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6 Best Heated Eye Mask for Blepharitis & Dry Eyes

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Studies show that over 25 million Americans suffer from blepharitis. This number is too high to ignore. Furthermore, in severe cases, blepharitis can make your eyelashes and eyelids start to swell and irritate, which can then hurt the cornea. Because of this, it is advisable that you manage blepharitis by investing in the best heated eye mask for blepharitis.

Top 6 Best Heated Eye Mask for Blepharitis Reviews

1. Aroma Season Heated Eye Mask for Blepharitis

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Don’t get us wrong; microwave eye compressors are great. However, these bad boys only stay hot for just a few minutes. If this annoys you, to some extent, then you need to invest in the best heated eye mask for chalazion and blepharitis.

We are talking about the Aroma Season Heated Eye Mask. Equipped with 3-class heat temperature and timing settings, this eye mask promises to provide you with consistent heat for as long as it takes.

The 3-class heat temperature settings range from 104 degrees Fahrenheit to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. Timing settings, on the other hand, can be adjusted, so the eye mask can provide heat for 20, 40, or 60 minutes. You should note that the mask stops working automatically when the pre-set time is up.

The graphene heating element is one awesome feature we must also talk about when reviewing this eye mask. It produces heat at an incredible rate so the eyes can enjoy proper blood circulation. The heat produced also directly unclogs glands and warms eyelids. Moreover, it deeply relieves eye stress, dry eyes, dark circles, eye fatigue, eye puffiness, and Blepharitis.

So, if you want to enjoy improved sleep, this eye mask is for you. Despite the high-performance heating element, the mask is breathable and comfortable to wear. It is made of cotton and then filled with flaxseeds, which make it feel great when it comes into contact with the eyes’ skin.

The manufacturer prefers the flaxseed because, in addition to being a non-toxic filler, it can play a role in improving the hot compress effect of this electric heated eye mask. Also, it helps make this product the best moist eye mask for blepharitis.

The Aroma Season Heated Eye Mask is extremely easy to power. You can use a power bank, PC USB port, or phone charger. Furthermore, this mask comes packed in a beautiful box, which makes it a nice gift for someone with eye complications. The box also makes it portable so you can use it anywhere.

Reasons to Buy

  • Great gift for someone suffering from dry eyes
  • The price is affordable
  • Heats up nicely and works well
  • Extremely easy to use

Take Note

  • The cord is not the most durable, but for the price, the eye mask is a great purchase


2. DROP OF DIVINITI Heated Eye Mask for Dry Eyes

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One of the characteristics of the best heated eye mask for dry eyes is the ease of use. The DROP OF DIVINITI Electric Eye Mask for Blepharitis is very easy to use. Start by firmly connecting the mask and the controller then select the timer and temperature.

For better results, you can flip the mask over and then spray some water onto that side. The eye mask is versatile. Needless to say, it is ideal for someone tired of styes, dry eyes, sinus headaches, puffy eyes, and other eye conditions that cause excruciating pain.

It is equipped with a couple of buttons that make using it a cakewalk. With these buttons, you can turn on the mask, set the temperature, and adjust the timer.

The eye mask features a long cord that makes it convenient to use. The 6ft. USB power cord allows you to use the mask anywhere. So, whether you are sitting at your desk, relaxing on the couch, or lying in bed, expect this heated spa eye mask to reach your face and keep your eyes comfortable.

The top-notch, extravagant silk makes the eye mask very comfortable to wear by offering unparalleled relaxation and softness. It also improves the general quality of this eye mask.

Last, but not least, there is an adjustable strap. This feature enables the heated sleeping eye mask to perfectly fit heads of different sizes. That being said, the mask is suitable for men, women, girls, and boys of all ages.

Reasons to Buy

  • The adjustable feature is a nice addition
  • A good alternative to microwavable eye masks
  • The heat is uniformly distributed
  • The silk is gentle and soft on the delicate eye area

Take Note

  • The cord only plugs into the left side of the mask


3. DR. PREPARE Heated Eye Mask for MGD and Blepharitis

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The best blepharitis eye mask is normally not just good for blepharitis but also can be used to offer relief to other eye-related issues. With that said, the DR. PREPARE Heated Eye Mask is perfect for dry eyes, MGD, tired eyes, sinus pain, and, of course, blepharitis.

