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10 Best Maxi Maternity Dress for Photography

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The best maxi maternity dress looks stunning in pictures. For this reason, it is exactly what you should go for if you are looking for a fabulous maternity photography dress. The best maxi maternity dresses are also suitable for photoshoot, baby shower, anniversary, bridesmaid, party, family gathering, and wedding, among others. Their versatility makes them cost-effective and a worthy investment.

Nonetheless, pregnancy long dresses are not built to the same standard. Therefore, you should consider carrying out a bit of research before spending your money on one. In these consumer reports, we have done all the dirty work for you; meaning, all that is left is to compare and then pick the dress you believe will work wonders for you.

People’s Picks

Best Overall: Saslax Maternity Fitted Long Sleeve Maxi Photography Dress. Made of 95% rayon and 5% spandex, the Saslax Maternity Photography Maxi Dress is soft, comfy, and stretchy.

Runner Up: Dance Fairy Maternity Stretchy Sleeveless Maxi Dress. This sleeveless maxi maternity dress is suitable for all kinds of occasions, including brunch, party, baby shower, and photoshoot.

For Both Maternity & Non-Maternity: JustVH Cross-Front V Neck Slim Fit Maxi Photography Dress. If you are looking for a decent maternity dress to wear both during and after pregnancy, look no further than the JustVH Cross-Front V Neck Slim Fit Dress.

For All Stages of Pregnancy: Xpenyo V Wrap Baby Shower Casual Maternity Maxi Dress. This dress is designed in such a way that it leaves plenty of room for your growing baby bump. It will keep you comfortable in all stages of pregnancy.

100% Not See-Through: Mother Bee Maternity Short Sleeve Dress with Belt. If you are tired of having to buy shaping or smoothing undergarment to wear with your maternity maxi dress, the Mother Bee Maternity Short Sleeve Dress is for you. This pregnancy cloth even comes with a belt for a more flattering look.

Longest Maxi Maternity Dress: OJQ Off Shoulder Maternity Chiffon Gown Maxi Photography Dress. Do you want to look super gorgeous in your maternity photos – more of a celebrity? The OJQ Super Long Off Shoulder Pregnancy Dress is for you.

10 Best Maxi Maternity Dress Reviews

1. Saslax Maternity Fitted Long Sleeve Maxi Photography Dress


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Saslax Maternity Maxi Dress is suitable both for pregnant and non-pregnant women. It is made of 95-percent rayon and 5-percent spandex. That being said, the Saslax Maxi Pregnancy Dress is comfy and soft, plus it stretches nicely to fit perfectly. The material helps make the dress easy to care for. Simply hand-wash the dress with cold water or machine-wash it in laundry bag. After that, iron the folds. Do not bleach the dress.

The dress features a floor length that gives it an elegant and romantic look. Moreover, the fitted design will shape your body and make you look more gorgeous than ever before. The dress is wonderfully designed and, therefore, suitable for baby shower and photoshoot. This maternity clothing also works great as an event gown, bridesmaid dress, and slim fit gown. You should note that the dress has a little sheer.

Reasons To Buy

  • The price is very reasonable
  • The quality is good
  • Wrinkles are easy to remove
  • The dress is breathable and perfect for hot weather
  • The fit is true to size

Take Note

  • Some colors are slightly different from the photo

2. Dance Fairy Maternity Long Dress Stretchy Sleeveless Maxi Dress


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If you want to look elegant and stylish during pregnancy, the Dance Fairy Long Maternity Dress is for you. It is a formal pregnancy dress that features ruffle sleeves. Moreover, the dress is tailored to slim as well as to accentuate your waist. The fabric it is made of is stretchy and offers a comfortable fit.

With all that said, the Dance Fairy Dress for Pregnant Women is suitable for all kinds of occasions, including party, club, picnic, work, beach, casual, cocktail, and brunch, among others. The dress is made of 95-percent polyester and 5-percent spandex. It may be a little see-through; therefore, make sure you wear good garments underneath. You can iron low or dry low if need be, but do not bleach.

Reasons To Buy

  • The material is breathable and soft
  • Available in lots of beautiful colors
  • Has a good stretch to it
  • Drapes nicely in pictures
  • The price is great

Take Note

  • The material tends to show sweat stains

3. JustVH Cross-Front V Neck Slim Fit Maxi Photography Dress for Photoshoot


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The material this photography maxi maternity dress is made of is a blend of cotton (65-percent) and polyester (35-percent). It is an extremely soft and stretchy material that makes the dress super comfortable to wear. Needless to say, you will not mind wearing this dress all day. The dress is perfect for photoshoot, engagement, photography studio, birthday, party, events, anniversary, bridesmaid, wedding, baby shower, and other special occasions.

