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8 Best Nike Slides Women Reviews & Buying Guide

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We will not make you bored with the history of Nike; how the company started from scratch, blah…blah…blah…we bet you already know what is there to be known about the company, right? So, let’s get straight to the point; the best Nike Slides Women.

Well, despite most Nike women’s slide sandals having a higher price tag, the majority still loves them. These are some of the best slides in the market and, although you are likely to pay more, you will not feel like you have been scammed.

Below, we have made a list of the women’s slide sandals we believe are worth your hard-earned money. They are fashionable, durable, and comfortable. Above all, we have spent hours researching their features as well as pros & cons to make sure whatever you are getting is totally worth it.

People’s Picks

Best Overall: Nike Women’s Benassi Just Do It Sandal. This women’s sandal slide is loved by many because all the features it is packed with are functional.

Runner Up: NIKE Women’s Kawa Slide. Nike’s Kawa is one of the comfiest women’s slides sandals.

Best Sandals for Running: Nike Women’s Running Shoes. If you are looking for a versatile women’s slide that you can use for walking, running, and jogging, look no further.

8 Best Nike Women’s Slide Sandals Reviews

1. Nike Women’s Benassi Just Do It Sandal



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Benassi Just Do It Sandal is hands down the best Nike Slide for Women. There are lots of Nike Benassi Slides Women. But we can tell you with confidence that the one in front of you is what you should buy. This is because it is designed with athleticism and style in mind. In other words, this women’s Benassi Sandal Slide epitomizes every good thing about Nike.

It has a Nike logo printed on the top. The logo looks nice and improves authenticity. Additionally, this slide has a lined upper band that offers outstanding comfort as well as giving it an active look. There is also foam infused sole that offers maximum protection without being heavy.

The strap features a jersey lining, and it is made of synthetic leather. It improves comfort as well. Besides, it is 1-piece, and that makes the Benassi Slide very easy to put on and take off. The outsole is solid and made of rubber to offer unrivaled traction regardless of the surface you are walking on. Plus, it is durable, and, therefore, will hold up well to the hardships it is put through.

Additional Information: This Nike Benassi Slide for Women is also equipped with flex grooves that enable it to move with your foot. This further supports our statement that this women’s slide is built for comfort.

Another feature we cannot go without talking about is the rubber footbed. This is no ordinary rubber footbed. It is uniquely designed with round grips. These grips keep the foot secure and effectively get rid of slipping.

Reasons To Buy

  • Extremely comfortable and fits wonderfully
  • Very cute and reasonably priced
  • The bottom is very supportive and firm
  • Arrives in original packaging – Nike box

Take Note

  • There is a cushion under the strap, and this makes the slide unsuitable for use as a shower shoe or pool slide

2. NIKE Women’s Kawa Slide Sandal



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When we say that Nike Benassi Slides are the comfiest, it does not mean that other Nike sliders for women are less comfortable. The Nike Kawa Slide Sandal, for example, is made with a synthetic strap. The strap is soft and conforms nicely to the natural movement of your foot.

Therefore, it is safe to say that this sandal is also built with comfort in mind. Another feature that further improves comfort is the cushioned platform. It combines outsole foam with plush foam underfoot to provide you with long-lasting performance. The outsole foam is durable yet lightweight.

Ideally, like the Nike Benassi Slider for Women, Kawa Slide Sandal has outsole flex grooves. These flex grooves are wavy and allow your feet to move naturally. Again, if you are looking for maximum comfort, the Kawa Nike Slide Sandal for Women is a good candidate.

Reasons To Buy

  • Arrives packed well and is shipped fast
  • Little holes let water drain through quickly
  • Looks exactly like the picture
  • Good value for the money

Take Note

  • Runs small; therefore, go for a half size up

3. Nike Women’s Running Shoes



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The majority likes these Nike Women’s Running Shoes because of their versatility. Unlike the first two Women’s Nike Sliders in these reviews, these running shoes can be used for bathing and swimming. Moreover, they are specially designed for running. So, if, for one reason or another, you do not prefer closed shoes, these Nike Sandals Shoes are for you.

