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10 Best Driving Gloves Reviews In 2022

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Before Ryan Gosling’s Drive, most people thought that driving gloves were things that did not matter. After all, it’s your hands that do the driving and not gloves. Ryan Gosling nails it in this movie, and, as a result, we have been made to believe that we will look just as cool simply by driving around in leather gloves. But, immediately you invest in gloves for driving, you will quickly notice that they do more than just giving you cool looks.

They also enhance grip, thereby, giving you total control over the vehicle. Plus, they keep hands warm and comfortable. What’s even better, most gloves for driving are made of leather, which makes them great for use throughout the year and not just during winter. In these consumer reports, we have compiled reviews of brands we believe are the best.

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10 Best Driving Gloves For Winter Reviews

1. Reed Men’s Warm Lined Gloves – Genuine Leather

Reed Men’s Warm Lined Vintage Driving Gloves are made of 100-percent sheepskin leather, which is a type of super comfortable and warm leather. You should, therefore, expect these gloves to keep you warm and cozy without being bulky. Gloves are also equipped with Thinsulate insulation that further enables them to keep hands warm during winter and when the weather is generally cold.

Apart from driving, these gloves are perfect for everyday use. Well, that’s because they are pretty light yet serve their purpose. Also, the fact that they are not bulky means you will not take long getting used to them. Additionally, these gloves are high-tech compatible, and this means you can access your touchscreen phone without exposing your fingers to the cold. Plus they are available in 2 great colors, which are Brown and Black.

The Good

  • Great for the price
  • The leather is luxurious and supple
  • The stitching is nicely done
  • The simple snap is a nice touch
  • The fit is as expected

The Not So Good

  • The special fingertips (which are supposed to let you operate your touchscreen) do not work as beautifully as imagined

2. Dsane Womens Winter 100% Pure Genuine Leather Gloves

Dsane Leather Gloves for Women are made with 100-percent pure Italian cashmere leather. This makes them soft and warm enough to keep your hands cozy in winter. These gloves are also well sewed to keep the wool polyester intact for a long time. They are the type of gloves you will be able to wear throughout winter without showing any signs of wear or tear.

The liner provides good insulation to make sure extreme cold weather conditions are kept at bay. Moreover, these gloves feature a leather wrist, which, in turn, has a strong windproof effect to further prevent the cold from getting to your skin. Another cool feature is intelligent touch technology that eliminates the need to take off these gloves when you want to make a call, answer a call, or just use your touchscreen.

The Good

  • The fit is wonderful
  • Leather is lambskin and lined with cashmere
  • Quality is perfect for the price point
  • They look expensive and come in a beautiful package
  • They make a wonderful gift for Valentines, Christmas, Birthday, etc

The Not So Good

  • They have a strong smell out of the box, but this can be gotten rid of by airing them out for a day or two

3. Pierre Cardin Mens Leather Driving Gloves

Pierre Cardin Leather Gloves are silky smooth inside out. They feature a 100-percent lambskin exterior and a 100-percent extremely soft interior. This enables them to keep you warm throughout the day without being bulky. Needless to say, these are the gloves to go for if you want to go through the cold winter without a hassle. They have an incredible grip that allows you to hold the gear shift or steering wheel nicely while driving.

You can also wear them when carrying packages from the car to the house or when holding onto frozen railings during ice skating. They are a versatile pair of gloves with a unisex design. This means you can quickly get one for your wife, husband, coworker, etc. Moreover, these gloves have a cinched wrist that ensures they always stay on not to mention giving them a suave, detailed look.

Another feature of these amazing gloves is 3M Thinsulate Technology that keeps the heat inside so your hands can stay comfortable and warm all day. Also, there are detailed hem stitches that prevent fraying, thereby, ensuring long-term wearability. It is important to note that these gloves fit a little snug. They are no doubt the best Porsche driving gloves. 

The Good

  • The soft leather feels nice on the skin
  • The price point is surprisingly low
  • Seems well made and should last long
  • Gloves are not thick, which helps improve the fit

The Not So Good

  • Would be better if the label was sewn to the inside of the gloves – not outside

4. SEABIRR Thin Black Leather Driving Gloves

If you are looking for the best driving gloves for men, SEABIRR Gloves should not miss from your list. This is because the gloves are made of high-quality leather that not only improves durability but also enhances their general look. The leather material makes these gloves look more expensive than they actually are. They also make them versatile and super functional.

So, apart from driving, these gloves are perfect for everyday wear, riding, travel, cycling, and outdoor sports, among others. They have touchscreen-compatible fingertips that allow you to use your electronic device without having to take them off. Furthermore, these gloves come in 3 different styles to choose from. These include PU with mat, No mat, and real genuine lambskin. Those with mats are non-slip, and, therefore, perfect for work, while those without mat are suitable for someone looking for comfort.

If you are looking for the best driving gloves for sweaty hands, we advise that you choose these any time of the day.

