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6 Best Floor Mats for Home

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It has now been confirmed that even our greatest ancestors did not like people getting into their caves with dirt. According to archeologists, the earliest floor mats for home date back to 25,000 years ago! People during that time made floor mats out of tree bark.

Today, floor mats for homes are made of totally different materials. These are mostly PVC and vinyl. Also, there are different types of floor mats. These are indoor floor mats and outdoor floor mats.

In this post, we have reviews of the best floor mats for home. We also have a guide to buying the best rugs. So, make yourself comfortable and read every word.

Our Top Picks

Best Overall: The Original Gorilla WeatherMax Indoor Outdoor Door Mats. The border and backing of these floor mats for home are made of 100-percent premium rubber.

Runner Up: ComfiLife 3/4 Inch Anti Fatigue Floor Mat. This house floor mat is ideal for a stand-up desk or doing the dishes in the kitchen. It is one of the best floor mats for office.

Best Floor Mats for Indoors: Lifewit 35” x 24” Water Absorbent Front Door Mat. This front door mat for indoors is made of soft absorbent piles, which make it perfect for snowy and rainy days.

Best Floor Mats for Outdoors: Cosyearn 46×35 Large Door Mats (Grey). These large floor mats for home are ideal for an exterior patio entryway, porch door, garden, garage, and commercial places.

6 Best Floor Mats for Home Reviews

1. The Original Gorilla WeatherMax Indoor Outdoor Door Mats

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Large floor mats for home are the best. That is because they tend to be more versatile than small floor mats for home. The Original Gorilla Indoor Outdoor Door Mats come in a wide range of sizes to choose from. These include 17” x 29”, 23” x 35”, 47” x 35”, and 72” x 24”.

These house mats are highly recommended because of their top-notch construction. Their backing and border are made of 100-percent top-notch rubber. These mats are also nicely woven with a polypropylene fabric.

The strong rubber beveled border creates a retention dam that traps mud, moisture, and other unwanted debris. Furthermore, the polypropylene fabric is slightly raised so it can trap dirt within the patterned grooves of the mats. The thoughtful design helps these mats dry quickly and plays a role in preventing everyday wear and tear.

At just .25” slim, these indoor & outdoor floor mats boast a low-profile design that makes them ideal for low-clearing entryways or doors. Additionally, these mats are durable and heavy-duty yet flexible and soft. Combine that with a stylish, sophisticated design and you have mats that can complement any décor.

They are extremely versatile mats that you can use indoors to keep your office, lobby, living space, or home clean. You can also use them outdoors to keep your garage, patio, walkway, front door, driveway, barn, or other busy areas clean.

Another reason you should buy these doormats for home is that there are several ways to clean them. You can vacuum them with a hand-held vacuum, shake them off outdoors/over garbage bins, or sweep them with a broom. In case you want to clean these doormats deeper, simply wipe them with a damp cloth and mild soap. You can also rinse these mats outdoors using a garden hose. After that, allow them to fully air dry before you can use them again. Make sure you avoid bleaching the mats when cleaning them.

Reasons to Buy

  • Mats do not curl or slip
  • They look good and clean up beautifully
  • Mats do not fade even after multiple rounds of washing
  • Easy to return in case they have a design flaw

Take Note

  • They have a strong rubber smell when new

2. ComfiLife 3/4 Inch Anti Fatigue Floor Mat

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ComfiLife produces some of the best anti-fatigue floor mats for home. And this 3/4″ floor mat is no exception. It is designed with comfort in mind, which makes it the best house floor mat for standing. Since the mat is professionally designed, you can use it as a padded kitchen mat or for your standup desk. What’s even better, this floor mat is guaranteed not to lose its support over time.

The materials the mat is made of are of premium quality. There is high-density foam, which reduces discomfort on the legs, knees, feet, and back.

Like other high-performance home floor mats, ComfiLife Anti-Fatigue Floor Mat for House is insanely versatile. You can use it in the office while standing at your desk, in the laundry room while folding clothes, kitchen while doing dishes, and while working on your workbench.

The surface of the floor mat is stain-resistant, which helps make cleanup a breeze not to mention improving durability. Additionally, this mat features a slip-resistant bottom that makes it safe to stand on. Hundreds of thousands of customers trust ComfiLife. That is because they always offer a Replacement Guarantee or Lifetime Money Back without asking any questions.

