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7 Best Fingerless Heated Gloves

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The best fingerless heated gloves are good for working in a cold office. The well-thought-out half-finger design of these gloves provides you with the flexibility you need to type and operate the mouse. The heating pad, on the other hand, keeps fingers warm in frigid weather.

What’s more, some of these gloves have a folded finger cover, which you can unfold by releasing the button to transform them into full-finger mittens. This feature is particularly handy for when you are outdoors.

In these USB heated gloves reviews, we talk about well-made and high-performance half-finger gloves you should pay attention to in case you want to stay warm while in front of the computer.

Our Top Picks: The Best Heated Fingerless Gloves

Best Overall: CLOMAY USB Heated Gloves. These gloves are designed for men and women.

Runner Up: Fpxnb 2 Pairs USB Heated Gloves. For the price of one, you get 2 pairs of unisex fingerless heated gloves. Isn’t that amazing?

Most Versatile: Petyoung Unisex Full & Half Fingers USB Heated Gloves. Three adjustable temperature levels and a finger sleeve make these gloves the ultimate in versatility.

7 Best Fingerless Heated Gloves For Women & Men Reviews

1. CLOMAY USB Heated Gloves For Women & Men


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If you are looking for a fingerless heated glove set that is convenient to use and totally safe, we suggest that you check out the CLOMAY USB Heated Gloves for Women and Men. These are top-notch USB gloves that use USB 2.0 cable to serve their purpose. They also have a double-sided hot chip that will keep both the palm and the back of your hand warm at the same time.

Another reason to buy these half-finger heated gloves is that they boast a user-friendly design. They have a finger sleeve that you can fold and unfold using the button. The purpose of this finger sleeve is to keep your fingertips nicely wrapped when not gaming or typing.

We like the fact that the manufacturer of these winter gloves has not focused so much on the heating capability of the gloves that they have overlooked their comfort. That being said, these gloves are made of rabbit wool and high-tech carbon fiber. These different types of high-quality material combine to create gloves that are extremely soft and comfortable to wear.

CLOMAY Heated Gloves are versatile too and make an excellent winter gift for friends or family. They are suitable for gaming, typing, and operating the mouse. You will also find them handy for hiking, skiing, office work, and exploring outdoors during winter.

Reasons To Buy

  • Perfect for someone whose hands always get cold
  • The price point is low
  • The warming pad on both sides is a nice bonus
  • Gloves are shipped on time

Take Note

  • Gloves do not get to full warmth instantly

2. Fpxnb 2 Pairs USB Heated Gloves for Men and Women


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The best USB heated fingerless gloves do not become so hot that they start to get uncomfortable to wear. Take the Fpxnb USB Heated Gloves, for example. Their heating pads retain a temperature of around 38 – 45 degrees Celsius, which is enough to keep you cozy in cold weather.

Gloves come with a 5V USB charging cable to ensure a reliable power supply. Moreover, these gloves are completely safe, and you can wear them throughout the day. They also feature a fingerless design that will give you much-needed flexibility when wearing gloves.

Needless to say, you can do anything, including typing, using a mouse, and gaming, without feeling like your fingers are being restricted to move. The well-thought-out design also converts these fingerless heated gloves into mittens. The design features caps for fingers that are easy to put on when it is extremely cold.

Gloves are made of premium material, which is knitted wool. They are unbelievably soft to keep your fingers comfortable all through. The material also makes gloves elastic, thereby, making them fit nicely. Both the knitting and hemming are wonderfully done to improve the general quality of these gloves.

Reasons To Buy

  • Gloves maintain the same temperature
  • The quality of gloves is just as described
  • They make typing a cakewalk
  • Ideal for someone working in a cold room

Take Note

  • The cord tends to dangle from the wrist to the nearby USB port, which makes it look like you are in shackles

3. HoFire USB Heating Winter Gloves Women


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One drawback with most fingerless heated gloves is that their heating element is not as durable as the majority would like. But that is not the case with the HoFire USB Heating Winter Gloves for Women. Despite having a low price point, these heated winter gloves are built to last.

They are made with top-notch carbon fiber heating material that has a longer service life and will not break easily. What’s more, these winter gloves are powered by a 5V USB cable, which is totally harmless. You can, therefore, wear them for several hours with peace of mind knowing that the worst will not happen.

The ergonomic design is another feature that will make you want to buy these half-finger heated gloves for women. Gloves are soft and stay comfortable even after several hours of wear. Also, it is easy to take off the heating pad when you want these gloves to be normal fashionable gloves or when you want to clean them.

