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11 Best Easter Gifts for Kids in 2022 Reviews

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The best Easter gifts for kids go beyond candies and treats. Like adults, kids look forward to the Easter holidays because this is one of the periods when they get “special” treatment.

They are bought numerous toys, taken to various exciting places not to mention getting to eat their favorite snacks and dishes all day.

If you are undecided about what to get your little one this Easter, these consumer reports are for you. They have all kinds of wonderful Easter gift ideas that will help you create a comprehensive Easter gifts basket for your youngster.

Let’s check them out!

11 Best Easter Gifts for Kids Reviews

1. Sallydream Easter kids girls boys gifts bunny filled teen age fillers


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If you have always wanted your little girl or boy to look like a cute little bunny on Easter, this is the best Easter gift to buy them. It is an elastic headband in which one size fits most. The stretchy fabric makes it very comfortable; hence, your kid can wear it all day without any concerns about discomfort.

These bunny ears also make a fantastic gift idea for a friend’s kid. And it is available in many different colors to choose from. These are Hot Pink, Pink, Purple, Sky Blue, and Red. It is worth noting that since different computers have different monitors, the colors may slightly vary. In other words, colors may not look exactly like the picture.

Reasons to Buy

  • The price is affordable
  • Available in lots of amazing colors to choose from
  • They are also suitable for Christmas
  • Comfortable to wear and fits nice

2. Dan&Darci Dig a Dozen Dino Eggs Dig Kit


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This is a well-thought-out Easter gift that will make your kid feel like a real paleontologist. It gives kids a chance to excavate unique dinosaur toys from dino eggs. The kit has 12 dino eggs with each one having a different animal, including Ankylosaurus, Dilophosaurus, and the famous T-rex.

Also included in the kit are 12 instruction guides, 12 chisels/brushes, and 12 full-colored learning cards. Each card describes the history of a different dino. After your little one has dug up dinosaurs, the next thing is to match up the right card to a dinosaur so they can learn more about it. The kit comes in a sleek display box that contains everything your young excavator needs to make stunning discoveries.

It is an educational and fun gift for kids of all ages. Moreover, this kit is a authenticated educational product that will meet the highest standards of STEM learning. Plus it is 100-percent satisfaction guaranteed for hassle-free buying. A science project is not always fun and engaging. But with this kit, your kid will achieve both with ease.

Reasons to Buy

  • Also makes a great gift for Christmas and birthday
  • Customer service is amazing
  • The Dino facts are interesting
  • It is worth the money

3. ZMLM 50 Piece Rainbow Scratch Paper Art Set


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ZMLM 50pc Scratch Paper Art Set is one of the best Easter gifts ideas in the market. The set requires kids to scratch away the black matte surface so the background of the paper can be revealed. The set brings lots of fun as well as allowing for wonderful creative artwork. It is not just suitable for kids but also is one of the best Easter gifts for adults.

The set includes 5 wooden styluses to help your kid reveal bright patterns and colors hidden beneath a matte coating. The set also includes 50 sheets of black art rainbow scratch paper. The size of the scratch rainbow art sheet is 7.2 inches long by 5 inches wide (18.5 centimeters long by 12.5 centimeters wide).

Furthermore, this 50pc scratch paper art set is suitable for innumerable purposes, including jot notes, doodle, sketching, creating cards, tracing, etc. It is exactly what your child needs to improve their artistic thoughts. The scratch notepad is small, and, therefore, ideal for family road trips and travel. Kids can easily keep it in a backpack or even a pocket. The set comes with a 100-percent satisfaction guarantee for peace of mind during buying.

Reasons to Buy

  • The colors are bright and great
  • The price is very reasonable
  • Perfect for all ages
  • Makes a wonderful gift for someone that loves art

4. LLMoose Set of 2 Hover Soccer Ball


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LLMoose Hover Soccer Balls will give your kids a chance to unleash their fun side. They are engaging and will no doubt take the fun to a whole new level. Although the manufacturer’s age recommendation for these balls is 2 – 16 years, adults can have real fun with them as well. Goal posts are not included, but this is nothing because these balls come in a set of 2 and are reasonably priced.