The Good

  • Hold up well to everyday wear
  • Reasonably comfortable even in summer
  • The touchscreen material works as advertised
  • It is shipped quickly
  • The fit is pretty accurate

The Not So Good

  • Tends to bleed dye when wet

5. Riparo Mens Leather Fingerless Half-Finger Driving Motorcycle Gloves

The reason these are the best fingerless half-finger driving gloves is that they have features everyone expects from top-notch driving leather gloves. They are also of good quality, which helps make them cost-effective by eliminating the need to get new gloves almost every winter. Riparo Mens Leather Gloves are made of soft supple leather. Therefore, in addition to being durable, these gloves are super comfortable.

It goes without saying that you can wear them all day without feeling uncomfortable. Snap closure on the wrist strap helps provide a proper fit and ensures gloves stay on throughout driving. There are also knuckle holes that improve breathability, comfort, as well as allowing fingers to move freely. Another feature we must mention is the reverse stitching that provides extra comfort not to mention the fact that it gives gloves a classic look.

The look and comfort make these the best driving gloves for truckers. They are designed in such a way that you can wear them both during summer and winter.

The Good

  • They are worth every penny
  • The stitching is wonderfully done
  • Plenty of ventilation makes gloves comfortable
  • The leather forms nicely to the hand
  • The company’s customer service is fabulous

The Not So Good

  • The leather can be a little tight fitting when gloves are new

6. LIBO Driving Leather Thin Gloves For Men and Women

No glue or chemicals are used to make the inside of LIBO Driving Leather Thin Gloves. They are made of genuine leather to make sure you get value for your money. Genuine leather makes them durable and probably the best full finger driving gloves in town. Since there is no lining, these gloves might stain your hands during the first days of use. But, as time goes by, the staining will significantly reduce.

The leather used to make these gloves is elastic, soft, and resistant to wear. So, expect nothing but maximum comfort from these gloves. The leather also boasts a clear texture. What’s more, gloves have reverse stitching that enables them to fit comfortably. They also feature an elastic wrist design and a belt buckle to allow you to adjust the size freely. Another reason to invest in these gloves is that they have joint holes and finger vents that make them breathable and ensure your hands remain dry all day.

More about the Product: LIBO Thin Gloves for Women and Men are not just suitable for driving but also great for office, daily activities, and everyday wear. They are shipped in a beautiful package; hence, you can gift them out to a friend or family member.

The Good

  • Gloves fit as expected
  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Can be used to protect against the sun’s harmful rays
  • Available in lots of unique and wonderful colors

The Not So Good

  • Gloves may stain hands when new, but this is said in the description

7. Harssidanzar Mens Leather Driving Gloves Unlined

Harssidanzar Mens Leather Gloves for Driving have a pre-rotated finger design that gradually adapts to the natural curving motion of the hand. The design also gives an effortless and comfortable grip to let you power through the extra miles during driving. What’s more, these gloves are equipped with Motion Zones over the knuckles. These Motion Zones combine with Web Zones between the fingers to allow the gloves to support the natural dexterity of your hands.

They also help these gloves breathe and release heat. Moreover, there are ventilation ducts between the fingers that not only provide optimum breathability but also give fingers much-needed flexibility during driving. These gloves are designed by an orthopedical hand specializer. One-hundred percent supple and soft goatskin is used to make them so they can be very durable without sacrificing comfort.

The Good

  • Gloves feel amazing when driving
  • They provide a firm grip on the steering wheel
  • The color and general design is spot on
  • Great for the price

The Not So Good

  • Gloves are not touchscreen compatible

8. Pratt and Hart Momentum Men’s Touchscreen Leather Driving Gloves

Pratt and Hart Men’s Leather Driving Gloves are designed by a manufacturer, which believes that fashion should not come at the expense of durability. That being said, the manufacturer has settled on the finest materials available to make these gloves. The fine-grained genuine sheepskin leather is the material. It is soft for maximum comfort. It is also durable enough to stand the rigors of everyday wear.

Moreover, these gloves are equipped with a wrist strap, which has a snap and an elasticized wrist snugger. These features make putting on and taking off the gloves a no-brainer. Traditional reinforced knuckle holes give these gloves a stylish look as well as improving their comfort. Knuckle holes also extend the life of these gloves. Additionally, Pratt and Hart Men’s Gloves are touchscreen-friendly, which makes them convenient to use with phones.

The Good

  • Gives an excellent grip on the wheel
  • The lambskin leather is soft and supple
  • Makes you look cool
  • The fit is snug, which is good for driving
  • The touchscreen feature works as expected

The Not So Good

  • May stain hands when new, but this seems to be a common problem with most new leather gloves for driving

9. BMW M Driving Gloves

BMW M Gloves for Driving are equipped with a pull-on closure that enables them to fit snug so you can focus more on driving and less on having to keep adjusting the gloves. The pull-on closure also makes it easy to put on and take off these gloves. The material used to make these gloves is worth talking about as well.

It is a combination of 5-percent neoprene and 95-percent Cabretta leather. They combine to create a durable pair of driving gloves that you will use for years without showing signs of wear and tear. These gloves also feature a side zip closure for a snug fit plus they have an “M” logo at the wrist to give them a cool, authentic look.

More about the Product: BMW M Gloves are black and, therefore, can be worn with nearly any outfit. They are also ambidextrous for maximum convenience. Plus they come in various sizes, including XX-Large, X-Large, Large, and Small.