Besides, the design will not restrict your hands, which, in turn, makes gloves perfect for gaming, typing, and other activities. Gloves take 3 minutes to charge and come in a wide range of colors, including Blue, Black, and Purple. It is important to note that the price may vary based on the color.

Reasons To Buy

  • Great for someone whose hands stay cold most of the time
  • Gloves heat up fast
  • Well made and work as promised
  • Perfect for cold offices

Take Note

  • The cord is not as long as most people would like

4. COREGROUND USB Fingerless Heated Gloves for Men and Women


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A good USB heated gloves review only has the best and safest fingerless heated gloves. Ours is no different. Like the other heated gloves we have already looked at, COREGROUND Half-finger Heated Gloves are safe to wear. Moreover, these gloves feature a user-friendly design.

They are easy to power so they can keep you warm during winter or fall. All you need to do is to plug them onto the USB port of your PC, charger, power bank, or any other 5V power source. The design is simple yet fashionable to make sure the uses of these gloves are endless.

You will find the gloves perfect for gaming, operating a mouse, and typing. Gloves are also ideal for work, skiing, hiking, and riding. Plus, you can rely on them to take some pain away if you have arthritis.

The heating pad maintains a sweet temperature of 40 (+/-5) degrees Celsius, which is the perfect temperature range for the human body. Like other best heated gloves for women and men, COREGROUND USB Gloves are made of quality knitted fabric to keep them warm and soft. The fabric also enables these gloves to fit snugly and without taking away much-needed flexibility.

Reasons To Buy

  • Gloves are not bulky
  • Customer support is amazing
  • They heat up quickly
  • The price is reasonable

Take Note

  • Gloves only heat up when plugged in

5. LFM Unisex Women’s & Men’s USB Heated Fingerless Gloves Mitten


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The best heated gloves in 2021, should still be relevant in 2022 and other years to come. The LFM Unisex USB Heated Mitten Gloves are very trendy and well made so you can rock them year in year out. They are made of knitted wool that makes them ultra-soft and elastic. That being said, these gloves fit a little tight yet still offer optimum flexibility.

Gloves are also delicately hemmed and knitted, which makes them durable enough to stand the test of time. Additionally, the material used makes these gloves soft and warm even when they are not plugged in. The built-in heating pad keeps the temperature at a range of 38 degrees Celsius to 45 degrees Celsius.

Well, this is the perfect temperature range for your body. The fingerless design is worth talking about too. It makes these gloves suitable for typing, gaming, and operating a mouse. It is a simple and practical design that ensures maximum convenience.

Gloves are black and can be worn with anything. You can rock them with your favorite winter outfits, such as a fleece jacket and cardigan, for optimum warmth. Gloves are powered by a USB cable, and they are eco-friendly. They make a stunning purchase for people who use the computer regularly in cold rooms.

Reasons To Buy

  • Makes a wonderful Christmas gift
  • The price is not expensive
  • The heating elements are removable
  • Gloves are shipped fast

Take Note

  • The temperature cannot be adjusted

6. Petyoung Fingerless USB Heated Stripes Gloves for Men and Women


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Most people believe that only Savior Heated Gloves are the best. However, some manufacturers produce gloves of similar quality. These fingerless USB heated gloves for men and women may not go toe to toe with the best Savior Heated Gloves, but they are still durable enough to worth owning.

They are made of quality fabric, which makes them elastic and ultra-soft. This ensures that they fit snugly but without taking away even a tiny bit of flexibility. Your fingers and hands will, therefore, be free to move. Gloves are also hemmed and knitted nicely so you can use them for years to come.

They are perfect for winter as well as cold autumn. You can wear them when going to work or during hiking, skiing, outdoor exploring, and riding. Gloves are very easy to care for; thanks to the removable inner heating pads.

Gloves are also safe and very convenient to use. All you need to do is plug them onto the USB port of your PC, charger, power bank, or any other 5V power source. They come in 2 different colors, which include Black & Stripes and Black. Please note that the price may vary based on the color.

Reasons To Buy

  • The refund process is a breeze
  • Gloves make a great gift for a loved one
  • Heat pads can be detached and gloves used as normal mittens
  • The price is cheap

Take Note

  • The heat is a little too focused

7. Petyoung Unisex Full & Half Fingers USB Heated Gloves


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These fingerless heated gloves for women and men may be a little pricier than most gloves in these reviews, but they are still worth it. In our opinion, they are the best heated gloves for working in a cold office. They have a heated pad on the back of the hand to keep you warm without restricting the movement of your fingers.

