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6 Best Champion Slides Women’s Reviews

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They are easy to wear, have a simple design, and cleaning them is effortless; what’s not to like about Champion Slides Women’s? Champion produces them in a wide range of designs and colors to make sure everyone gets what perfectly works for them.

There are red ones, white ones, black ones, pink ones, and more. Also, there are tie dye slides for women looking for a bold look. Given their stunning designs, Champion slides for women can be matched with nearly anything.

You can match them with jeans for the ultimate casual look or shorts when chilling in your backyard during summer. These slides are also suitable for winter. Simply look for thick, warm socks, and your cold moments will instantly be turned into warm ones.

In this piece, we have written reviews of the best Champion Slides for Women. We also have a buyer’s guide that talks about the key factors to have in mind before buying these slides. Plus, you will get a chance to go through the FAQs to further know how to pick the best model.

People’s Picks (Based On Honest Customer Reviews)

Best Overall: Champion Women’s IPO Slide. The classic design and sporty look make this women’s slide the ultimate in versatility.

Runner Up: Champion Women’s Super Split Script Slide. Made of a lightweight rubber sole, this slide sandal is ideal for women who love shopping in slides.

Most Unique: Champion Women’s IPO Tie Dye Slide Sandal. If you are looking for a bold and unique look, this tie dye slide sandal for women is for you.

6 Best Champion Slides Women’s Reviews

1. Champion Women’s IPO Slide


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The sporty look combines with the classic design to make this slide sandal a stunning purchase for someone looking to go low-key. Comfort is also worth talking about when reviewing the IPO slide for women. There is a molded footbed that offers great support to allow you to walk in the slide for an extended period.

The rubber sole is another feature that improves comfort. Plus, it is durable and plays a huge role in extending the lifespan of the slide. This women’s slide sandal also has a brand logo at the instep for authenticity. Moreover, it is available in lots of colors to choose from. These are Red, Black, Pink, White, and White/Groovy Papaya.

Reasons To Buy

  • The fit is excellent
  • The quality is amazing
  • The colors are exactly as pictured
  • The price point is good

Take Note

  • Runs a little small

2. Champion Women’s Super Split Script Slide


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We love the fact that this Champion Slide Women’s is made of a lightweight rubber sole. This makes it easy to walk in the slide. The outstanding rubber sole also offers superb traction. And this means you can walk in the sandal on a slippery floor without a care in the world.

Furthermore, the polyurethane rubber sole will not deform easily. Therefore, if you are looking for women’s slides sandals that you can wear year in year out, look no further than Super Split Script Slide by Champion. The slide also has a contoured foam footbed, which feels natural underfoot as well as providing unrivaled support.

Additional Information: The upper is made of PVC, which makes it durable and soft. The upper also has a Champion wordmark for authenticity. Plus, it is equipped with a Dacron lining that feels amazing against the skin.

Reasons To Buy

  • Well made, and the overall quality is great
  • Looks cute and fits nicely
  • Extremely easy to clean
  • Suitable for narrow feet

Take Note

  • A bit stiff at first, but extremely comfortable once broken in

3. Champion Women’s IPO Tie Dye Slide Sandal


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This is one of the best Champion Slides Women’s because you can match it with almost anything in the closet. You can wear it during the weekend when chilling in the backyard or put it on when going shopping. The open-toe, slip-on design makes this IPO tie dye slide sandal very easy to put on and take off.

The slide sandal also has an all-over tie-dye print that looks unique and gorgeous. What’s more, it is built with comfort in mind. It has a molded footbed that feels natural and allows you to walk longer. The padded foot strap is another feature that provides comfort. The heel measures around 1 inch, and the sole is made of rubber and leather for unparalleled quality.

Reasons To Buy

  • The sole has a fantastic cushion feel
  • Makes a nice gift for a wife, daughter, etc
  • Available in a variety of beautiful colors
  • Has a decent toe arch

Take Note

  • Runs small – go for one or even two sizes up, especially if you have wide feet or planning to wear slides with socks

4. Champion Super Slide Split Script


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The Champion Super Slide Split Script is available in 2 colors – Black and White. The white color looks clean and cute, but it is likely to get dirty pretty fast. This means if you plan to wear your super slide script sandal outdoors, you should go for the black pair.

Overall, this Champion Super Slide Split Script has lots of features that make it comfortable to wear. There is a padded upper that works with the EVA footbed for maximum comfort. The open-toe design also plays a role in improving comfort. It does that by allowing your feet to move freely.

Reasons To Buy

  • Perfect to wear before/after soccer games
  • Fairly easy to keep clean
  • Good deal for the price
  • The soft band on the inside is a good addition
  • Arrives as expected and in good packaging

Take Note

  • A bit hard when worn for the first time, but after some time, it softens up and becomes comfortable

5. Champion Women’s IPO Jellie Slide Sandal


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The Champion Jellie Slide Sandal is one of the best Champion Slides for Women; thanks to its versatility. You can wear it when having some good time at the poolside or when strolling in the neighborhood. One of the features that make the Jellie Slide Sandal versatile is the contoured foam footbed.

It gives a natural feel and awesome support; thereby, allowing you to walk in the slide for an extended period. Another feature is the fixed strap that has a Dacron lining. This lining feels really soft against the skin. The slide also has an oversized Champion logo that is in contrast colors for an amazing look.