Moreover, the extra ball can be given away as a gift or kept in a safe place as a spare. The bumpers of these soccer balls are soft to protect furniture. Each ball has 4 battery slots (batteries not included) to provide you with extra playtime. Balls also have LED lights that glow nicely in the dark to create an exciting atmosphere for playing.

These soccer balls comply with all USA safety standards plus they are made of materials that will not trigger any allergic reactions. Additionally, the soft foam construction of these balls will not hurt your youngsters. Apart from Easter, these hover soccer balls are perfect for birthdays and Christmas. Balls are adapted to all kinds of smooth surfaces, including tile, hardwood, and even low pile carpet.

Reasons to Buy

  • They work just as advertised
  • Balls hold up well
  • Perfect for when the weather outside is bad
  • They do not make weird sounds
  • The hover is strong enough to keep the balls off the floor

5. AMENON 2 Pack Kids Flying Ball for Easter Outdoor Games


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Apart from Easter, AMENON Flying Balls are suitable for birthday parties, Christmas, school games, and more. They make a stunning gift idea for kids. They come in a pack of 2 where one is a Crystal flying ball and the other is a Dinosaur crack flying ball. These two are a wonderful combination, and they create unforgettable fun for both indoor and outdoor flying games.

Additionally, each ball has shiny and colorful LED lights that flash alternatively to further make the atmosphere memorable. These LED lights allow kids to have fun even in the dark. The flying balls are also equipped with an inductive receiver and an advanced inductive transmitter. When switched on, these balls light on, then after 2 – 3 seconds, they begin to fly automatically.

You can place your hand underneath the balls to control and watch them move intelligently. They can hover up to 15 feet. Two remote controllers are included to help with easy control of the balls when they are in the air. Simply press the button on the remote control to turn the balls on or off. The ease of control makes these flying toys a perfect Easter gift idea for beginners.

More about the Product: AMENON Easter Flying Balls are built with safety in mind. When they are switched on, they take up to 3 seconds before starting to fly. Well, this ensures maximum safety. What’s more, when these balls hit objects, they turn off automatically to avoid damage. Balls are also made of non-toxic durable ABS material and are recommended for kids that are at least 6 years old.

Reasons to Buy

  • The set helps in building skill level
  • The remote is a useful addition
  • The colors are bright and pretty
  • Easy to play and they bring lots of fun

6. Learning Resources Spike the Fine Motor Hedgehog


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Learning Resources has been making premium Easter gifts for toddlers since 1984. One of these gifts is Spike the Fine Motor Hedgehog. It is designed for toddlers aged 18 months and above. It builds fine motor skills using chunky, peg-shaped pieces, which fit into the back of a friendly hedgehog. This toy also helps with color recognition as well as improving counting and sorting skills.

Pieces are easy to grab because they are the right size for the small hands of toddlers and preschoolers. The set includes a 2-piece hedgehog that is around 6 inches in diameter. There are also 12 quills and an activity guide. In short, the set has everything your little one needs to develop gracefully. When playtime is over, the quills easily fit inside the hedgehog for quick storage or transportation.

Pieces of this set are made of plastic, which is very easy to clean. All you need to do is wipe them and then store them until next use. Like other toys by Learning Resources, this friendly hedgehog creates understanding, encourages curiosity, and builds real-world skills. It is durable and will provide your toddler with years of learning and, of course, fun.

Reasons to Buy

  • Spikes can be put in and taken out of the holes in the hedgehog
  • Well made and cleverly designed
  • Pegs are numbered to improve counting skills
  • Built with portability in mind
  • Colors are attractive and keep kids focused

7. Purple Ladybug Decorate Your Own Water Bottle for Girls


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The Purple Ladybug Decorate Your Own Water Bottle is one of the best Easter gifts for girls. This kit includes a water bottle, 6 sheets of stickers, a sheet of glitter gem stickers, and a carabiner. The 6 sheets of stickers are cute and are in gorgeous kid-oriented trendy designs. The sheet of glitter gem stickers, on the other hand, comes with three hundred individual stickers in rhinestone style.

