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9 Best Dr Scholls Sandals For Women Reviews

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Did you know Dr. Scholl’s sold less than 50,000 pairs in the United States in its first year of national sales? But then, in 1972, the national sales had climbed to 1 million pairs. Dr. Scholl’s is a company with personality, and that is why it is unsurprising that the best Dr Scholls sandals for women are super popular.

These sandals come in countless styles, including classic slide sandals, which are, otherwise, referred to as vintage or original Dr Scholls sandals. Also, there are Dr scholls wedge sandals and wooden sandals.

In this post, we have reviews of all of these sandals; hence, what you need to do is go through them and then pick the pair that matches your personality.

People’s Picks (Based On Reliable Consumer Reports)

Best Overall: Dr. Scholl’s Shoes Women’s Classic Slide Sandal. The classic look makes this footwear one of the best vintage Dr Scholl’s sandals in the market.

Runner Up: Dr. Scholl’s Shoes Women’s Sheena Wedge Sandal. Combining a sporty look with contemporary style, this sheena wedge sandal by Doctor Scholl’s goes with almost any summer outfit.

Best Women’s Dr Scholls Sandals for Plantar Fasciitis: Dr. Scholl’s Shoes Women’s Fisherman Sandal. Designed with comfort in mind, this fisherman sandal is what you should go for if you have plantar fasciitis.

Best Dr Scholls Wedge Sandal: Dr. Scholl’s Shoes Women’s Barton Wedge Sandal. The Barton Wedge Sandal is a well-thought-out Dr Scholls Wooden Sandal with a heel height of approximately 2-1/2 inches.

Best Ladies’ Dr Scholls Sandals for Flat Feet: Dr. Scholl’s Shoes Women’s Adelle Sandal. The flexible, lightweight construction makes this sandal perfect for someone with flat feet or arthritis.

Best Women’s Dr Scholls Sandals with Straps: Dr. Scholl’s Shoes Women’s Good Karma Strappies Sandal. If you are not ready to sacrifice comfort for a flattering look or the other way around, this Dr Scholls Strappy Sandal for women is for you.

9 Best Women’s Dr Scholls Sandals Reviews

1. Dr. Scholl’s Shoes Women’s Classic Slide Sandal


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Contrary to what most people believe, the best vintage dr scholls sandals for women are not necessarily expensive. This Dr Scholl’s Classic Slide Sandal, for instance, is reasonably priced and, therefore, can be acquired even when you are on a budget. What’s even better about it is that it has nice features despite the pocket-friendly price point.

For example, there is a comfort, contoured footbed that keeps your feet comfortable, thereby, letting you walk in this slide sandal for hours without any issues. There is also a faux woodgrain design that gives the sandal a unique look. Still, on the look; the sandal comes equipped with stud accents that you will find amazing.

Reasons To Buy

  • Perfect for someone that loves Dr Scholl’s Classic Wooden Sandal
  • Arrives well packaged with zero damages
  • Delivery is on time
  • The fit is as imagined

Take Note

  • The strap is pretty stiff, especially when the sandal is new

2. Dr. Scholl’s Shoes Women’s Sheena Wedge Sandal


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Dr Scholl’s describes this footwear as a standout wedge sandal that you will want to wear throughout the summer. This is because the sandal has an impressive design that makes it very comfortable to wear. It combines a contemporary look with a sporty style so you can rock it with many different outfits.

You can wear it with blue jeans, a long floral dress, or a short black skirt, depending on the occasion. The upper of the sandal is made of faux leather or microfiber. It is comfortable and will not cut into your toes. Besides, this Dr Scholls wedge sandal features an open-toe design that will beautifully display your pedicure.

Additional Information: Another feature we find outstanding is the anatomical contoured insole. It is the reason why this is one of the best Dr Scholls sandals for plantar fasciitis. What’s more, we like the fact that the wedge heel is integrated into the sandal for superior durability. We also like the heel height that measures around 2-1/2 inches.

Reasons To Buy

  • The fit is as described
  • Cozy and looks cute
  • The quality is good
  • Available in a wide range of colors
  • Extremely easy to walk in

Take Note

  • A bit snug, so order a size up, especially if you have wide feet

3. Dr. Scholl’s Shoes Women’s Fisherman Sandal


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We believe that this is one of the best Dr Scholls Sandals for flat feet or even painful feet. It is designed with maximum comfort in mind. Furthermore, it has a fisherman-inspired design that makes it very convenient to wear. The features of this Dr Scholl’s Sandal for ladies are amazing as well.

They include a fabric or faux leather upper, a round toe, and a flexible sole. The sole is durable and holds up well to whatever conditions you expose it to. The sandal also features a back pull tab that combines with a hook-and-loop closure to ensure easy on and off. It is worth noting that the hook-and-loop closure is adjustable for a customized fit.