The mask measures 8.66 by 3.54 inches; meaning it is larger than most microwavable eye masks. The large size improves its performance by enabling it to transfer more soothing heat to both eyes.

Talking of heat, this mask boasts four heat levels ranging from 95 degrees Fahrenheit to 122 degrees Fahrenheit. Plus, it has four timer settings that range from 10 minutes to 30 minutes. These two settings work together to make it easy to come up with your own eye spa for a good night’s rest.

The elasticized band combines with a small plastic buckle to enable this hot eye compress to fit comfortably and securely. These two make the mask ideal for different face shapes and sizes.

Also, there is an enlarged nose gap that keeps unwanted light at bay. This means you can also use this USB eye mask for a daytime nap.

The Dr. Prepare Heated Eye Mask for Blepharitis works with most 5V/1 – 2A USB outlets. As such, you can power it through car chargers, battery packs, and laptops.

Another thing we find interesting in this eye mask for dry eyes is that it is extremely easy to maintain. It is made of cotton, which allows you to wash it regularly for improved personal hygiene. The heated blepharitis eye mask comes with a 5ft. USB cable, two earplugs, a spray bottle, and a storage bag.

Reasons to Buy

  • Can be used on a plane or in a hotel room
  • Great value for the money
  • Heats up beautifully and stays hot
  • Can be folded into a small size, which is easy to put away

Take Note

  • Cannot be recharged – must be used while plugged in


4. ARRIS Electric USB Heated Eye Mask for Blepharitis

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The best eyesoothe blepharitis eye mask should be convenient and easy to use. The ARRIS USB Heated Eye Mask for dry eyes is not just easy to use but also has a broader coverage design. That is why it is highly regarded in the market.

The wider coverage design puts the eye mask ahead of competition by making sure it does more than just cover your eyes. This mask will also keep your head warm so you can enjoy much-needed relief. Moreover, the well-thought-out design makes it versatile in that you can use it when going to bed, during long-distance traveling, or during a short break.

To use the mask, simply plug it into a USB adapter, power bank, or PC. It is a high-performance mask that not only relieves eye stress but also can get rid of dry eyes, headache, insomnia, and puffy eyes. That being said, this heated eye mask for chalazion and blepharitis makes a wonderful birthday gift for someone with those issues.

The performance of the ARRIS Eye Mask is inspired by the disposable hot steam eye mask. Therefore, you should expect outstanding performance from it. It is equipped with a graphene carbon fiber heater, which is capable of producing between 6 and 14 micrometers of far infrared.

In other words, the graphene carbon fiber heater plays a role in ensuring that this mask works effectively in doing what it is designed to do. The heater also enables the mask to improve the circulation of blood around your eyes. For best results, it is recommended that you use the eye mask for half an hour every day.

The 5-level temperature control setting is another feature worth mentioning. The temperature ranges from 40 deg. Celsius to 60 deg. Celsius (104 deg. Fahrenheit to 140 deg. Fahrenheit). Plus, the mask boasts six levels of timing that range from 10 – 60 minutes. All these allow you to customize the performance of the mask.

The built-in thermal protection function will give you peace of mind knowing that the eye mask is completely safe to use. In case the mask overheats, it stops until the heat level goes to the standard temperature. What’s more, this eye mask will automatically stop working the moment you fall into a deep sleep.

Reasons to Buy

  • The heating pad is well made
  • The controls work as imagined
  • Perfect for someone who suffers from migraines frequently
  • Provides great cushion and is comfortable to wear

Take Note

  • The power cord is not the longest


5. Emacombo Heated Eye Mask for Styes & Blepharitis

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The graphene-heating technology of this electric heated eye mask is on another level. It enables the mask to nicely warm the eyes. And in so doing, it makes it versatile such that it improves blood circulation, eliminates dry eyes, and gets rid of puffy eyes.

Besides, this eye mask for blepharitis features a separate lining waterproof graphene heating film. You can take out this heating film to have a simple eye mask that suits your needs. You must, however, note that the comfort levels will be reduced a bit since the mask will be lacking silk.

Talking of silk, this eye mask is made of 100% mulberry silk. This is used on both sides of the mask, and it is of premium quality. It gives the mask a wonderful touch and allows it to intimately cover your eyes.