Another reason why we highly rate these USB fingerless gloves is that, unlike most models, they are equipped with 3 temperature levels. This allows you to adjust the temperature to a suitable setting. The temperature range in the highest mode is 47 – 50 degrees Celsius and 43 – 45 degrees Celsius in the middle mode. And in the lowest mode, the temperature ranges from 40 – 43 degrees Celsius.

Gloves are powered by a 5V power source; hence, they are safe. They are also very convenient to use, as all you need to do is plug them onto the USB port of your PC or power bank. These gloves are also one of the most versatile in the market.

They have a well-thought-out design that allows you to use them as full-finger gloves as well as half-finger gloves. The design features a folded finger cover, which makes it possible to achieve this feat. All you need to do is to release the button so the finger cover can unfold to nicely cover your fingertips.

Reasons To Buy

  • Perfect for someone who types on the keyboard all day
  • The half-finger design does not get in the way when typing
  • Cords are long and not disruptive
  • The flap, which makes gloves into full-covered mittens, is nice

Take Note

  • You must remember that gloves are plugged in every time you want to get up to take a break

Guide To Buying The Best USB Heated Fingerless Gloves

The best fingerless heated gloves are warm and of good quality. But, for you to find such gloves, you need to check out the following factors.

1. Heating

The heat some fingerless gloves produce tends to be too focused to warm your entire hand nicely. Therefore, when buying fingerless gloves for cold weather, make sure they are equipped with a functional heating pad that keeps hands warm. It is also good to invest in those gloves whose temperature is adjustable.

In these gloves, you can adjust the temperature from high to medium to low. You can have it set up in the high setting when it is extremely cold and in the low setting when it is a bit warm or having your kid wear the gloves. What’s more, a good pair of gloves should heat quickly and maintain a consistent temperature range of between 38 and 45 degrees Celsius since this is the perfect temperature range for the human body.

2. Safety & Convenience

Once you are sure that the gloves you are interested in are able to heat consistently and reliably, you should then go ahead and check if they are safe. Fortunately, this will not be a painstaking task because most gloves are powered by a 5V power source. This means the likelihood of these gloves causing skin burns is almost zero.

You should also pick a pair of fingerless heated gloves that are very convenient to use and care for. All you need to do when you have such gloves is to have them plugged in onto the USB port of your laptop or power bank and then watch them do their thing. Besides, the heating pad in your gloves should be removable so you can have an easy time caring for your gloves.

3. The Material Used

The best fingerless heated gloves for hunting, typing, and gaming are made of high-quality materials like knitted wool. Manufacturers prefer this material because it is extremely soft, warm, and comfortable. This material also hardly irritates the skin, which means you can wear your gloves for several hours.

They also help improve the versatility of gloves, especially if the heating pad is removable. Since they are warm and cozy, you can wear your gloves as normal ones when going out to explore. Additionally, gloves made of knitted wool hold up well to washing.

Heated Half-Finger Gloves FAQs

Q1. How long do fingerless heated gloves charge?

Battery-powered fingerless heated gloves take between 3 and 5 minutes to charge. However, most half-finger heated gloves are USB powered; meaning you have to plug them into the USB port of your PC or power bank for them to work.

If you are buying heated fingerless gloves to type on your keyboard, then there is nothing wrong with settling on those powered by USB. But if you will be using your half-finger heated gloves for outdoor adventures, then we recommend going for the portable battery-powered brands.

Q2. Are half-finger heated gloves safe?

The chances of fingerless heated gloves burning your skin are almost down to zero. This is because these gloves are powered by a 5V power source. As such, you can wear them for several hours without putting yourself at risk. Also, some fingerless gloves with heating pads have adjustable temperature levels for maximum convenience.

Q3. Are fingerless winter heated gloves suitable for kids?

Yes. USB heated fingerless gloves can be used by teens. However, we do not recommend that you have your toddlers wear them, especially when you are not around to supervise everything. These gloves have wires, which may really not be safe if someone tampers around with them.

Q4. Are half-finger heated gloves one-size-fits-all?

Most USB heated fingerless gloves are one size fits all. The knitted wool these gloves are made of is pretty elastic. For this reason, gloves tend to fit snugly but without limiting much-needed flexibility. This ensures a perfect fit while giving you the freedom to type, operate a mouse, or enjoy gaming.

Best Fingerless Heated Gloves: Conclusion

The best fingerless heated gloves are made of quality material, which holds up well to everyday wear. They are also safe and will not irritate the skin or, even worse, burn it.

In the above reviews, we have talked about USB heated fingerless gloves that heat the palm and the back of the hand evenly to keep you warm throughout the day. Moreover, these gloves are fashionable enough to wear with nearly any winter outfit.