Reasons To Buy

  • Does not seem to require a break-in period
  • Light and allows feet to breathe
  • Great for plantar fasciitis
  • The memory foam on the bottom is a nice bonus

Take Note

  • The Velcro strap tends to come unstuck when tightened far enough

4. Dr. Scholl’s Shoes Women’s Barton Wedge Sandal


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One of the best Dr Scholl’s Wooden Sandals is the Barton Wedge Sandal. The heel of this sandal measures around 2.5 inches. It is neither so high that it makes walking in the sandal tricky nor is it so low that it looks old-fashioned. Besides, this wedge sandal is designed with comfort in mind.

It has a comfortable footbed that pairs with a soft lining to keep your feet comfortable. The open-toe design also plays a role in making this Dr Scholls Wedge Sandal comfortable to wear. It improves breathability, which is important during summer. Another feature we would like to tell you about is the traction outsole. It is durable and allows you to walk naturally on various surfaces.

Reasons To Buy

  • A great alternative to flats
  • Makes you feel prettier
  • Comfortable enough to wear all day
  • Can be dressed up or down
  • Fits true to size

Take Note

  • The durability of the material is not so convincing, but, with proper care, the sandal should last

5. Dr. Scholl’s Shoes Women’s Go for It Slide Sandal


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If you cannot own original Dr Scholls Sandals for women because of one reason or another, you should try out the Dr. Scholl’s Go for It Slide Sandal. Although its look is not so classic, this Dr scholls slide sandal fits the bill. It is reasonably priced and has lots of features that make it super comfy.

One of these is a decent heel height of around 2 inches. It gives a good lift without straining your legs. Another feature is the anatomical cushioned insole that makes this footwear one of the best Dr Scholls sandals for everyday wear. Plus, this sandal features a durable yet flexible sole, which, in turn, is equipped with tread detailing to prevent you from slipping.

Reasons To Buy

  • The color is unique and stands out
  • Can be worn with many different summer clothes
  • Comfortable and seems to be of good quality
  • A good alternative to flip flops or typical slides

Take Note

  • The sandal runs quite wide

6. Dr. Scholl’s Shoes Women’s Adelle Sandal


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Your search for quality Dr Scholls Sandals on sale ends here. That is because the Dr. Scholl’s Adelle Sandal has it all. What we really love about it is the flexible and lightweight construction that nicely moves with you. We also find the microfiber material amazing. It is extremely soft but that is not all – the material is made from recycled bottles as well.

Right now, the need to save our planet has never been more pressing. Therefore, wearing sandals that are eco-friendly is highly encouraged. The Adelle Sandal also boasts insole technology with anatomical comfort, cushioning, and support. What’s more, the sandal features a slip-on design that allows you to put it on and take it off in a snap.

Reasons To Buy

  • Perfect for flat feet
  • The length and width are excellent
  • The footbed is lightly contoured for extra comfort
  • The straps are padded and are adjustable

Take Note

  • Arch support is not sufficient, but this should only be a concern if you plan to wear the sandal to a hiking trip

7. Dr. Scholl’s Shoes Women’s Dance on Clog


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Everyone loves clogs, right it? However, the quality of clogs varies from one brand to another. Needless to say, this clog sandal by Dr. Scholl’s is arguably one of the best in the market. It is a reinvented Dr. scholls classic sandal that has a strong personality and will make you feel confident every time you are walking in them.

The clog has a slip-on design that allows you to wear it within a cinch. Another feature we find very impressive is the adjustable buckle that makes it possible to achieve a customized fit. Ideally, the buckle is made of metal and will no doubt stand the test of time. We also would like to tell you that the upper of this sandal is not entirely closed, which helps make the sandal excellent for summer.

Additional Information: You can also wear this Dr. Scholls Clog in winter. The thoughtful design creates roomy space that allows you to wear the sandal with socks and stay warm and cozy during super cold months. The sandal comes in a wide range of colors, including Silver, Black Snake, and Brown Leopard.

Reasons To Buy

  • It is worth the money
  • Bouncy; hence, relieves pressure off the knees and ankles
  • Great for walking and standing on for long periods
  • Excellent upgrade from the original pair

Take Note

  • N/A

8. Dr. Scholl’s Shoes Women’s Good Karma Strappies Sandal


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Most ladies love Scholl sandals with straps because they make legs appear sexy not to mention being versatile enough to be worn on many different occasions. Women’s Good Karma Shoes is one of these sandals. It has a reasonable heel height that measures approximately 1.97 inches. The fairly low heel height makes walking in this sandal a no-brainer.

This Dr Scholls Strappy Sandals also features an ankle strap, which, in turn, has a buckle closure. The buckle closure is adjustable for a personalized fit. Other features are soft linings that are made of microfiber so they can provide you with ultimate softness. These soft linings are also made of eco-conscious faux leather to make sure you too are playing a role in helping conserve the environment.