The dress features long sleeves and a high waistline design. It also features a sexy and elegant sweetheart neckline design that shows off the gorgeous lines of your shoulders and collarbones. Another stunning feature is the floor length that looks beautiful and romantic. As if that’s not enough, this dress is fitted and has a long train that effortlessly outlines your wonderful shape and cute baby bump.

More about the Product: The size fits for bust includes Small (33 – 35 inches); Medium (35 – 37 inches); Large (38 – 40 inches), and X-large (40 – 42 inches). The dress can both be machine-washed and hand-washed, plus you can iron it to get rid of folds.

Bleaching is not recommended. As seen in most maxi maternity dresses, the JustVH Cross-Front V Neck Slim Fit Dress is a bit see-through. Therefore, be sure to wear it with a nice undergarment if you find the sheer bothersome. What’s more, this dress is perfect both for maternity and non-maternity.

Reasons To Buy

  • Seems to be true to size
  • The material is thicker than that of comparable dresses
  • Color options are incredibly beautiful
  • Not too tight yet tight enough to create a fitting look
  • Receives tons of compliments

Take Note

  • The train is longer than expected; making the dress not so great for baby shower

4. Ecavus Women’s Off Shoulder Cross-Front V Neck Long Sleeve Slim Dress


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Ecavus Women’s Off Shoulder Slim Dress features a fitted design that combines with a long train to effortlessly outline your stunning shape and pretty baby bump. The dress is ideal for photography studio, photoshoot, baby shower, wedding, anniversary, birthday, and engagement, among others. Moreover, this dress for pregnant ladies boasts a floor length that gives it an elegant and romantic look.

It is made from stretchy and comfy fabric that consists of 95-percent rayon and 5-percent spandex. The stretchy fabric fits all kinds of shapes perfectly. Plus, it helps make the dress suitable both for maternity and non-maternity. The dress features long sleeves and has a high waistline. It also features a sexy, elegant scoopneck/sweetheart neckline design that will show off your cute lines of collarbones and shoulders.

Reasons To Buy

  • The material is extremely comfortable
  • The color is beautiful
  • Fits different body shapes wonderfully
  • Looks stunning in the pictures

Take Note

  • You might find the shoulder elastic a little too tight if you have broader shoulders

5. MYZEROING Floral Lace Dress Fancy Pregnancy Gown for Baby Shower Photo Shoot


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MYZEROING Floral Maxi Maternity Dress for Wedding, Baby Shower, and Photoshoot is made of a wide range of materials. These include spandex, polyester, and lace. These materials combine to create a wonderful long pregnancy dress that features stretchy lace, an off-shoulder ruffle, and a sweetheart top. This dress also features short sleeves, and it is full length.

Moreover, it has a train that helps make it elegant. Plus, the dress is fully lined to prevent sheer. Caring for the dress is a cakewalk as all you need to do is machine wash cold or hand-wash cold. After that, line dry or hang dry. Ideally, the dress should be washed with like colors on gentle cycle, and it is should not be bleached.

Reasons To Buy

  • Suitable for maternity photos
  • Receives a lot of compliments
  • The fit is good
  • Comfortable and looks elegant
  • Has a built-in slip

Take Note

  • Color is not really as pictured

6. Xpenyo Women’s V Wrap Baby Shower Casual Maternity Maxi Dress


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Quality maxi maternity dresses are made of 95-percent rayon and 5-percent spandex. These two different materials combine to create a fabric, which is stretchy and very soft. Having said that, expect this casual pregnancy dress to be skin-friendly and perfect for hot summer weather.

The dress is stylish and features a wrap V-neckline. It also features elastic cinching under the bust. What’s more, this long dress for pregnant women has simple, random floral prints that improve its look. It drapes nicely and has a smooth look with zero sheer. The dress is made in such a way that it has plenty of room for the growing baby bump. It goes without saying that it is suitable for all stages of pregnancy.

More about the Product: Xpenyo V Wrap Maternity Maxi Dress is comfortable, soft, and stylish. It is wonderfully made and, therefore, suitable for all occasions. It is ideal for daily wear or special occasions such as baby shower, vacation, appointments, weddings, party, maternity photoshoot, and family gatherings, among others.