The Good

  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Available in lots of sizes to choose from
  • The material used is good quality
  • Gloves are ambidextrous

The Not So Good

  • None to report

10. ZLUXURQ Womens Vintage Soft and Thin Leather Driving Gloves

Those who have tried these vintage driving gloves believe they are the best leather gloves for women. These gloves are made of quality Italian lambskin leather, which is durable and soft. The leather is also thin like a second skin to make sure the movement of your fingers is not restricted. This means if you are looking for durable yet super comfortable gloves, ZLUXURQ Womens Driving Gloves should be a frontier for you.

They are very breathable and, therefore, will keep your hands dry throughout the day. They also have an excellent grip to make sure you are in total control. These gloves are not just great for driving but also perfect for motorcycling, walking dog, travel, and outdoor sports, among others. Their retro and elegant design makes them versatile as well as ensuring that lots of compliments come your way. Furthermore, these gloves are equipped with a touchscreen function for maximum convenience when operating phone.

The Good

  • The soft leather feels like a second skin
  • The fit is nice and snug
  • Well made and allow fingers to move freely
  • The color is exactly like the picture

The Not So Good

  • The dye bleeds, but this seems to go away after a week

Buyer’s Guide for the Best Luxury Driving Gloves

The reviews above may not be enough when it comes to getting the best quality gloves for driving. That is why we also provide you with the following factors.

The Material Used

Most gloves for driving are made of leather. And there are different types of leather. Therefore, when picking a leather driving glove, try to go for something made of soft and supple leather. Such gloves are durable yet their durability does not come at the expense of comfort. Well, some of the leather types that are both durable and supple are lambskin leather and goatskin leather.


The fit is an important factor when choosing a driving glove. This is because get it wrong and you might be forced to return the glove. What do we mean? Gloves that fit loosely are likely to bunch up and force you to keep adjusting them, which is not the ideal situation when driving. Consequently, gloves that fit too tight are likely to restrict finger movement, and this might make driving a daunting experience. Therefore, make sure you measure your hands properly before buying a pair of leather driving gloves.

Touchscreen Technology

Driving leather gloves that are equipped with a touchscreen function are very convenient to use. This is because you will not have to take them off when you want to answer a call, send a message, or operate your touchscreen phone. You should, therefore, make sure the set you are going for has this feature.


Although you are looking for gloves for driving, it would be nice if you can settle on something versatile. Well, a versatile set of gloves is suitable for driving, everyday wear, travel, dog walking, motorcycling, cycling, and even ice skating, among others. Such gloves are cost-effective and help with de-cluttering by eliminating the need to buy several gloves for different purposes.

Style & Color

You should not focus on the material and size so much that you forget to check out the style of the gloves you are interested in. After all, everyone likes a good pair of leather gloves that make them look cool and receive a lot of compliments. So, as far as style is concerned, you will never go wrong with vintage-style gloves. Also, choose a pair of neutral gloves when it comes to color. This is because such gloves go with virtually all outfits.

FAQs: Driving Gloves for Men & Women

Q1. What are the benefits of driving gloves?

The best gloves for driving are non-slip, and this enables them to provide an enhanced grip on the steering wheel and gear shift. In so doing, these gloves provide drivers with increased control of the vehicle. Driving gloves also add extra comfort, thereby, making driving less stressful.

Q2. How should driving gloves fit?

Gloves for driving should fit snug but not super tight. Moreover, they should cover the end of your fingertips without leaving much extra room. Gloves that fit fingers and leave much extra room are unlikely to provide much-needed grip. They are also likely to cause all sorts of problems while driving because you will be forced to keep adjusting them.

Q3. Which color gloves should I go for?

Most people prefer black gloves because they go with formal wear. But in a world where things are constantly changing and people are eager to try out new things, you can go for maroon, brown, grey, gold, or even dark red gloves. They too blend perfectly with formal wear.

What are the Benefits of Fingerless Driving Gloves?

Fingerless gloves are not only stylish and modern-looking but also have lots of advantages.

For instance, fingerless or half-finger gloves allow the hand to move freely, and this helps reduce discomfort.

They are also very breathable, and, therefore, prevent hands from sweating profusely.

Moreover, fingerless gloves are highly unlikely to stain hands plus they are less smelly, which is also as a result of them being very breathable.

Where half-finger gloves come short is when it comes to keeping hands warm.

Since they are very breathable, they also tend to let in the cold – too much of it sometimes.

It is, therefore, safe to say that fingerless driving gloves are not suitable for winter. They are, however, perfect for summer.

You can buy both fingerless and full-finger driving gloves and use them interchangeably according to seasons.

Best Driving Gloves For Winter Reviews: Wrap Up

There are lots of driving gloves in the market. And this means you can struggle to get a good pair even when you have money to spend on expensive brands.

It is because of this we have brought you the above reviews and buying guide. Through them, we have talked about gloves made by reputable manufacturers such as Riparo, Reed, and Pierre Cardin.

We have also reviewed different types of gloves, which are full-finger and fingerless. With that said, we hope you found the article helpful.