Since these Nike slide shoes for women are designed for running, expect maximum comfort from them. They have an EVA drop-in midsole that offers excellent cushioning as well as protection from impacts. They also have a carved-out outsole that creates a lighter feel. This is great because when you are looking for women’s sandals for running, you want a brand that is as light as possible.

The Nike corporate logo is on the front strap and gives these Nike running shoes for women a classic look. In total, these Nike slides women have 2 straps on the forefoot. These straps provide a secure fit and ensure you are able to run and jog without a problem. Furthermore, the straps are made of synthetic leather for superior durability and comfort.

Reasons To Buy

  • Very comfortable and are of great quality
  • The double-strap design is superb
  • Very easy to slip into
  • They have arch support

Take Note

  • Quite on the wide side

4. Nike Womens Air Max Camden Slide



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We love the deep flex grooves of this Nike women’s slide sandal. These flex grooves allow you to move your feet naturally and stay comfortable throughout the day. We also love the gore strap that offers a snug fit. One thing with most slide sandals for men and women is that sometimes they come off unexpectedly while walking.

Well, this is not the case with Nike’s Air Max Camden Slide for Women. It will not come off too easily. And this means you will be able to walk confidently in it. The Air Max design also makes this slide very comfortable and convenient to wear. It offers cushioned comfort underfoot, which you will appreciate, especially if you plan to wear the slide for long hours.

The stylish look of this Nike slide sandal for women is worth talking about as well. The slide has a sporty look and will get lots of compliments, especially when paired with sporty outfits. Moreover, the slide is available in different colors, which are Black/Metallic Gold, White – Black – Cloud Black, and Track Red/White.

Reasons To Buy

  • Very supportive and comfortable
  • The color options are amazing
  • Looks just like the picture
  • Makes a nice gift idea

Take Note

  • Seems to run large; therefore, try to size down

5. Nike Womens Bq4632-005 Offcourt Slide



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The Nike Offcourt Sandal for Women is in these reviews because it combines comfort and style to make sure you are satisfied with its performance. The strap is very comfortable and allows you to wear this Nike Slide Women for long hours.

Besides, the binding is well done and that plays a role in the durability of this women’s slide sandal by Nike. Ideally, when you combine the slider’s top-notch binding with second-to-none style, you get sandals that you can wear almost anywhere.

The contoured footbed is made of dual-density foam, and it offers long-lasting comfort. There is also well-thought-out foam that works with a jersey lining to provide soft comfort. The Nike Offcourt Slider for Women comes in a wide range of colors to choose from. Some of these are Anthracite/Black-black, Black/Black-summit white, White, and Multicolored.

Reasons To Buy

  • Does not slide while walking
  • Makes a great indoor sandal
  • Perfect for someone that has problems walking barefoot
  • Fits narrow feet beautifully
  • Soft yet provides much-needed support

Take Note

  • Runs small

6. Nike Womens Slider



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Although this Nike Slider for Women is not available in plenty of colors, this should not be a concern. After all, the color it is available in is very feminine and well thought out. Also, the design of this sandal slider by Nike is simple.

It makes wearing the sandal and taking it off a walk in the park. This Nike Slide for Women is also built with comfort in mind. For instance, the upper is made of synthetic and lined with jersey. Plus, it is cushioned with foam padding. This allows you to wear the slider for an extended period.

Another feature that promotes comfort is the Phylon foam located at the outsole and midsole. It offers lightweight cushioning to make sure comfort does not compromise convenience. The outsole has traction and improves your confidence when walking on a slippery surface. It is also built to be durable

Reasons To Buy

  • Unique and looks cute
  • Quality is premium
  • Makes a stunning gift

Take Note

  • A bit tight when new, but after a few days, the slide loosens up

7. Nike Victori Cn9676 Womens Casual Slide


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This Nike Slide Sandal Women has new and softer foam. The foam combines with mechanical cushioning to provide you with amazing, long-lasting comfort. The Nike women’s casual slider also features a contoured footbed that supports and cradles your foot for more comfort.