Reasons To Buy

  • The quality is top-notch
  • Also perfect for post-pregnancy
  • The flowers on the dress are very pretty
  • Flowy and receives lots of compliments
  • The length is good

Take Note

  • Flower prints are not lined up at the seams

7. ZIUMUDY Maternity Fitted Gown V Neck Off Shoulder Long Sleeve Maxi Dress


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Expect the ZIUMUDY Long Sleeve Maxi Maternity Dress to stand the test of time. This is because it is made of 65-percent cotton and 35-percent polyester. The dress is comfortable to wear and very soft. It is also extremely stretchy and perfectly fits all kinds of shapes. What’s more, this pregnant maxi dress is available in lots of colors to choose from.

Light colors are a little sheer; hence, you should consider wearing them with a slip or nice undergarment. The high waistline, cross-front, classic solid color, floor length, and long sleeves make this dress super elegant. The dress also features a sexy sweetheart neck design that will show off your pretty lines of collarbones and shoulders. Additionally, this dress is slim fit and has a long train that easily outlines beautiful shape and adorable baby bump.

More about the Product: The ZIUMUDY Maxi Maternity Dress can be worn both for maternity and non-maternity. It is suitable for a maternity photo shoot, party, baby shower, birthday, photography studio, anniversary, and engagement. The dress is easy to care for since all you need to do is hand wash it in cold or machine-wash it in laundry bag.

You can also dry it clean, but do not bleach. Plus, you can iron or steam so it looks even better in photography. Some of the colors this dress is available in are Burgundy, Bright Yellow, Blue, Black, White, Pink, Hunter Green, and Beige. The dress is also available in a wide range of sizes, including Small, Medium, Large, and X-large.

Reasons To Buy

  • The material is very light yet good quality
  • The price is within an affordable range
  • Shipping is very fast
  • It helps make pictures turn out great

Take Note

  • Some colors are not exactly like the picture

8. Mother Bee Maternity Short Sleeve Dress with Belt for Baby Shower or Casual Wear


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Mother Bee Maternity Short Sleeve Dress for Pregnant women is proudly made in the USA. It is made with a blend of materials that includes 95-percent rayon and 5-percent spandex. The material is of high quality and allows for a stretchy, soft feel. Besides, this maxi maternity dress by Mother Bee has a V neck wrap design as well as featuring short sleeves and an adjustable belt.

It is designed with comfort and style in mind; hence, it is suitable for all stages of pregnancy. The stylish look makes it one of the most versatile maxi maternity dresses on the market. That being said, you will find this short-sleeve pregnancy dress handy for any occasion, including formal events, family gatherings, weddings, baby showers, and work wear, among others.

More about the Product: The Mother Bee Maternity Dress for Pregnancy is easy to care for. Simply machine-wash it on cold gentle cycle with like colors. And, in case, you want to bleach it, go for non-chlorine bleach. You can also tumble dry low or cool iron low if need be.

The dress is available in various sizes. These are Small [length: 55 inches, bust: 29 inches, and waist: 25 inches]; X-large [length: 55 inches, bust: 32 inches, and waist; 27 inches]; Large [length: 55 inches, bust; 31 inches, and waist; 27 inches], and Medium [length; 55 inches; bust; 30 inches, and waist; 26 inches].

Reasons To Buy

  • The fit is as expected
  • Perfect for maternity pictures
  • The material is soft and stretchy
  • The dress is not see-through
  • Beautiful and receives plenty of compliments

Take Note

  • Arrives very wrinkled, but also it irons out nicely

9. OJQ Off Shoulder Maternity Chiffon Gown Maxi Photography Dress


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The top part of the OJQ Off Shoulder Maternity Maxi Dress is made of cotton and is soft. The bottom part, on the other hand, is extremely long and made of flowy chiffon fabric. Unlike most maternity maxi dresses, the OJQ Off Shoulder Pregnancy Chiffon Gown is available in one size only. However, there is nothing to be concerned about since the dress is fitting and super stretchy.

The dress features an off-the-shoulder design, a bodycon mermaid style, a half-circle hem, and a cross-front/sweetheart neckline. It also has an open front bottom, which, in turn, features a split in the middle of the back. Furthermore, this dress boasts an extremely long and flowy sheer train that makes it very flattering and charming.

More about the Product: The OJQ Maternity Chiffon Photography Maxi Dress should be a frontier for you if you want your maternity pictures to turn out amazing. It is also perfect for baby shower, engagement, photoshoot, beach, Christmas, anniversary, wedding, bridesmaid, and more. In case the dress gets dirty, simply wash it cold on gentle cycle and do not bleach. After that, dry low or iron the folds so your pictures can come out wonderful.

