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8 Best Outdoor Ceiling Fans with Light in 2022

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Good outdoor ceiling fans with light do more than just keep you cool while relaxing on your patio or porch. These units double up as nightlights. Most (if not all) of them are equipped with LED lamps. Combine that with their energy-efficient motors and increased utility bills will be the least of your concern when you have these ceiling fans.

In addition to providing light and cool air, outdoor fans with modern designs make a stunning addition to the patio, veranda, porch, sunroom, etc. They have a beautiful appearance that will instantly complement the décor of the space they are installed in. In the consumer reports below, we have written reviews of the best brands on the market.

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People’s Picks

Best Overall: Honeywell 52” Belmar Outdoor Ceiling Fan with LED Light. This outdoor fan with light has 2 bulbs that provide great illumination.

Runner Up: Hunter Biscayne Indoor/Outdoor Ceiling Fan with LED Light. Hunter Ceiling Fan with Light is versatile in the sense that it is suitable both for indoor and outdoor use.

For Large Space: Home Decorators Kensgrove Indoor/Outdoor Ceiling Fan. With 72” fan blades, the Home Decorators Ceiling Fan is exactly what you need if you have a large living space.

Best Design: hykolity 52 Inch Indoor/Outdoor Ceiling Fan with Light Kit. The traditional style of this 52in Fan is simply amazing. It makes the fan suitable for someone looking to greatly improve the décor of their space.

With Smart Technology: Trifecte Outdoor Ceiling Fan with Lights and Remote Control. Apart from the remote, you can operate this outdoor ceiling fan via Alexa, Siri, or Google Assistant. You can also operate it via Smart Switch Control or Smart Home App Control.

8 Best Outdoor Ceiling Fans with Light Reviews

1. Honeywell 52” Belmar Outdoor Ceiling Fan with LED Light


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The Honeywell 52-Inch Outdoor Fan is damp-rated, and this makes it a wonderful choice for a balcony, veranda, garage, breezeway, gazebo, patio, and porch, among others. It is extremely easy to install and features durable, all-weather blades. These 52-inch blades are made of ABS material and have wooden textures for enhanced visual appeal.

This outdoor fan also comes equipped with an LED light. It features a frosted closed bowl light fixture that has two E26/A15 LED bulbs. The color temperature of these bulbs is 3000K, which is perfect for an outdoor environment. The ceiling fan also comes with a no-light conversion cap in case you do not intend to use the light fixture.

The fan can be mounted in 3 different ways. These include mounting via a down rod, angled-mounting, and flush-mounting. The motor boasts reversible technology, and this means you can use the fan even in winter to help move warm air and cut down on energy costs. The fan is covered by a limited manufacturer’s warranty for 100-percent satisfaction.


  • Dimensions: 52 by 52 by 15.12 Inches
  • Number of Blades: 5
  • Material: Steel
  • Brand: Honeywell Ceiling Fans
  • Color: Dark Bronze

Reasons To Buy

  • Arrives packaged neatly and in good condition
  • Installation is not time-consuming
  • Does not wobble or shake even at the highest speed
  • Blades are well balanced and move the air beautifully

Take Note

  • The upper ventilation holes are open; hence, wasps can easily build nests in them

2. Hunter Biscayne Indoor/Outdoor Ceiling Fan with LED Light


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No matter the space you have the Hunter Biscayne Ceiling Fan installed in, expect it to improve the aesthetics of that particular room. Because of its unique and beautiful appearance, this ceiling fan with light is perfect for both indoors and outdoors. It comes with an LED light, which is encased in a white glass for enhanced looks.

The ceiling fan measures 54 by 54 by 7.83 inches, and the bulb type it works with is A19. Besides, this outdoor fan is equipped with a whisper-quiet motor that is ultra-powerful and moves the air well. The motor also features reversible technology that allows you to change the direction to updraft mode in winter.

The LED light bulbs are obviously energy efficient. They are also dimmable to let you control the ambiance and lighting of your living space. Moreover, these LED bulbs have a much longer lifespan than conventional bulbs. This Hunter Ceiling Fan also features pull chains that make turning it on and off a cakewalk. These pull chains also allow you to adjust the speed quickly.

Additional Information: The Hunter Outdoor/Indoor Ceiling Fan comes with a universal handheld remote that makes it easy to adjust the light brightness and even the speed from any corner of the room. The height of the fan is adjustable using 2” and 3” downrods. These downrods come with the fan and help provide the ideal distance from the ceiling. The fan is damp-rated and suitable for covered porches, bedrooms, living rooms, sunrooms, and patios.


