ones, especially for their birthdays, Easter holidays, or Festive season. This console is unlike most gaming consoles handheld for kids in the sense that it is designed to perfectly fit the palms of your children.

It is small and exquisite. Moreover, the handheld game console uses AAA batteries, and this helps make it super portable. While a good number of people prefer rechargeable gadgets, this should not be a concern since AAA batteries as just as efficient as rechargeable batteries. Ideally, you can connect this portable gaming console with television to take entertainment to a whole new level.


  • Games Supported: Athletics, Role-playing, Puzzles, Racing, Level Crossing, etc
  • Unisex: Suitable for boys and girls
  • Age Recommendation: 4 – 18 years
  • Color Options: Red and Blue
  • Power Supply: AAA batteries


  • The screen is decent
  • Brings lots of fun
  • Although it is for kids, adults can use it too
  • Good for the price point
  • Does not drain battery


  • Grownups are likely to find it tiny, but again, this is not made for you

8. BAORUITENG Retro Game Console, HD Video Game Console

Compared to the prices of other gaming consoles, the price of the BAORUITENG Retro Game Console is a bit on the high side. But this does not matter because it is worth every penny. Furthermore, the price may be on the high side but it is not high enough to make you break the bank to get the gaming console system. The console supports 4K HDMI to make sure you enjoy yourself to the maximum. The console has more than 800 classic games to choose from.

It also comes with 43 PS1 games in a 32g TF card. This further makes the gaming console the go-to unit for someone looking for maximum entertainment. Moreover, this video HD gaming console comes with 2 joysticks so you can play with your friend, husband, wife, or kid at the same time. It also comes equipped with an HDMI output port that allows you to connect it with your computer or TV for more fun.


  • Battery Life: 3 years
  • Screen Size: 4.3 inches
  • Maximum Webcam Image Resolution: 1 Pixel
  • Color: X-p


  • No lagging when playing fast
  • The system hardly freezes
  • Comes with lots of preloaded games
  • The UI interface is simple and clean
  • Handles PS1 games nicely


  • Cord lengths of the controllers could be longer

9. Oriflame Eleckal HDMI HD Retro Game Console

Oriflame Eleckal Game Console has lots of last century games. In total, it has 821 classic games that will bring back the amazing memories you had when growing up. You will easily find your favorite classic games, given the huge number of games the console has. Better yet, this console is small in size despite having numerous built-in games. The small size ensures that the console takes as little space as possible plus it makes using the console a walk in the park.

The high-quality plastic this console is made of improves durability as well as making it safe to use. It also provides a comfortable hand feeling. The console comes with 2 game controllers, a user manual, a power supply adapter, and an HDMI cable. It makes a wonderful gift idea for anyone, including your wife and friends’ children.


  • Game Console Size: Approximately 13cm by 10cm by 5.4cm
  • Joystick Line Length: 56 inches
  • Joystick Type: Wired
  • Color: Grey
  • Plug: US plug


  • Small and easy to set up
  • Built-in games are cost-effective
  • The old games provide lots of fun
  • The price is wonderful


  • Graphics are not the best, but that’s because it is retro

10. Gorani NES Classic Edition Retro Video Gaming Console

Gorani NES Classic Edition Gaming Console System provides a reminiscence of classics. It has up to 620 classic games that will quickly help you enjoy the joy of childhood. These games come in many different types, including Racing, Fighting, Shooting, Action, Puzzle, and more. You can effortlessly find 20 – 30 games that you are familiar with. The popular ones in the 80s and 90s include Snow Bros, Contra, Tiny Toon, Adventure Island, Ninja Turtles, and Double Dragon.

Apart from taking you back in time, this video gaming console improves parent-child interaction. It allows you to communicate better with your child and even read their emotions so you can help if need be. The unit is an 8-bit game console. It has an AV input port and supports dual controllers. Each controller features 4 buttons for easy operation. Moreover, these handles help make the console particularly perfect for shooting games.