Reasons to Buy

  • Appears to be solidly made
  • Robot vacs have no problem navigating up and over the mat
  • The price point is surprisingly low
  • ComfiLife follows up orders with an email promising support if needed

Take Note

  • Feet may sweat if you stand on the mat bare feet for long hours

3. Sierra Concepts 2-Pack Indoor Outdoor Mats

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Waterproof floor mats for home are a nice investment. That being said, Sierra Concepts Indoor Outdoor Mats should be a frontier for you. They are made of recycled PVC and polyester. These are high-quality and eco-friendly materials that play a huge role in extending the life of these mats.

Mats also have non-slip backing that not only keeps them in place but also ensures moisture does not leak. Moreover, these mats are easy to clean and maintain. You can shake them, sweep them, or hose them off then dry

Given their simple look and quality, these waterproof rug mats for house are ideal for indoor and outdoor use. You can place them in the kitchen, entryway, front door, garage, bathroom, laundry, patio, hall, or any other place that experiences a huge amount of foot traffic.

These mats are what you need if you want to keep your floors clean. Besides, they have a ribbed material, which you can rely on to scrape off dirt and debris from your shoes. Mats measure approximately 30 inches wide by 17 inches tall.

Reasons to Buy

  • Customer service is outstanding
  • Pet fur comes off the mats quickly and easily
  • Mats arrive very well wrapped
  • They do not smell awful

Take Note

  • The size is pretty small; therefore, mats may not be a perfect fit for large entryways

4. SlipToGrip Universal Outdoor & Indoor Welcome Mat

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The patented design is the selling point of this welcome mat for home. It features an exclusive plaid look that makes the mat a nice addition to any room. It also plays a role in improving the versatility of the mat.

Needless to say, this outdoor & indoor floor mat for house is suitable for laundry, garage, entryway, patio, and any room that gets a huge amount of traffic from outdoors. The mat is durable and anti-slip to make sure you get the maximum out of it.

The mat is made of poly mesh, which, basically, is soft long-lasting plastic fiber. The poly mesh captures debris and dirt as well as provides comfort and cushion. Moreover, it has what it takes to withstand grime and dirt, thereby, extending the lifespan of the mat.

The weatherproof surface is another feature to talk about. It is resistant to moisture and makes the mat waterproof. This means the mat is perfect for both indoors and outdoors.

Like other PVC floor mats for home, SlipToGrip Universal Welcome Mat for Indoors & Outdoors is extremely easy to wash. All you need to do is spray water through the soft polypropylene fiber to get a clean mat that is free of dust. In case the mat gets creased or wrinkled during shipping, all you need to do is place them in the dryer for around 5 minutes on high heat.

Another thing to note is that this floor mat for house is free of both BPA and phthalates. Plus it measures 42 by 35 inches yet it needs just 1/4 inch of door clearance. This means you can use this heavy-duty rug at the front door as a welcome mat or use it in the garage, office, living room, laundry room, back door, or kitchen.

SlipToGrip Welcome Mat is also ideal for commercial and industrial spaces. And, given that it is solidly constructed, the mat is a good choice for someone with kids and pets.

Reasons to Buy

  • Works well in winter
  • The material is very durable
  • The price is good for quality
  • Does not get bunched up when the door opens

Take Note

  • The rug arrives folded and creased, but there are clear instructions on how to quickly flatten it

5. Cosyearn 46×35 Large Door Mats (Grey)

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The best outdoor floor mats for home are normally large to provide good coverage. Cosyearn Door Rugs measure 46 inches long by 35 inches wide. They are long and large doormats, which are perfect for an exterior patio entryway, porch door, garden, garage, and commercial places.

These all-weather large door mats for home can also be used indoors and in a laundry room. Like other floor mats we have already reviewed here, Cosyearn Large Door Mats are extremely easy to clean. Simply vacuum or shake off the dirt and you are good to go.

You can also spot clean these mats with a damp cloth or wash them in warm water with soap. After that, be sure to air dry. Alternatively, you can clean these house floor mats by spraying them down using a garden hose with nozzle. Or, you can brush the mats.

It is worth noting that these mats are likely to arrive creased as a result of packaging or transportation. Nevertheless, this should really not be a concern, as all you need to do is put the mats on a high-temperature dryer for around 5 minutes.