  • Brand: HUNTER
  • Color: Weathered Zinc
  • Material: Metal
  • Style: Casual
  • Special Feature: Variable Speed

Reasons To Buy

  • Very quiet and looks super gorgeous once installed
  • Moves air without a problem
  • The various speed settings are amazing
  • Fairly easy to install
  • Blends into farm style homes seamlessly

Take Note

  • Blades can be a bit tricky to attach properly

3. Prominence Home 52” Auletta Outdoor Ceiling Fan 50345-01


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The 4 sleek fan blades and a crisp matte black body combine to make the Prominence Home 52-Inch Outdoor Fan a wonderful addition to any space. The fan has a contemporary style and will no doubt play a huge role in improving the general look of your outdoor space. It is a trend-setting outdoor fan, which is perfect for porches, patios, and decks, among others.

The fan is damp-rated, and this means it is built to last. Besides, damp rating makes the fan excellent for indoors and other damp locations. A frosted LED light further makes Prominence Home 50345-01 a worthy investment. The light fixture is fully integrated and ensures one unit is all you need to make your outdoor space super exciting.

The light fixture is equipped with two E26/A15 bulbs. These bulbs come with the ceiling fan and output 800 lumens. Well, this is bright enough to provide beautiful illumination throughout your outdoor space. Like other quality outdoor fans, Prominence Home 50345-01 has reversible motor and 3-speed settings. You can quickly change the direction of the fan depending on the season.


  • Brand: Prominence Home
  • Color: Matte Black
  • Material: Steel
  • Number of Blades: 4

Reasons To Buy

  • Sleek and moves air well
  • Arrives well packaged with no part missing
  • Not difficult to install
  • Good value for the money

Take Note

  • Instructions are not very detailed

4. Honeywell 50615-01 Indoor & Outdoor 52” Ceiling Fan


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Honeywell 50615-01 features warm oil rubbed bronze body that combines with the walnut/aged teak fan blades to create an exciting and bold character in your indoor or outdoor space. It has a vintage look, and this makes it perfect for the patio, porch, garage, pergola, deck, breezeway, etc.

It is a trend-setting fan that everyone will really be interested to know where you got it from. That being said, Honeywell 50615-01 is a great conversation starter. It is damp-rated; hence, it is also perfect for indoors. Additionally, this ceiling fan has a clear seeded glass cover that further improves its look.

The glass cover protects three E26/B10 LED bulbs. These bulbs put out 100 lumens per watt, which, in total, is 450 watts. They create a beam angle of 360 degrees, which lights indoor or outdoor spaces wonderfully. The motor of this outdoor ceiling fan with light is powerful and equipped with a reversible feature. For this reason, you can use the fan throughout the year.


  • Brand: Honeywell Ceiling Fans
  • Color: Oil-rubbed Bronze
  • Finish Type: Bronze
  • Material: Steel
  • Number of Blades: 5

Reasons To Buy

  • The fan is easy to install
  • Well built and does not shake when moving air
  • The reversible motor is great
  • The LED light bulbs are beautiful

Take Note

  • The paint scratches easily; therefore, make sure you handle the fan with care

5. Home Decorators Collection Kensgrove 72 in. Indoor/Outdoor Ceiling Fan


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The blades of the Home Decorators Ceiling Fan with Light are weather-resistant and, therefore, will take almost everything Mother Nature throws at it. These blades are made of maple; hence, in addition to moving air, they help enhance the décor of the place the fan is set up in.

The fan is so gorgeous you can also have it installed indoors. It is wet rated, and this means you can install it in damp places without a care in the world. It is equipped with a DC motor, which is energy efficient. As if that’s not enough, this outdoor ceiling fan has an LED light.

In a nutshell, this fan will not dramatically raise utility bills in your home. The DC motor boasts 9 speeds, which is much greater than the average motor that has only 3 speeds. This means with Home Decorators YG493OD-B, you will enjoy a cool breeze, just as you like it. Handheld remote control comes with this outdoor fan to allow you to dim the light or change the speed settings from any corner of the room.

Additional Information: This outdoor fan features a dome-style light kit, which, in turn, has a frosted opal glass. The opal glass includes a 14W LED light, whose color temperature is 3000K. Well, this is basically warm white; meaning it provides wonderful illumination without being too bright. The total number of blades this fan has is 8, and they push out 10,484 CFMs.