  • Number of Classic Games: 620
  • Controller Included? Yes
  • Easy Setup: Plug-and-Play
  • Automatic: Games adapt to the screen size automatically
  • Manufacturer recommended age: 5 months and up


  • Great for big fans of Contra
  • Makes a nice gift for Valentine’s, Christmas, Birthdays
  • Takes up virtually no room
  • Comes with a third controller
  • The retro look of the controllers is amazing


  • None we know of

Buyer’s Guide for the Best Gaming Consoles Systems

Here, we have listed the main factors you should know before buying a video game console.

The Number of Built-in Games

We have seen in the above reviews that some gaming consoles come with more than 800 old games, while there are some that come with 600 or fewer. In our opinion, you should go for a console with as many built-in old games as possible. Chances are you are likely to find your favorite games on such a console. You must, however, know that consoles with innumerable built-in games are likely to be costlier than those with fewer games.

Game Types

Just because a retro game console has multiple games does not mean it has all game types. It is, therefore, recommended that you check the types of games the console you are set to buy is equipped with. Ideally, buying a console that has all game types is recommended because such a gadget is suitable for all members of the family. So, when buying a console, make sure it has racing, shooting, puzzle, action and fighting games, among others.


Whether it is gaming consoles handheld or a gaming console Nintendo, you must make sure it has the necessary outputs. An AV output is particularly important because it allows you to connect your console with TV so you can enjoy gaming on big screen. Moreover, you should consider investing in a console with an HDMI Out for clear audio and picture quality.

Included Accessories

Nowadays, even the cheapest gaming consoles systems come equipped with controllers so you can use them right out of the box. Controllers are also included in gaming consoles handheld to support 2-player games. Other accessories your game video console should come with are a USB cable (if it is powered by a rechargeable battery) and an AV OUT cable.

Other factors you should consider when buying a retro game console are the ergonomic design of controllers; compact size for portability and easy storage when not in use; good cord length of the gamepad for easy maneuverability, and sturdy build quality for long-lasting performance.

FAQs: Gaming Consoles

Q1. Why should I buy a retro game console?

A video retro game console has lots of good old games that will no doubt evoke stunning childhood memories. But this is not the only reason why you should invest in one. Most of these consoles are very affordable.

They are a fraction of the price of what we have today. So, if you are on a budget or simply don’t want to spend much on a gaming console system, a retro gaming console is for you. Moreover, most retro consoles for gaming are well built and are capable of holding up well to everyday use.

Q2. Are retro consoles really old?

According to reliable sources, something that has lasted for 15 – 20 years is regarded as retro. It is, therefore, safe to say that PS2, Game Card, and Xbox are retro. Well, one good thing about retro in gaming is that they do more than just providing entertainment – they also make us remember the good old days.

Q3. Is retro gaming popular?

Yes. Who does not want to feel like they are in the 80s or 90s? Retro gaming evokes good memories, which every adult gaming enthusiast simply find priceless. It is for this reason, most people would play their old favorite games the slightest chance they get. They will also tell their friends, who, in turn, are likely to play just to have the same experience. This is what makes retro gaming popular.

Q4. Are old games overrated?

No. Most people love to play old games because of nostalgia. Also, old games are much easier to play compared to new ones. But when it comes to picture quality, graphics, and effects, new games are obviously the best.

So, if you are looking to reminiscent the classics, old games are what you should go for. But if you are looking for improved graphics, new games should be a frontier for you.

Best Retro Gaming Console Reviews: Conclusion

To sum up, a retro gaming console does more than just entertaining gamers. It also makes them remember their childhood with much fondness. Besides, most retro gaming consoles come equipped with built-in old games; meaning you will not need to download games or insert a card.

This makes them very convenient to use. Retro game consoles are also simple to set up and easy to operate. Plus, they make a nice gift for kids on Easter, birthday, etc. Well, we hope that this piece was able to guide you to find what you were looking for. Stick around because we’ll be back with another comprehensive review and buying guide.