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5 Best OOFOS Sandals Reviews In 2022

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What would you like to read/see in the best Oofos sandals reviews? Well, here, we believe we have everything you need to know before splashing some money on Oofos. We have reviews of different styles of Oofos, including Oofos clogs and OOfos Recovery Slides.

We also have a complete buying guide that talks about what you need to have in mind when buying OOfos for plantar fasciitis, wide feet, bunions, flat feet, or recovery.

What’s more, we have written about the benefits and FAQs of OOfos to help you understand this recovery footwear brand better.

Let’s get started.

People’s Picks (Based On Reliable Consumer Reports)

Best Overall: OOFOS OOriginal Sandal. You cannot go wrong with the first recovery sandal by OOFOS.

Best Oofos for Plantar Fasciitis: Oofos OOahh Recovery Slide. Plantar fasciitis should not weigh you down, especially when the OOfos OOahh Slide is on the market.

Best Oofos for Bunions: OOFOS OOlala Sandal. This is exactly what you need if you cannot find the right shoe because of bunions.

Best Oofos for Wide Feet: OOFOS Unisex OOCloog. These Oofos sandals men’s and women’s shoes fit wonderfully with room to spare. That is why they are the best for wide feet.

Top 5 Best Oofos Sandals Reviews

1. OOFOS OOriginal Sandal Recovery Footwear


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There is a reason why these Oofos Sandals have an incredible rating. They combine the oofoam recovery technology with a sleek design to meet all your needs. That is to say, people would give everything just to have good-looking and super comfy sandals.

This oofos recovery sandal is available in various colors to choose from. These are Black, Navy, and Forest Green. The black sandal is quite versatile such that it goes with almost all outfits. You can wear it with white shorts, black shorts, or multi-colored clothing.

Reasons To Buy

  • Comfortable enough to stand on all day
  • Suitable for someone with high arches
  • The fit is accurate
  • The sandal offers amazing foot support

Take Note

  • Quite slippery when wet

2. Oofos OOahh Recovery Slide


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If you think that the Oofos OOriginal Sandal is the comfiest footwear on earth, try the Oofos OOahh Recovery Slide. It is an upgrade of the Ooriginal, and this makes it a decent purchase for someone looking for more.

It has an agile foam strap that enables it to provide extra comfort and support. It also features a patented footbed that minimizes energy exertion in the ankles by cradling and supporting your arches. It is no doubt that this is the best oofos for plantar fasciitis, heel spur, or painful feet.

Reasons To Buy

  • Perfect for wearing after a workout
  • Very supportive and easy to walk in
  • The recovery slide is worth every penny
  • Takes the pressure off the knees and hips

Take Note

  • Not the most gorgeous sandals, but they make up for this by being extremely comfortable

3. OOFOS OOlala Sandal


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These are the best oofos for bunions. They are lightweight; hence, you will not have any issues walking in them. They also have a patented footbed design, just like other best Oofos sandals in these reviews. The footbed takes the stress off your tired joints and feet. In so doing, it helps you recover nicely and stay active.

Moreover, these Oofos Recovery Sandals come equipped with Oofoam technology that further improves comfort. Another thing, they are available in lots of colors. These include Black, Black/Blush, Rose Gold, Black/Calypso, White, and Navy. The White color looks unique and is ideal for someone that loves a vibrant look.

Reasons To Buy

  • The fit is as expected
  • The support is good
  • The quality is good
  • Sandals are worth every penny

Take Note

  • Takes a little getting used to the shape and height of the sandal

4. OOFOS Unisex OOCloog


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It is true that oofos clogs are among the most comfortable footwear you have ever walked in. That is why these reviews also have the Oofos Unisex OoClog. It is a versatile piece of footwear that you can wear during a leisure activity, for shopping, or when relaxing at home.

Like other Oofos shoes for men and women, this clog boasts OOfoam technology. OOfoam combines with a patented footbed to offer unparalleled comfort. Unfortunately, these Oofos clogs are not available in lots of colors. It comes in only two at the moment; though, they are stunning colors that you will love. They are black and graphite.

Reasons To Buy

  • Best Oofos for nurses
  • Offers great relief to the back and feet
  • The length is accurate
  • Fits with lots of room to wiggle toes

Take Note

  • Feet tend to get sweaty when the clog is worn for a long time without socks

5. OOFOS OOriginal Sport Sandal


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From the best Oofos sandals men’s to the best Oofos for bunions, it is safe to say that these reviews have it all. The Oofos Ooriginal Sport Sandal is designed for someone looking for reliable sporty footwear that offers great pain relief. The sandal is thoughtfully designed and allows natural motion.

You will be able to walk normally while enjoying the comfort this sandal has to offer. All Oofos sandals in these reviews have the Oofos patented footbed – and the Ooriginal Sport Sandal is no exception. The footbed cradles arches beautifully, thereby, reducing stress on the lower back, knees, ankles, and feet.

Reasons To Buy

  • Easy to walk in on deep sand at the beach
  • Great for someone suffering from Achilles pain
  • Offers great support and absorbs shock nicely
  • Unbelievably lightweight and appears to be of solid quality

Take Note

  • The paint peels off quite easily

How To Find The Best Oofos Sandals In The Market

There are some key factors you should look at before buying an Oofos sandal that meets all your needs. In this guide, we look at the fit, comfort, look, and ease of care.

1. The Fit

OOFOS insists that, before you buy its sandals, ensure you go for one whose arch of the footbed comfortably fits under the arch of your foot. This way, you will get extremely comfortable Oofos slides that really speed up recovery after a workout. Ideally, you should note that Oofos shoes come in whole sizes. And OOFOS recommends that you size down if you are a men’s half size.