  • Brand: Home Decorators
  • Style: Modern/Contemporary
  • Material: Metal, Plastic, Glass
  • Color: Espresso Bronze
  • Wattage: 33.0 Watts
  • Mounting Type: Hugger, Standard, Flush, Angled

Reasons To Buy

  • Moves the air very well
  • Quiet even on the highest speed setting
  • Easy to install and sits nicely on the ceiling
  • The size is good

Take Note

  • A bit of a learning curve might be needed when it comes to using the remote

6. Casa Vieja 52” Delta-Wing Modern Outdoor Ceiling Fan with Light


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Modern outdoor fans with light do not just keep the temperature at desirable levels but also improve the aesthetics of the place they are set up in. Casa Vieja 52-Inch Outdoor Ceiling Fan with Light is one of them. It has handsome, smooth lines that give it a contemporary look. Moreover, the blades of this ceiling fan for outdoors feature a walnut finish to further take the overall look of the fan to a whole new level.

The blades are made of wood and are solid so they can hold up well to anything the unpredictable outdoor environment dishes out. What’s more, there is an efficient motor that boasts an oil-rubbed bronze finish. The motor pairs with the blades to create a powerful outdoor ceiling fan with light.

The fan is UL listed for damp locations; hence, it is suitable for covered patios and other outdoor spaces. Additionally, this ceiling outdoor fan comes with a handheld remote control, which you can use to operate both the fan and the LED light. The light fixture is equipped with a 12W LED. It outputs 1106 lumens and has a decent color temperature of 3000K.


  • Brand: Casa Vieja
  • Special Feature: Remote Control
  • Material: Wood
  • Finish Type: Oil-rubbed bronze
  • Blade Space: 52 Inches

Reasons To Buy

  • The colors are just as pictured
  • Moves lots of air
  • The blades have an amazing thickness to them
  • Fairly easy to install

Take Note

  • Not the quietest

7. hykolity 52 Inch Traditional Style Indoor/Outdoor Ceiling Fan with Light Kit


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The distinctive appearance of the hykolity 52” Outdoor Ceiling Fan with Light is as a result of a blend of rustic and industrial styles. That being said, this ceiling fan is a great purchase if you are looking to also enhance the overall décor of your outdoor living space. The beautiful appearance also makes this fan perfect for indoors.

It is damp-rated and suitable for outdoor places such as patios and porches. Furthermore, this unit comes with a seeded glass light kit. The kit uses one 8W LED. The LED is energy efficient and has a longer lifespan than traditional bulbs. Operating the fan is a no-brainer. There are pull chains that ensure easy on and off. These pull chains also make it easy to quickly adjust the speed.

The motor of this ceiling fan for outdoors is ultra-powerful yet delivers incredibly quiet performance. It is also equipped with reversible technology that allows you to change direction from the downdraft mode in summer to updraft mode in winter. The fan is easy to install since it comes with a mounting bracket.


  • Brand: Hykolity
  • Color: Bronze
  • Material: Wood
  • Number of Blades: 5
  • Special Features: Multiple speed settings and pull chains

Reasons To Buy

  • The brightness of the light is good
  • It is worth the money
  • The packaging is incredible
  • Circulates the air wonderfully

Take Note

  • The glass cover is not the sturdiest

8. Trifecte Outdoor Ceiling Fan with Lights and Remote Control


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What makes the Trifecte Ceiling Fan special is the smart technology it is equipped with. In addition to the remote control, the ceiling fan can be operated by smart home app control or smart switch control. You can also control the fan via your voice using an Alexa device, Siri, or Google Assistant.

The fan is damp-proof and suitable for both indoors and outdoors. You can have it installed in the living room, bathroom, carport, bedroom, balcony, patio, etc. Moreover, this ceiling fan has a simple design that helps bring a unique sophisticated touch to the room it is set up in. The simple design is not at the expense of durability, as the fan features super strong ABS blades that will stand the test of time.

There are 3 blades, and they deliver insanely powerful airflow without being noisy. This means you will enjoy an awesome cooling experience without having to put up with a noisy environment. The fan’s motor has a reversible feature that allows you to change direction from the downdraft mode in summer to updraft mode in winter.

Additional Information: The 10-speed DC motor is 75-percent more efficient in conserving energy than the AC motor. Besides, the light that comes with this low-profile ceiling fan puts out 1800 lumens. It is bright enough to provide good illumination at night. The light is also dimmable and has a nice color temperature that ranges from 2700K – 4000K.