Whereas the carabiner is to make sure your little girl has an easy time hanging and carrying the water bottle. The kit includes everything your girl needs to come up with a personalized water bottle. It gives kids an opportunity to foster creativity. Stickers are so many that your kid will have leftovers, which she can then put wherever she likes. The 6 sheets of stickers measure 6.25 by 7.75 inches.

And sticker themes include mermaid, ocean creatures, food and kawaii, fun, fruit, summer, sunny day theme, unicorn, letters, etc. What’s more, the water bottle included in this kit is BPA-free, and it has a wide mouth that makes it extremely easy to clean with a bottle brush. The water bottle also features a flip lid that kids can easily open and securely close. The bottle is sturdy and can stand being carried around by kids.

Reasons to Buy

  • The water bottle is lightweight
  • The bottle is of good size
  • The kit arrives beautifully packaged
  • Includes all kinds of stickers

8. JOYIN 12 Die-Cast Car Filled Big Easter Eggs


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If you are looking to give your kid an “eggcellent” Easter, the JOYIN Car-Filled Easter Eggs should be a frontier for you. The pack has 12 pieces of Easter eggs, with each egg measuring 3.2 inches. Each egg also has a different style of a die-cast race car to provide your kid with all the convenience and fun. Eggs are made of a thick shell and are of good quality.

They are great for Easter hunting parties as well as a wonderful addition to party favor bags, home prize boxes, grab bags, holiday gifts, and school classroom rewards. JOYIN is determined to bring joy to your little girl or boy this Easter by providing top-notch and well-thought-out Easter gifts. These car-filled Easter eggs are recommended for ages 3 and up.

Reasons to Buy

  • Eggs and cars are of decent quality
  • Easter eggs are cute and nicely designed
  • Good value for the price
  • Great Easter gifts basket fillers

9. SUNKURO Toys for 3 – 8 Year Old Girls Boys


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Although this matching letter game is advertised as suitable for ages 3 – 8 years, 9 and 10 year olds can use it as well. It is, however, unsuitable for kids below 3 years because of small parts. Your kid will get everything they need when you buy them this matching letter game. There is a matching tray, 32 cards (64 words and math questions), An English user manual, 5 Mathematical Symbol Blocks, 10 letter cubes (A – Z), and 20 Number Blocks.

The matching letter game provides kids with 3 different game methods. The first one is matching (spelling/arithmetic) where you need to stack the cards and then allow kids to find the corresponding letter and numbers in cubes. The second one is the covering game. Here, you need to cover the word and math answer and then allow kids to find the corresponding answer. The third is DIY in which you need to create new pictures, words, and arithmetic problems using such tools as the phone.

This learning toy is made of eco-friendly, non-toxic and tasteless plastic. Furthermore, the edges are well done to make sure the safety of your child stays uncompromised while he plays with the toy. Another good thing about the toy is that blocks are too large to accidentally be swallowed. The versatile learning toy is suitable for improving hand-eye coordination, developing word recognition, enhancing concentration and memory, improving strategy thinking, and promoting sociability.

Reasons to Buy

  • Makes learning super fun
  • Well made and can hold up to abuse by kids
  • Great gift for Easter, Christmas, Birthday, Thanksgiving, etc
  • Cards are perfect for small hands

10. LEGO Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban (403 Pieces)


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The purple triple-decker bus will give your kid a hair-raising and magical adventure. It is mayhem, imaginative fun, and total magic when it comes to the LEGO Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban. The speeding knight bus will not only give your young witch or wizard the ride of their life but also is equipped with lots of clever features.

There is a hinged side panel that gives easy access to the interior and a removable roof that provides kids with space to play on the upper deck. There is also a chandelier that swings wildly when Ernie Prang is driving. Passengers have no choice but to hold tight during this magical adventure. What’s more, this Harry Potter Toy includes 3 mini-figures: Stan Shunpike, Harry Potter, and the aforesaid Ernie Prang.