Reasons To Buy

  • Comfortable and seems to be of excellent quality
  • The appearance and style is amazing
  • Can be worn indoors or outdoors
  • Looks great with dress

Take Note

  • Buckles are sometimes hard to get closed

9. Dr. Scholl’s Women’s Originalist Slide Sandal


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This Dr. Scholl’s Sandal for women will immediately remind you of the best Dr Scholls sandals of the 1970s. These vintage Dr Scholls sandals were very popular because of their comfort and simple look. Well, the originalist slide sandal has a lot in common with classic dr scholl sandals for women.

First, it features a slip-on design that makes it super convenient to wear and take off. The design also improves versatility by letting you wear the sandal indoors on a daily basis or rock it when going to work. Second, this women’s dr scholls slide is made of quality material in faux leather or fabric. The material has a soft feel and wonderful feel-good linings.

Additional Information: The style is another feature that makes the Dr Scholl’s Originalist Sandal a worthy purchase. There is a metallic buckle detail that combines with side nailhead accents to give the slide sandal a chic look. Furthermore, this sandal is available in lots of colors such as Gold Yellow, Honey, and Tan Black Spotted.

The Gold Yellow color is a nice option for someone that loves Dr Scholls gold sandals. The color is unique, thereby, allowing you to style the sandal in several ways. You can wear the sandal with a bright-colored summer dress or stick to a simple look by wearing it with a black skirt.

Reasons To Buy

  • Gets tons of compliments
  • There is Velcro for adjusting the fit
  • Comfortable and true to size
  • Great for summer and can be paired with nearly anything

Take Note

  • The heel is a little too low; therefore, the sandal might not be ideal for someone that loves high-heeled shoes

Guide To Buying The Best Dr Scholls Sandals For Women

Whether you want to buy original Dr Scholls Sandals or looking for wedge dr scholls sandals for women, the factors to pay attention to normally remain unchanged.

Let’s check them out.

1. Comfort

Fortunately for you, most, if not all, sandals by Dr. Scholl’s are built with comfort in mind. For example, a good number of the sandals reviewed above boast lightweight and flexible construction that moves beautifully with you. But that’s not all; these sandals also have comfort footbed so you can wear them for long hours.

The only thing you need to be concerned about is that, unlike other sandals in the same class, most Dr Scholls sandals do not have serious arch support. Therefore, you may want to avoid them if you are looking for footwear for long-distance walking. And, instead, consider sandals by Skechers.

2. Value

Dr Scholls sandals for women may be popular, but (fortunately), they are not as expensive as other sandals such as those by Tory Burch or Gucci. Given that Dr. Scholl’s equips its sandals with a lot of detail, it is safe to say that these sandals are a nice purchase for someone on a budget. Personally, we think Dr Scholl’s Women’s Sandals are worth every penny.

3. Fit

Most Dr. Scholl’s Sandals run true to size. Therefore, in most cases, you will not have to size up or down. Simply measure your feet, check the size chart, and then pick the sandal you believe will fit you perfectly. Another thing, Dr Scholl’s Sandals for ladies come in half sizes so anyone between sizes can have an easy time finding a perfectly-fitting shoe.

Those are the 3 key factors you need to focus on when looking for Dr Scholl’s Women’s Sandals on sale. Of course, you may want to look at the style, color, and whether the sandal is durable, among other things.

Dr Scholls Sandals for Ladies FAQs

Q1. Is Dr Scholls footwear for ladies difficult to walk in?

The heel height of most Dr Scholls women’s sandals is around 2.5 inches and below. This means there is no learning curve when it comes to walking in these sandals. Dr. Scholl’s also focuses on comfort to allow you to walk naturally in its shoes.

Q2. How do I clean my Dr Scholls sandals?

Dr Scholls sandals for ladies are mostly made of faux leather and/or fabric, which make it easy to care for them. You can wash them by hand in case the sandals are very dirty or clean them with a wet piece of cloth, especially when all you want is to get rid of dirt.

Q3. Which Dr Scholl’s Sandal for women is the most popular?

Nearly all Dr Scholl’s Sandals are popular. But the ones preferred by many are Dr Scholl Classic Sandals and Dr Scholl’s Originalist Sandal. The reason these sandals are loved is that they remind people of the sandals Dr Scholl’s first produced when the company was just starting out.

These vintage Dr Scholls sandals were very comfortable and had a simple design that would allow you to wear them with anything. They also had very low heel height that would make it feel like you are walking barefoot. And, of course, classic or original Dr Scholl’s sandals were very comfy.

Q4. Can I wear Dr Scholl’s sandals in winter?

Yes. Dr Scholl’s produces sandals in a wide range of styles. That being said, there are some sandals by Dr. Scholl’s that you can wear in fall and early winter. A good example of this sandal is the Dr. Scholl’s Shoes Women’s Dance on Clog. You can easily wear it with socks to stay warm and fashionable during cold seasons.

The Best Dr Scholls Sandals for Women: Conclusion

Dr Scholls sandals for women are very popular because they have a simple design that allows you to match them with almost any outfit. They are also comfortable and versatile enough to wear on many different occasions. You can rock them to a wedding, work, casual, or shopping. Another reason why most ladies prefer these sandals to others is that they are reasonably priced.