It also makes the eye mask skin-friendly, washable, reusable, absorbent, breathable, and eco-friendly. Additionally, the silk this mask is made of will not ruin your make-up. The mask fits well and will not cause stress to the eyes. The fit also makes it a perfect mask to use with ice gels, eye cream, spray, and a wormwood bag.

The Emacombo Eye Mask for blepharitis is equipped with 4 heat levels that range from 105 degrees Fahrenheit to 131 degrees Fahrenheit (40 degrees Celsius to 55 degrees Celsius). It also has a timer setting ranging from 15 to 60 minutes.

The safety feature of this eye mask should be mentioned too. That being said, the mask shuts off automatically when you fall into a deep sleep. In addition, this eye mask is equipped with a red indicator light that shows the current temperature and time mode.

The well-thought-out enlarged design combines with a 6.6-foot cable to make the Emacombo Blepharitis Eye Mask super convenient to use. Apart from using the mask when sleeping, you can wear it in the office or plane to get rid of a headache, migraine, or eye complications.

Like other top-notch heated eye masks for blepharitis, the Emacombo Electric Eye Mask can be powered in many different ways. These include a USB adapter, USB power strip, power bank, and PC, among others.

The headband of this eye mask is elastic and adjustable so it can perfectly fit your head regardless of its size. To elaborate more, you can adjust the headband from 9 – 27 inches. If you are struggling with dry eyes, eye bag, styes, tired eyes, blepharitis, or eye puffiness, this mask is for you.

Reasons to Buy

  • The mask is shipped fast
  • Comes well packaged in a sturdy box
  • Adequately padded for maximum comfort
  • The silk cover is washable

Take Note

  • No on/off button. But you can long press the temperature button to control the power


6. Nauller Heated Eye Mask for Blepharitis

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The temperature level of the Nauller Blepharitis Heated Eye Mask can be adjusted from 95 degrees Fahrenheit to 122 degrees Fahrenheit. The timing is also adjustable from 10 to 30 minutes. Both the timer and temp can be adjusted using a controller.

According to the manufacturer, you should set the temperature between 45 and 50 degrees Celsius and the timer should be 20 minutes for the best results. The mask stimulates blood circulation and relaxes the regional muscle.

By so doing, it helps get rid of inflammation, relieves fatigue, massages muscles, and warms the area around the eyes. The design of the Nauller Electric Heated Eye Mask is suitable for men and women.

Unlike disposable hot steam eye masks, the Nauller Heated Eye Mask for dry eyes is reusable and environmentally friendly. Furthermore, this mask comes with a cover made of 100% cotton. The cover is washable, removable, and, of course, comfortable to wear.

The ergonomic design is another stunning feature we have to point out. It enables the mask to conform perfectly to your face as well as ensuring it fits your eyes beautifully. The adjustable, pain-free headstrap is another feature that improves the ergonomic performance of the mask. Because of it, the mask can fit heads of all sizes.

Reasons to Buy

  • The plush side is soft and feels nice
  • The timer is reliable
  • The price is good
  • The overall quality of the mask is outstanding

Take Note

  • The mask has to be wetted down to get it to the right temperature

Guide to Buying the Best Heated Eye Mask for Blepharitis & Dry Eyes

These are the factors to consider when buying a heated eye mask for blepharitis.

1. Safety

Safety comes first when buying an electric eye mask for dry eyes, styes, chalazion, and blepharitis. That being said, the mask you want to buy should be equipped with a built-in thermal protection function to protect you against burns. Furthermore, it should be able to stop automatically when you go to deep sleep, so you can stay safe all through.

2. Comfort & Breathability

Comfort is worth looking into as well when buying a blepharitis eye mask. This means the mask you are interested in should be made of comfortable and breathable materials such as cotton and silk. You see, a comfortable eye mask can be worn for several minutes without any issues.

3. Power Source

Your heated eye mask for blepharitis should charge easily for maximum convenience. You should be able to charge it via a power bank, PC USB port, or phone charger. However, you should note that most electric blepharitis masks do not retain a charge. You have to use them while plugged in.

Best Heated Eye Mask for Blepharitis & Dry Eyes: Summary

The above are the reviews of the best heated eye mask for blepharitis. They are very comfortable to wear, given that most of them are made of such materials as cotton and silk. Before coming up with this article, we carried out comprehensive research. In our research, we picked 20 masks and used various criteria to settle on the best six. One of these criteria was using customer reviews to see which eye mask brands are highly rated.