Reasons To Buy

  • Looks amazing in the pictures
  • The fit is perfect
  • Available in lots of gorgeous colors to choose from
  • The price is right
  • Has a good stretch to it

Take Note

  • You will want to wear shaping or smoothing undergarments, especially if you settle on light colors such as pink powder, white, pink, etc

10. RICWINANN Maternity Off Shoulder Ruffle Sleeve Lace Maxi Photography Dress


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The materials this maxi dress for maternity is made of include 90-percent lace, 5-percent spandex, and 5-percent polyester. They combine to make the dress breathable, lightweight, and comfy. They also make the dress super stretchy so it can fit all kinds of pregnant body shapes. Since the material is breathable, expect to have no problem at all wearing the dress during summer.

What’s more, this dress is suitable both for maternity and non-maternity. It features trendy and pretty ruffle sleeves, an overlay, a high elastic waist, stretchy floral lace, and full length. Moreover, the dress’s off-the-shoulder design will show off your pretty lines of collarbone and shoulders. It is an elegant lace gown that will make your maternity photos splendid.

More about the Product: Apart from photography, the RICWINANN Maternity Maxi Dress is perfect for baby shower, wedding, pregnancy, photoshoot, party, and birthday. It pairs well with a flower crown and exquisite belt for romantic photography. You should note that the dress is a little see-through. Therefore, consider wearing it with a slip or strapless bra.

The front length is 56 inches and the back length is 71 inches from the highest point on the shoulders to the hem. Additionally, this maxi maternity dress for wedding and other special occasions is available in sizes Small to X-large.

Reasons To Buy

  • Not clingy and does not get hot
  • Well made and is very feminine
  • It is worth every penny
  • Flows nicely and looks great in pictures

Take Note

  • The pink is more of a peachy-pink

Buyer’s Guide for the Best Long Maternity Dress

Since choosing a good maternity maxi dress is not a straightforward task, we have gone the extra mile to talk about the factors to have in mind when buying one.

  • Material

The materials maxi maternity dresses are made of are cotton, polyester, spandex, and lace, among others. These materials are good quality and no doubt play a huge role in making your dress very durable. Well, your long maternity dress should not just be durable but also should be soft, comfortable, and skin-friendly. Plus, it should have a nice stretch to it so it can fit you perfectly.

  • Size

Most maternity maxi dresses fit beautifully from the waist down to the feet. Where the problem comes in is in the breast area, waist and shoulders. With that said, you should consider going for size large or X-large if you have broader shoulders and/or big girls. This is because size large/X-large will not be too tight on the shoulders or breast area. Ideally, if you have a small chest then you can settle on size small or medium.

  • Length

Maxi maternity dresses come in different lengths. For example, the length of some maxi dresses for maternity is 55 inches, while some boast a wowing length of 71 inches. Maxi pregnancy dresses that touch the ground are very flowy and look really gorgeous in pictures. However, they may not be the best for baby shower or any other activity, which requires that you move around. Those that brush the feet are more versatile, but they may not look so great in pictures, especially when you compare them with their super long counterparts.

FAQs for Maxi Pregnancy Dresses

Q1. Does a white maxi maternity dress look great in pictures?

Yes. Actually, one reason why most people prefer white maxi maternity dresses is that they are not too distracting. They also look really amazing in pictures. With that being said, if you want to take a good maternity picture that will look even better 20 years from now, consider choosing a white pregnancy dress.

Q2. What is the perfect length for a maxi maternity dress?

There is no preferred length when it comes to a maternity maxi dress. This is because some women are shorter and others taller. Therefore, what you consider “maxi” may not be long enough for another person. Fortunately, maternity long dresses come in different lengths to make sure there is something for everyone. Some are really long and, therefore, perfect for taller women. Others, on the other hand, are moderately long; hence, ideal for shorter women.

Q3. Can a maxi maternity dress trip you?

Yes. That is why you need to be extra careful when wearing one. If you are walking on tricky terrain, consider asking for help, which, basically, is a little support. Also, try to avoid wearing a maternity maxi dress during a baby shower or any other activity that demands that you move around a lot.

Q4. Do long pregnancy dresses grow with you?

Yes. Most of these maternity clothes are thoughtfully made in the sense that they will grow with your growing baby bump. That means there is totally no need to size up when buying a maxi dress for maternity. Most of these dresses are made with spandex to give them a good stretch and allow them to fit perfectly and comfortably.

Best Maxi Maternity Dress for Photography: Conclusion

A maxi maternity dress is more versatile than other maternity dresses. It is suitable for photography, photoshoot, wedding, baby shower, party, work wear, brunch, and even daily wear. This long pregnancy dress normally boasts a floor length to make you look elegant and more beautiful. The floor length also makes it suitable for romantic photography as well as for the beach.