The grip pattern keeps your foot in place, thereby, making it easier to walk naturally. It is safe to say that this is one of the best casual slides for women. This is because, like other quality Nike slides women, this sandal offers outstanding comfort.

But, comfort is not the only thing that guarantees the Nike Women’s Casual Slider a spot in these reviews. Other features play a crucial role as well. There is a wider strap, which offers extra space; thereby, making sure the slide fits you perfectly. Additionally, the top edge of the strap is rolled to provide more comfort. It also has thick padding that feels amazing.

Reasons To Buy

  • Looks just like the picture
  • The fit is comfortable
  • The design is gorgeous and inspiring

Take Note

  • N/A

8. Nike Cw9707-001 Asuna Slide Womens



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In the modern world, sport and fashion go hand in hand. Well, that’s exactly what the Nike Asuna Slide for Women is also about. The versatile style combines with comfort to make this slide sandal a perfect purchase for women looking for sandals shoes they can use anywhere, anytime.

The slide has a 2-part upper, which, in turn, features a plush foam panel and soft mesh booty. This combination offers a cushioned stride so you can walk in this sandal shoe for long hours without any issues. The quick-lacing system is another vital feature that cannot go unnoticed. With it, you will be able to easily adjust the fit of this women’s slider.

What’s more, there is the dual-density foam that feels comfortable and soft. There is also a core carrier midsole design that keeps your foot in place. Furthermore, unlike a number of sandals for women that seem to lack grip, the Nike Asuna Slide is very safe to walk in. It has a rugged tread pattern that offers great traction for safe walking on a wide range of surfaces.

Reasons To Buy

  • Cozy and looks very cute
  • Provides excellent arch support
  • Gets plenty of compliments
  • The quick-lacing system is a nice feature

Take Note

  • Runs a bit small – maybe you can go half a size up

Buyer’s Guide for the Best Nike Sandal Slides for Women

Here, we have a number of key factors you should take into account when buying a women’s sandal slide by Nike.

1. Comfort

Choosing a comfortable Nike Slide Women is extremely easy. This is because Nike focuses on comfort. This means most, if not all, of its slides and flip flops are very comfortable to wear. To make sure you are getting a super comfortable Nike slide, check whether the padding is adequate and in the right places.

2. Purpose

Some Nike Women’s Slides Sandals are made of waterproof materials, which make them great for bathing as well as suitable for the pool and beach. On the other hand, others are designed to keep your feet warm. These fluffy slides by Nike are perfect for fall and even winter when worn with socks. Also, there is another category, which is designed for outdoor activities.

The Nike slide sandals have a sporty look, and they are perfect for such activities as running, walking for long hours, and jogging. Unlike the other two, outdoor Nike slides women provide great arch support and protection from impacts.

3. Price

We will not lie; most Nike Slide Sandals for women are a bit pricey. However, if you do your research well before purchase, you will get one that is worth every penny. Make sure you check the overall quality i.e. whether the stitching is well done and the finish is great. Also, check the size by looking at the size chart provided by Nike. If you do all these then you should be satisfied with your purchase.

Slides vs. Flip Flops – Which is better?

If you visit a website and find out that they are using the terms “slides” and “flip flops” interchangeably, get out of there immediately. They simply do not know what they are talking about. As seen in an article written by vionicshoes.com, there are plenty of differences between slides and flip-flops.

Let’s look at them briefly.

  • While the straps of flip flops are Y-shaped, those of slides move from one side to another.
  • Flip flop sandals are designed to imitate your feet, whereas, slide sandals tend to be wider to provide you with additional space.
  • Flip flops are kind of discrete with their logos always at the platform where they are nicely hidden by the feet. Slides, on the other hand, are more attention-grabbing. Manufacturers of slides normally include the logo on the straps.