The material these mats are made of is durable and soft. This material prevents slippage and offers awesome cushioning. Besides, these floor mats for house have a thickness of 0.4” that offers space to let you open the door effortlessly.

Deep grooves combine with premium mesh to capture dirt from muddy shoes without any effort. The material these floor mats is made of is top-notch PVC. It is strong enough to hold up well to tough weather conditions. What’s even better, the PVC material dries quickly and does not fade.

Whether you are looking for a boot mat, indoor mat, entrance mat, shoe mat, or entry mat, look no further than Cosyearn Large Door Mats. They come with a 100-percent unconditional money-back guarantee for peace of mind during purchase.

Reasons to Buy

  • Mats do not shed and are easy to clean
  • The size is excellent
  • They do a good job of keeping the dirt out
  • Mats feel sturdy and are priced great

Take Note

  • Mats are a little too lightweight; hence, they are blown away quite easily during windy days

6. Lifewit 35” x 24” Water Absorbent Front Door Mat

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The Lifewit Water Absorbent Front Door Mat features non-slip backing that prevents it from skidding and shifting. The mat is designed in such a way that it keeps water from getting to the floor. And this makes it an excellent choice for an entryway.

It is advisable that you place this doormat on a clean, smooth, and dry surface only. That is because dirt or water is likely to weaken its anti-skid performance. Made of absorbent soft piles, this home doormat is ideal for snowy and rainy days. It is also a great purchase for someone who goes to the garden frequently. It removes dirt and mud from your shoes, thereby, playing a huge role in keeping your home clean.

The low profile design is another feature that makes the Lifewit Absorbent Rug one of the best floor mats for office and home. The design boasts a thickness of just 0.4 inches. With that said, you will be able to open and shut your door without the mat bunching up.

What’s more, we like the fact that this mat is machine washable. In case it gets dirty, simply wash it in cold water without any fabric softeners or detergents. You should also avoid using a dryer when cleaning the mat.

Reasons to Buy

  • The company stands with their product
  • Grabs any loose dirt beautifully
  • Rubber backing holds up well to regular washing
  • The design is simple and blends with all kinds of décor

Take Note

  • The mat arrives folded, which makes it creased up. But you can sort this out by placing a heavy item on it.

Guide to Buying the Best Floor Mats for Home

Whether you are looking for decorative vinyl floor mats for home or simple PVC floor mats for house, the factors you rely on to find the best are always the same.

Let’s check them out.

1. The Size of the Mat

Size matters when looking for the best floor mats for home. Well, floor mats come in a wide range of sizes. These include medium, large, and extra-large sizes.

That being said, you should pick a mat that perfectly fits the area you plan to place it in. For example, go for large to extra-large mats if you plan to put your mat in the entryway. But you can choose a medium one if you plan to place it in a laundry room.

2. Non-slip Backing

You should also pay attention to non-slip backing when buying a floor mat for home. This crucial feature not only keeps the mat in place but also improves safety. Ideally, make sure the non-slip backing of your mat is durable enough to stand up to frequent washing.

3. Waterproofing or Water Absorbent?

If you are looking for outdoor floor mats for home, we advise that you go for those that are waterproofed. But if you plan to use your mat indoors, then picking one that absorbs water is the right move.

Waterproof floor mats for home are mostly made of PVC or vinyl. They are the best choice for outdoors because they are sturdy enough to stand up to adverse weather conditions. On the other hand, water absorbent floor mats for house are designed to prevent water from getting to the floor. They are ideal for getting rid of mud or dirt from your shoes before you get into the house.

4. Mat Thickness

Most floor mats in the above reviews have a thickness of 1/4”, and with a good reason. This gives them a low-profile design that prevents them from bunching up when you open or close the door. Needless to say, make sure the mats you are interested in are as thin as possible. However, the thinness of your doormat should not compromise its durability and overall quality.

Best Floor Mats for Home Reviews: Conclusion

The best floor mats for home serve their purpose. This means those designed for outdoors are capable of withstanding tough weather conditions, while those made for indoors do a great job of grabbing dirt so the floor can stay clean.

Well, if you want to end up with a doormat that you will be a proud owner of, then you need to consider the above factors. These are material, size, thickness, and non-slip backing.