  • Brand: TRIFECTE
  • Color: Black
  • Material: ABS
  • Number of Blades: 3

Reasons To Buy

  • The height is quite low profile
  • The 10-speed settings are amazing
  • LEDs are bright and offer good illumination
  • The motor is silent at all speeds

Take Note

  • Some buttons are connected; meaning you can easily press the wrong one if you are not very careful

Buyer’s Guide for the Best Outdoor Ceiling Fans with Light

Here is what to look for if you want to get a good outdoor fan that also doubles up as a nightlight.

  • Build Quality

The general construction of your outdoor ceiling fan should be solid. This is because the outdoor environment can be pretty harsh. Therefore, if your fan is not built to stand up to the elements, expect to go back to the shop sooner rather than later. Well, a good ceiling fan for outdoors is mostly made of metal and ABS plastic. It is also damp-rated; meaning you can install it in damp locations.

  • Lighting

You should get an outdoor fan that comes equipped with an LED lamp. LEDs have a longer lifespan than traditional bulbs. It is, therefore, safe to say that LEDs are cost-effective. Another reason why you may want to get an outdoor ceiling fan with LED light is that LED bulbs are energy efficient yet they do not sacrifice brightness for this.

  • Installation

Make sure your outdoor fan comes with all the necessary hardware for installation. Also, make sure the installation instructions are detailed and written in clear and precise English for easy understanding. You can know all about these (detailed instructions and included hardware) by checking what other customers are saying about ease of assembly and installation.

  • Motor

If the motor of a fan is not built to deliver peerless performance, then the fan will be an utter disappointment. That is why it is advisable that you pay attention to the motor too when buying an outdoor ceiling fan. A good motor conserves energy and, at the same time, helps the blades move the air really well.

FAQs for Outdoor Ceiling Fans with Light

Q1. What is the difference between an outdoor fan and an indoor fan?

Indoor ceiling fans that are particularly designed for indoor use are normally dry-rated. This is opposed to outdoor fans, which are designed to adapt to wet or damp areas. In other words, outdoor ceiling fans are built with materials, which hold up well to rain and humidity. This means outdoor fans hardly corrode or rust even after years of use.

Q2. Are outdoor ceiling fans a worthy investment?

Yes. One of the obvious benefits you get from having an outdoor fan is maximum cooling. This can make a huge difference during summer. Ideally, modern outdoor ceiling fans are equipped with a reversible motor. This means you change the direction from downdraft mode in summer to updraft mode in winter.

These fans are useful throughout the year. A good number of outdoor fans also come with LED lights that provide beautiful illumination at night. What’s more, the best outdoor fans feature a contemporary/modern look that enhances the aesthetics of the space they are installed in.

Q3. Can outdoor ceiling fans with light keep mosquitoes at bay?

Yes. Mosquitoes are weak fliers, and they really do not like a place where the air is not calm. When a fan starts to move air, it kind of disrupts how mosquitoes fly. As such, mosquitoes would prefer to stay away from the space the fan is cooling. This is really great, given that mosquito infestation almost always coincides with summer, which also is the period cool air is badly needed.

Q4. What is a good CFM for an outdoor ceiling fan with light?

It is important to note that good airflow depends on the size of the space a fan is installed in. That is to say, a small outdoor ceiling fan with light may move the air so well in a small patio, but fail to work efficiently in a large area. With all that said, good CFM is somewhere between 4,000 and 6,000.

Q5. Are outdoor ceiling fans with light durable?

Studies indicate that an outdoor ceiling fan with light can last up to 10 years. Of course, this depends on how you care for it. It also depends on how often you conduct maintenance on your fan. You can prolong the lifespan of your fan by cleaning off dirt and dust on a regular basis. The accumulation of dust, especially in critical areas, like the ventilation holes, can lead to a motor breakdown.

Best Outdoor Ceiling Fans with Light Reviews: Summary

Outdoor ceiling fans with light are worth it. They not only keep you cool during summer but also provide light to make sure your outdoor space is well illuminated. Besides, most outdoor fans with light feature modern designs that enhance the look of the outdoor space they are installed in.

Outdoor fans are suitable for patio, veranda, sunroom, etc. They stay out of the way, given that they are designed to be installed on the ceiling. Talking of installation, most of these fans can be installed in many different ways, including flush, angled, and standard.

Whether you want to keep mosquitoes at bay during summer, looking for good lighting when grilling, or simply in need of cool air, outdoor ceiling fans with light should be a frontier for you.