There is also Harry’s luggage, which is loaded with his possessions. The Knight Bus measures over 6” (16cm) long by 6” (16cm) high by 2” (6cm) wide, and it is made of plastic. In total, this set has 403 pieces, and it is recommended for boys and girls aged at least 8 years old. The set is also one of the best Easter gifts for adults who are fans of Harry Potter.

Reasons to Buy

  • Perfect for little kids who love building LEGOS
  • Instructions are simple and well written
  • Arrives packaged safely and without damage
  • Parts are easy to put together
  • The bus is thoughtfully made

11. Amitie Lane Kids Cookie Baking Set for Girls


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Easter gifts for girls come in all sizes and shapes. The Amitie Lane Cookie Baking Set is one of them. It includes the manufacturer’s itsy unicorn apron, which is not only made with premium fabrics but also designed to bring a magical feel to anyone who has worn it. The apron has a ribbon tie (fully adjustable) around the neck. It also features a pastel rainbow combination of rainbows that allows you to create a beautiful unicorn tail by tying it at the back.

Moreover, there are 4 deep pockets on the front of the apron. And they provide a nice place to store such cooking utensils as mixing spoons. The apron is made of cotton-polyester material, and it is 100-percent machine-washable for easy care. Its size fits kids aged between 4 and 10 years. A 12-page bonus recipe booklet is another thing included in this set. It includes the best unicorn cookie recipes that have been trailed and modified to make sure little girls have an easy time developing their baking skills.

Also, there is a unicorn cookie stamp, a pink silicone roller that fits small hands perfectly, 4 unicorn-themed cookie cutters, and a silicone rolling mat with Itsy unicorn. Kids will not just create awesome unicorn-themed cookies but also they will be able to decorate them. That is because the set also comes with a reusable frosting bag and tip; a paintbrush and yellow food paint to create the nose, and a black edible pen to create hooves and eyes. This set is not just ideal for girls but also it is one of the best Easter gifts for boys.

Reasons to Buy

  • Girls look adorable in the apron
  • Arrives ready to gift in a wonderful box
  • Everything in the set is made really well
  • The set has a good number of accessories

FAQs: Easter Gifts for Kids

Q1. What should I put in the kids’ Easter Gifts Basket?

There are lots of awesome Easter gifts ideas for kids. These include bunny ears, eggs filled with dinosaurs or cars, unicorn-themed baking utensils, Harry Potter-themed LEGO toys, and more. We have reviewed most of these gifts to make buying an Easter gift for your baby, toddler, or teenager an easy task.

Q2. What are the best Easter Gifts for Teenagers?

Choosing the best Easter gifts for kids and teens can be a tricky task. That is because you simply don’t know if they will be impressed with what you have bought them. Luckily, we have a few in mind that we believe will make any teenager happy and feel valued.

These are the ZMLM 50 Piece Rainbow Scratch Paper Art Set, LLMoose Set of 2 Hover Soccer Ball, AMENON 2 Pack Kids Flying Ball for Easter Outdoor Games, and Purple Ladybug Decorate Your Own Water Bottle for Girls.

Q3. What is the best Easter Gift?

The best Easter Gifts for baby, toddler, teen, or adult are those that put a big smile on the face of the recipient. For instance, the LEGO Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban (403 Pieces) is one of the best Easter gifts for kids that love Harry Potter and LEGO.

We also feel that a good Easter Gift is one that is educational. The SUNKURO Toys for 3 – 8 Year Old Girls Boys is a nice gift idea for Easter because it brings fun as well as improving hand-eye coordination, promoting sociability, and developing word recognition, among others.

Best Easter Gifts for Kids: Wrap Up

Whether your plans for this Easter is to come up with a memorable egg-hunting adventure, create a nice Easter basket, or make unicorn-themed cookies, the above Easter gifts for kids should be a frontier for you.

They are affordable yet unique and well thought out.

Needless to say, these gifts will not just bring endless fun to your little one but also will play a role in improving their development.