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7 Best Men’s Lounge Pants Novelty In 2022

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The best men’s lounge pants novelty fit right and are of good length. These bottoms for lounging are also comfortable enough to wear all day.

In these reviews, we do not just provide you with a list of quality brands but also have written about the guide to buying the right loungewear. Furthermore, we have complete FAQs about these lounging bottoms with graphics.

People’s Picks (Based On Reliable Consumer Reports)

Best Overall: Star Wars The Millennium Falcon Men’s Lounge Pants. These pants are not just the best for those who love Millennium Falcon and Star Wars but also can be rocked by anyone looking for quality novelty pants.

Best Men’s Cool Pajama Pants: Hot Topic Men’s Harry Potter Hogwarts Pajama Pants. We like the fact that these novelty pajama bottoms are also suitable for women.

Best Men’s Sports Pajama Pants: BRIEF INSANITY Football Loungewear Pajama Pants. If you love sports and especially football, this novelty loungewear is for you.

Best Lightweight Lounge Pants for Men: Ripple Junction Xbox Adult Unisex Lounge Pants. These bottoms for lounging and relaxing are super comfy and very easy to walk around in.

Top 7 Best Men’s Novelty Lounge Pants Reviews

1. Star Wars The Millennium Falcon Print Men’s Lounge Pants


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If you know someone who loves Star Wars and Millennium Falcon, then you should start planning on buying them these lounge pants for men as a gift. These pants are officially licensed and can be bought as a Christmas or birthday gift. Moreover, this loungewear is suitable for men of all ages.

This means you can get two sets whereby one is for your son and the other is for you. The material these lounge pants are made of are of premium quality. It consists of 60-percent cotton and 40-percent polyester. Polyester is soft and durable, while cotton is warm. Needless to say, you can rock these mens lounge pants novelty during chilly days.

Reasons To Buy

  • The material feels soft to the skin and is extremely comfy
  • The thin, lightweight fabric makes moving around in these pants a cakewalk
  • The falcon and logo look amazing
  • Pants do not shrink after washing

Take Note

  • Shorter men might find pants a little too long

2. Hot Topic Men’s Harry Potter Hogwarts Pajama Pants


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Today’s hot topic is what kind of Harry Potter Gift would you buy your loved one? Will you go for something magical or simply settle on classic loungewear? As far as we are concerned, you should choose Hogwarts Pajama Pants. And that is because they are among the cheapest Harry Potter gifts on the market.

These PJs are also extremely easy to care for. They are machine washable and the care instructions state that you tumble dry. Another reason why we prefer them is that they are officially licensed and have great graphics. Plus, we love the fact that these men’s cool pajama pants are made of quality fabric, which is 100-percent cotton.

Reasons To Buy

  • Also suitable for women
  • The fit is excellent
  • The pants look exactly like the picture
  • You can wear them to bed or when lounging

Take Note

  • Material is on the thin side, though this does not compromise quality

3. Bioworld Mens Dungeons and Dragons Black Sleep Pants


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If you want to show your closest friends and even family members how you roll during your free time, look for Bioworld Dungeons and Dragons Sleep Pants. Like other best men’s lounge pants novelty, Bioworld Dungeons & Dragons Sleep Pants are made of a blend of polyester and cotton, which makes them soft and comfortable to wear.

Moreover, these men’s graphic pajama pants are 100-percent authentic and officially licensed. They feature a soft hand print, which is nicely located on the upper left leg. The print is also bold and easy to read, plus it plays a role in enhancing the overall look of these pants.

Reasons To Buy

  • Makes a great gift for a gamer, especially one that loves D&D
  • They arrive in good shape and on time
  • The pockets are a nice addition
  • The material is thick and of good quality

Take Note

  • Pants are made really long, but you can hem a few inches for a perfect fit

4. BRIEF INSANITY Football Loungewear Pajama Pants


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These are the best men’s football pajama pants. And that is because they have a comfy, lightweight design. They are made to be loose-fitting and deliberately lightweight so you can have an easy time walking around in them. Moreover, these Minnesota Skol pants have a wide leg opening that makes them extremely easy to put on.

Another reason why they are the best men’s sports pajama pants is that they are great-looking, which, in turn, makes them versatile. You can wear these pants when going to bed, watching a football match, or lounging around. Although these lounge pants are described as being suitable for men, women can also rock them.

Reasons To Buy

  • The material is exactly as described
  • Makes a stunning gift for a fan of the Vikings
  • The delivery is fast
  • The pants fit true to size and are of good length

Take Note

  • N/A

5. Marvel Deadpool Thumbs Up Men’s Lounge Pants


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We love how these novelty lounge pants for men fit. They have an elasticized waist that combines with a drawstring to give you an excellent fit. What’s more, these pants are designed with comfort in mind. The material is of premium quality and consists of 60-percent cotton and 40-percent polyester.

Marvel Deadpool Men’s Lounge Pants are also officially licensed, and they make a wonderful purchase for Deadpool and/or Marvel Comics fans. If you like keeping it casual during your free days, then you need the best cartoon pajama pants for adult pajamas. And these soft pants by Marvel fit the bill.