2. Comfort

There is a reason why OOFOS sandals are dubbed “the best sandals for recovery”. These pieces of footwear are hands down amazing when it comes to comfort. They offer wonderful arch or foot support and are designed to help you walk naturally without limping.

The only concern about comfort in OOFOS is the fact that they are not as breathable as many would like. Most buyers have complained about these sandals being sweaty, especially when worn for hours. Nonetheless, you can fix this issue by wearing your OOFOS men’s or women’s sandals with socks.

3. Look

We must admit it; OOFOS sandals are not the cutest, and this somewhat limits their functionality. However, they still look good enough to wear to the shopping mall, beach, vacation, and, of course, indoors.

We do not want to say that these sandals sacrifice looks for comfort, but if you prioritize looks above everything else, then you may want to look elsewhere. But also, this should be the least of your concern if you have been in massive pain for years.

4. Ease of Care

Oofos clogs and slides are made of washable materials, and this is the part we love the most after comfort. The fact that you can wash these sandals means you will have an easy time keeping them clean. Moreover, this seems to sort out the aforesaid issue of sweat buildup when you wear Oofos for several hours. You will be able to easily get rid of odors and constantly enjoy wearing clean-looking sandals.

4 Benefits Of Oofos Sandals – Why You Should Feel The “OO”

Most people have found themselves asking whether Oofos sandals are really worth it, especially when the hefty price tag is added to the equation. In this part, we shall tell you why you should own at least a pair of oofos slides for recovery.

1. Comfort

Oofos for men and women are known for one thing – comfort. That is why most podiatrists recommend them for those with plantar fasciitis, Achilles pain, heel spur, and even bunions. One of the features that make Oofos sandals the best when it comes to comfort is the patented footbed. It molds to the foot beautifully, thereby, allowing you to walk naturally.

2. Perfect for Pregnancy

Whether it is summer or winter, pregnancy can take so much from you. The pain is likely to get worse if you do not have the right pregnancy outfits and footwear. Considering the cushioning Oofos shoes offer, it is safe to say that they are among the best shoes for pregnancy. They are very supportive and fit swollen/wide feet nicely.

3. Durability

Oofos Recovery Slides are expensive, but we can say with confidence that they are worth every penny. You see, most sandals that claim to be super comfortable and cheap are also so soft that they fail to offer any tangible support. These sandals are also not as durable as expected.

Things are a little different with oofos footwear. And that is because they have rugged outsoles that not only provide wonderful cushioning on different kinds of surfaces but also can stand the rigors of everyday wear.

Additionally, most Oofos Recovery Sandals have well-made bands that do not give in easily. Plus, their colors normally do not come off quickly or fade even with several rounds of washes.

4. Different Designs

As seen in the above best Oofos sandals reviews, Oofos footwear features different styles and look. There are those with a sporty look like the OOFOS OOriginal Sport Sandal. Oofos sports sandals are ideal for when you are going to the gym or from the gym.

Also, there are Oofos clogs, which are excellent for someone that loves and adores clogs sandals. And if you are rigid to change (which can sometimes be a good thing), then Oofos Ooriginal Recovery Footwear Sandals are for you.

The many different designs mean there is something for everyone and all purposes. You, therefore, get to choose only the pair that meets your needs.

Oofos Recovery Slides FAQs

Q1. Are Oofos Good For Your Feet?

Yes. Oofos slides have two features that make the best sandals for recovery as well as for those with plantar fasciitis and arthritis. These features are a patented footbed and OOfoam technology.

The patented footbed speeds up recovery by cradling and supporting your arches. OOfoam technology, on the other hand, absorbs up to 37-percent more impact than ordinary footwear. By so doing, Oofoam revolutionary technology greatly reduces stress on the back, joints, and feet.

Q2. Why Do Oofos Hurt My Feet?

Oofos may hurt feet because of different reasons. One of these is incorrect sizing. If you settle on smaller Oofos sandals, you may find the band a bit too tight. Another reason may be that your Oofos are still new.

Well, it is worth noting that Oofos do not require breaking in. However, their designs are mostly totally unique; hence, these sandals might take a little getting used to. During this period, you might find them pretty uncomfortable to wear.

Q3. Are Oofos Good For Flat Feet?

Yes. In a post written by thehealthy.com, Dr. Leo Krawetz, the president of Healthy Feet Podiatry, says that Oofos OOahh Recovery Slides are the best for flat feet. This is because the sandal offers adequate arch support to prevent your feet from flattening while walking.

The Oofos OOahh Slide also has a well-thought-out design featuring a super functional upper strap. This strap pushes the foot against the arch of the sandal. By so doing, the strap provides the foot with extra stability, which, in turn, helps you walk naturally and without any pain.

Q4. Can I Wear Socks With Oofos Sandals?

Oofos clogs and slides fit perfectly with room to spare. As such, you can easily wear them with socks to stay warm in cold weather. Although most people only consider them during summer, Oofos sandals can also be worn during winter. And all you need to achieve this is a pair of thick socks. Moreover, feet tend to sweat less when you wear socks with Oofos.

Best Oofos Sandals Reviews: Conclusion

If you are asked to describe the above best OOfos sandals in one word, would you say OOsome? That is because they are proven to absorb more impact than regular shoes; thanks to their OOfoam revolutionary technology.

These Oofos clogs and slides also have patented footbeds that cradle and support the arches. That is why they are highly recommended for someone with high arches, plantar fasciitis, Achilles pain, arthritis, and flat feet.

Oofos sandals are also great for pregnant ladies.

They may be expensive, but they are worth every penny. So, buy with confidence knowing that you are getting what you pay for – in a good way, of course.