Those are the 3 key differences between a flip flop sandal and a slide sandal.

Now, let’s look at the benefits and drawbacks of both flip flops and slides.

1. Flip Flop Sandals

Benefits of Flip Flops

Some of the reasons why you may want to invest in flip flops are simplicity and grip. Flip flops provide great grip because of the Y-strap. Moreover, most flip flops are waterproof, which makes them perfect for the beach or pool.

Disadvantages of Flip Flops

But flip flops have their dark side too. First, the Y-strap, which goes between the first toe and the second, can cause all kinds of discomfort, especially if you wear flip flops for long hours. Unless it is super comfortable, this strap tends to rub against the skin. To sort this out, only wear your flip flops for a short time or when you know the activity you plan to do next is not too demanding.

Second, most flip flop sandals for women & men do not have reliable arch support. This means they are likely to cause foot injuries when worn for a long time. Also, flip flops may not offer as much protection from impacts as slides do.

2. Slide Sandals

Benefits of Slides

One key benefit of slide sandals for women and men lies in the design. We mentioned earlier that slides tend to be wide. Therefore, if you have wider feet, slides are for you. The extra width provides additional space for the toes, and this, in turn, means more comfort.

Moreover, slides are very fashionable. They are available in a wide range of colors; meaning you can easily get what matches your favorite outfits. They also come in a variety of designs. For example, some have double straps for a more snug fit, while others only have single straps.

Additionally, their fashionable look makes them versatile. That being said, you will find most slides handy for the beach (if they are waterproof), walking the dog, running, jogging, and even hiking.

Disadvantages of Slides

The wide design in slides is both a pro and a con. It is a con in the sense that it tends to make slides bulky. This, in turn, makes packing a pair of slides in your luggage quite a task since slides are likely to take up more space than flip flops.

Another drawback (which is obvious) is that slides can unexpectedly come right off. So, unless yours fit really well, you may think twice when it comes to wearing slides during running or indulging in a beach game.


Every time you are comparing two, three, or more things, you must issue a verdict at the end. So, between slides and flip flops, which one is better? The answer is… drumroll, please…


Yes, slides are not better than flip flops nor are flip flops better than slides. But what you intend to use your sandals for might determine whether you pick a pair of slides over flip flops or the other way around.

For instance, if you are looking for supportive sandals that you can wear virtually anywhere, slides are your go-to. But if you are interested in minimalist sandals that you will mostly wear at the beach or when just chilling in your yard, flip flops should be a frontier for you.

FAQs for Nike Women’s Slide Sandals

Q1. Are Nike Slides better than Steve Madden’s?

No. Nike Slides are not better than Steve Madden Sandal Slides nor are Steve Madden’s Slides better than those by Nike. The thing is; whether you pick Steve Madden’s Sandals or Sandals by Nike, it all goes down to preference.

This is because the price of both brands is almost similar. The quality is also similar. Where the difference can come in is in the design. That being said, your closet can be full of both Steve Madden’s footwear and Nike’s footwear.

Q2. What is the best Nike Slide for Women?

The Nike Benassi Just Do It Sandal for women is no doubt the best Slide Sandal to buy. It is versatile and has all the good features a quality women’s slide should have. All in all, if you want top-notch Nike slides women, look at the size and ask yourself whether it is perfect. Also, pay attention to the look because one of the reasons why you are buying a slide by Nike is that you want to look awesome.

Q3. Does Nike stand with their slides?

Yes. Nike is a popular brand that not only produces premium footwear but also backs most of them with a reliable guarantee. That being said, if you are not entirely satisfied with your purchase (such as the above Nike Slides Women) you can let Nike know so they can help you accordingly.

 Nike Slides Women Reviews: Summary

The above are the best Nike slides women. They are built with comfort and style in mind to ensure 100-percent satisfaction. The only thing you need to note is that before you buy one, make sure it is the right size and exactly what you expect. This way, you will not be disappointed by your purchase.