Reasons To Buy

  • Roomy and easy to walk around in
  • Pants hold up well to several rounds of washes
  • They are shipped on time
  • Pants make a great Christmas gift

Take Note

  • The fabric is a bit thin; meaning these pants may not be the best for cold weather

6. Harry Potter Slytherin Crest Adult Lounge Pants


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Like other quality novelty men’s lounge pants with pockets, Harry Potter Slytherin Lounge Pants for Adults boast top-notch material. The material consists of 40-percent polyester and 60-percent cotton. It has a soft feel that allows you to rock these pants throughout the day without having to deal with irritations after that.

Harry Potter Men’s Lounge Pants Novelty also come equipped with a couple of side pockets. These pockets improve convenience by making sure everything you need to make your lazy days successful is within reach. They are perfect for storing remote control or a phone. The drawstring closure ensures a perfect, comfy fit, plus there is a button fly for more convenience.

Reasons To Buy

  • The pants look cute and are comfortable
  • Exactly like the picture
  • They do not fade
  • Graphics hold up well to washes

Take Note

  • Legs are longer than imagined, but you can have them hemmed

7. Ripple Junction Xbox Adult Unisex Light Weight Pocket Lounge Pants


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According to the manufacturer of these unisex novelty lounge pants for adults, you should only wear what you love. Well, we believe that there will be love at first sight when you receive these Ripple Junction Lounge Pants for Women and Men. They are wonderful pajama bottoms with well-thought-out graphics.

These graphics tell a lot about a gaming system most gamers love – Xbox. That being said, your friends will instantly find these lounge pants cool and even start a conversation about them. Additionally, Ripple Junction Xbox Lightweight Lounge Pants are made of a top-notch cotton polyester blend. It is a lightweight material that will keep you comfortable in these lounge bottoms.

Reasons To Buy

  • The pants are true to size
  • The black color can be matched with any outfit
  • Available in countless sizes
  • Lounge pants have functional pockets

Take Note

  • Pants do not have as much stretch as expected, but also this does not compromise comfort

Buyer’s Guide For The Best Men’s Lounge Pants Novelty

These are what you need to check out before buying men’s novelty loungewear.

1. Graphics Quality

The graphics quality of the best novelty lounging bottoms is superb. These graphics hold up well to several washes. They will never peel or start to crack even after months of wear. Unfortunately, it is hard to tell whether the graphics quality of the loungewear you are interested in is good. But you can make sure you get this spot on by going through customer reviews.

2. Material

Most novelty men’s lounge pants are made of a blend of cotton and polyester. However, this does not mean they are of the same quality. So, like in the case of graphics quality, you will have to check customer reviews before purchasing these bottoms for lounging. The goal here is to make sure you are spending money on novelty lounging pants that can withstand frequent washing and everyday wear.

3. Fit

You do not want to end up with lounge pants that fit pretty weird. Therefore, make sure you also check the sizes your bottoms are available in. Luckily, this will not be a tedious task since most lounge bottoms above are recommended for men of all ages. They come in X-Small, Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, 2X-Large, and 3X-Large.

What’s more, you need to check the length of the pants you want to buy. Most novelty pants for lounging and sleeping tend to be a little longer than expected. While this may not be an issue if you are a tall guy, you may want to have the pants hemmed if you are on the short side.

4. Comfort

One of the reasons why you are buying a pair of men’s lounge pants novelty is that you want to stay comfortable throughout the day. As such, go for bottoms that are soft and do not irritate sensitive skin. Also, make sure your bottoms are roomy and do not restrict the range of motion.

Novelty Men’s Lounge Pants FAQs

Q1. Are lounge pants and pajamas similar?

No. There is a slight difference between the two. While pajamas should only be put on when it is bedtime, lounge pants make excellent casual wear that you can rock when chilling around the house. Moreover, lounge pants are normally trendy, especially if they are a novelty. This, however, does not mean pajama bottoms are less trendy.

Q2. How should novelty lounge pants fit?

Some people love tight-fitting novelty pants, whereas others love baggy ones. But, in our opinion, you should go for pants that fit with room to spare. That is because it is extremely easy to walk around in these pants. Tight-fitting pants may somewhat restrict your range of motion, while overly baggy pants may cause inconveniences here and there.

Q3. What are novelty lounge pants?

These are pants that are unique and sometimes funny. These pants are popular because they make a great gift idea for loved ones. They feature many different graphics such as sports, gaming, and popular TV shows. Needless to say, you can buy them as Christmas gifts or birthday presents for gaming and sports enthusiasts.

Q4. Are novelty pants for lounging always fashionable?

This depends on the graphics pants have. Some graphics are only trendy during a particular period after which they cease to be fashionable. Others, on the other hand, remain relevant for several years. It is important that you invest in lounge pants with evergreen graphics. Such pants always remain in fashion for years to come.

Best Men’s Lounge Pants Novelty: Conclusion

If you are a fan of Harry Potter, Star Wars, Sports, or gaming, we have nice men’s lounge pants novelty for you. These pants do not just have stunning graphics but also they are made of quality material that mostly includes cotton and polyester.

This makes them comfortable to wear and lounge or sleep in. Better yet, these men’s novelty bottoms are within an affordable range. So, go ahead and get one for yourself or as a Christmas/birthday gift for a loved one.