Reasons To Buy

  • It is worth every penny
  • Extremely comfortable and looks nice
  • The sole is durable and does not deform easily
  • Available in Black Multi and White Multi
  • Arrives as expected and in good packaging

Take Note

  • Runs small

6. Champion Womens IPO Camo Slide


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Unlike most Champion Slides Women’s, the IPO Camo Slide Sandal is available in one color only. But this should not be an issue because the color it comes in is super cute. It is a white multi color that can be worn with anything. Also, the fact that the slide is white means it is clean-looking and will help make your toes look gorgeous.

The open-toe style is another reason why you may want to spend money on this Champion Slide Sandal for women. It allows your toes to move freely and make sure you are comfortable throughout. The logo-embossed strap looks cute and is proof that this slide is authentic. Additionally, the strap is lined with fabric to help keep you comfortable.

Reasons To Buy

  • The price is reasonable
  • The color is unique
  • The footbed is padded for superior comfort
  • Available in many different sizes to choose from
  • Arrives as expected and in good packaging

Take Note

  • Does not run in half sizes, but so are other Women’s Champion Slides

Buyer’s Guide for the Best Women’s Champion Slides

In addition to the above reviews, we have highlighted the key factors to consider when buying Champion Slides Women’s. We hope that this will further make it easier to settle on slides sandals that fit you perfectly and meet your needs.

These are those factors at a glance.

  • Size
  • Comfort
  • Color & Look
  • Overall Quality

Now, let’s take you through them one by one.

1. Size

Most Champion Slides Sandals for Women run small. Therefore, you may want to pick something larger than what you normally wear. It is advisable that you read honest customer reviews to see whether people are going for one or two sizes up.

Also, you should note that most Womens Champion slides do not run in half sizes. This means if you are always between sizes, you should at least pick the next size. For example, if you wear size 6.5, you should go for size 7.

2. Comfort

While sizing in Champion slides Women’s is not always very accurate, comfort tends to be spot on. For instance, the above best Champion Slides Sandals are packed with lots of features that support comfort. There is a molded footbed that gives the underfoot a natural feel. Also, there is a padded strap with lining to give your feet a soft feel.

It is important to pick the most comfortable Champion Slides for Women. This is because you will be able to wear them for long hours. Moreover, comfortable slide sandals are pretty versatile. You can wear them indoors or outdoors.

3. Color & Look

This is another area where the Champion brand gets it right. The company produces women’s slides in a wide range of colors. There are plain colors such as red and black and multi colors. Red Champion Slides for Women are a nice purchase because you can match them with almost anything in your closet.

White Champion Slides look good too, especially if you love going all-white. You can rock them at the beach with a white maxi summer dress for a fabulous look. You should note, though, that white slides get dirty a little too easily. So, in case you decide to buy one, make sure it is easy to clean.

4. Overall Quality

You always want to own slides that are worth every penny. That is why you should check the quality of the ones you are interested in. Look at the sole to make sure it is able to hold up well to everyday use. A good sole is one made of rubber. Rubber promotes durability without sacrificing comfort.

You should also check how the upper is done, especially where it meets the sole. The finish should be nice, so the upper does not detach from the sole over time. And, if there is a lining on the upper, it should be nicely done too, in the sense that stitching does not come off easily. Another thing you should check is the color. It should not fade even after years of wearing the slides.

Champion Slides Womens FAQs

Q1. Why Are Red Champion Slides For Women Popular?

Most women love red champion slides sandals because they make their feet super cute. These slides even redefine cuteness when your toenails have red nail polish. Additionally, red slides for women stand out in a good way, and you will receive tons of compliments every time you wear them. You can put them on when going to a shopping mall or walking your dog in the neighborhood.

Q2. What Is The Best Champion Slide Women’s?

The best women’s champion slide is comfortable enough to wear for long hours. It also fits properly i.e., neither too tight nor too loose. Plus, you can wear it with warm socks during cold winter days.

A good pair of champion slides also looks gorgeous and will complement your look. The above slides meet these criteria, and that’s why they are here in this coveted list.

Q3. Are Champion Slides The Most Comfortable?

Yes. Champion slides are up there with the best Steve Madden Sandals when it comes to comfort. Given the features these slides are packed with, we think they are some of the most comfortable slides on the market.

Most of them have a molded footbed that provides plenty of support and gives the feet a natural feel. They also have well-made straps/uppers that do not hurt the feet. That being said, most Champion Slide Sandals do not require breaking in.

Q4. Are Champion Slides For Women Expensive?

No. Womens Champion Slides are reasonably priced. If you can find a pair that fits you well and is very comfortable from day one, then you can say that your Champion slides are worth every penny. What’s more, most Champion slides are of good quality, not to mention being suitable for year-round use.

Summary of the Best Champion Slides Women’s

A good number of people still think that slides should only be worn indoors. But that is not the case. The best Champion slides women’s are built with versatility in mind. And this means you can wear them almost on any occasion.

They are suitable for shopping, chilling at the poolside, having a good time at the beach, and more. These slides sandals can even be worn during winter with a pair of warm socks. They are also comfortable to wear during hiking, jogging, etc.