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10 Best Black Wedge Sandals For Women Reviews

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In a world where people are always on the go, getting wedge sandals that do not need much attention is a real bonus. Well, this is where the best black wedge sandals for women come in handy. These sandals hide dirt nicely because of their black color. Therefore, you will not have to clean them every time you want to wear them.

Black wedge sandals can also be matched with almost any outfit. They look stunning with a red outfit, white one, purple, and so on. Plus, you can wear them with a black dress or jeans for an all-black look.

However, getting quality black wedges for women is not as easy as it seems. That is why we have compiled a list of the 10 best brands. We have also provided you with a buyer’s guide and FAQs to further increase your chances of getting what will meet your needs.

People’s Picks (Based On Honest Customer Reviews)

Best Overall: Blowfish Malibu Balla Women’s Wedge Sandal. This women’s black wedge sandal is stylish and boasts a new look that you will find amazing.

Runner Up: Steve Madden Women’s Kimmie Wedge Sandal. The elastic upper makes this Steve Madden black wedge sandal fit perfectly and comfortably.

Best Low Heel Black Wedge Sandals: DREAM PAIRS Ingrid Women’s Wedge Sandal. This low wedge sandal for women has a heel height of 2 inches.

Most Comfortable: Crocs Women’s Leigh II Wedge Sandal. The upper of this sandal boasts massage-pod footbeds that give the foot a nice feel.

Best Black Wedge Flip Flop Sandals: Teva Women’s Mush Mandalyn Wedge Ola 2. If you love black wedge flip flops, Teva Wedge Ola 2 is for you.

Best Black Wedge Sandals For Hiking: Skechers Women’s D’Lites-Fresh Catch Wedge Sandal. This wedge sneaker by Skechers has a sporty look and is perfect for outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, and trekking.

10 Best Black Wedge Sandals For Women Reviews

1. Blowfish Malibu Balla Women’s Wedge Sandal


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It is obvious that the Blowfish Malibu Balla Sandal is one of the best low heel black wedge sandals. The designers of this wedge sandal have traveled the world to make sure whatever they come up with is inspiring and has a new look.

The sandal is very comfortable to wear and has lots of cool features. There is a fabric upper equipped with criss-cross straps. These straps are made of faux leather; hence, they are of good quality. The fabric upper also features a side zipper for easy on and off and to improve the look of the sandal.

Reasons To Buy

  • Stylish, versatile, and cute
  • The fit is true to size
  • The black color is rich and beautiful
  • The price is good

Take Note

  • Fits narrow feet a little loose

2. Steve Madden Women’s Kimmie Wedge Sandal


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This is one of the best black wedge sandals Steve Madden because its quality is second to none. The upper is made of elastic material that ensures a proper, comfortable fit. The sandal also has a rubber platform that absorbs shock and offers amazing cushioning.

The platform measures around 1.75 inches, which makes the sandal suitable for most people. The sizes the sandal is available in are 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9. The price range is affordable, despite the outstanding quality. Because of its thoughtful design, this black wedge sandal can be matched with everything, including dresses and shorts.

Reasons To Buy

  • Available in a wide range of sizes
  • The sole is well made
  • The black color does not get dirty easily
  • The look is superb
  • Easy to put on and walk in

Take Note

  • Straps are pretty tight when the sandal is new but stretches nicely over time

3. Skechers Rumblers-Rock Solid Women’s Sandal


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This Skechers Black Wedge Sandal has a heel measuring 2.5 inches. So, if you want to appear taller without compromising comfort, the sandal is the ideal option. The platform, on the other hand, measures 1 inch. The sandal is lightweight, and you will find it extremely easy to walk in it.

This wedge sandal for women also boasts a simple design that will make you love it even more. The upper has two straps that keep your feet securely in place. The upper also has a backstrap, which prevents your feet from coming off the sandal a little too easily.

Reasons To Buy

  • Great for when your look has to be dressed up
  • It can be paired with skirts, shorts, or pants
  • Easy to wear and take off
  • Cushy enough to stand on for an extended period
  • Has good arch support and is true to size

Take Note

  • Feet should not be wet when wearing the sandal; otherwise, it will leave black marks

4. DREAM PAIRS Women’s Ingrid Ankle Strap Low Wedge Sandal


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The heel height of this low black wedge sandal measures around 2 inches. This helps keep the sandal comfortable and suitable for many different occasions. You can wear the sandal to work, wedding, or casual.

The sandal is designed in the U.S. and boasts a super simple design. That being said, you can match it with nearly any outfit. Whether it is a maxi summer dress or skirt, this women’s wedge sandal will look cute with it. The ankle strap buckle closure is stylish and gives the sandal a stunning look.

Additional Information: Moreover, this black wedge sandal for women is finished with a cushioned insole that allows you to wear and walk in it for long hours. And the insole is made of faux suede; hence, it is easy to care for.

Reasons To Buy

  • The length is exactly as expected
  • Looks cute and is reasonably priced
  • The return process is free and easy
  • The color is true to the pictures
  • Suitable for dressing up or down

Take Note

  • The ankle strap is a little longer than imagined

5. Crocs Women’s Leigh II Adjustable Ankle Strap Wedge Sandal


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The selling point of this black wedge sandal by Crocs is the adjustable ankle strap. It helps improve the fit. We also like the fact that most features of this wedge sandal for women promote comfort. There is an Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) sole that takes the comfort level to new heights.

Besides, this Crocs Women’s Wedge Sandal is designed with Croslite foam for more comfort. Plus, its upper sole offers massage-pod footbeds that feel wonderful on your foot. The sandal is also lightweight, and the thoughtful ankle strap makes wearing it a cakewalk. The heel measures around 2.64 inches; hence, it makes the sandal an excellent option for someone looking to appear taller.

Additional Information: The elegant and simple look makes the Crocs Leigh II Wedge Sandal ideal for every occasion. It also allows you to match it with any outfit. Moreover, this sandal is insanely easy to clean, and it dries quickly. This is because it is made of water-friendly material that makes it perfect for wetter conditions.

Reasons To Buy

  • Ideal for someone that loves heels
  • The style is nice
  • Comfortable and great for long strolls
  • Extremely easy to clean

Take Note

  • The buckle is not attached to the strap; hence, it can be lost easily

6. Clarks Women’s Annadel Eirwyn Wedge Sandal


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Clarks Black Wedge Sandal for Women will quickly become your go-to shoes for spring and summer. It is equipped with cushion soft comfort technology that combines with the Ortholite footbed for unrivaled comfort. This means if you are looking for women’s sandals that you can wear throughout the day, look no further than Clarks Annadel Eirywn.

The heel height of this wedge sandal is 2.95 inches. It is high enough to make you look taller. The sandal also has a platform that measures 1.25 inches. The platform further improves comfort. The rubber sole is another stunning feature of this women’s wedge heel. It also promotes comfort.

Reasons To Buy

  • Comfortable enough to be worn by someone with plantar fasciitis
  • Lightweight, breathable, and soft
  • The open strap design is flattering
  • The back loop closure has Velcro for easy opening and closing

Take Note

  • Runs a bit small

7. Teva Women’s Mush Mandalyn Wedge Ola 2


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The heel of the Teva Black Wedge Sandal for Women measures around 1.75 inches. Combine that with other stunning features, and it is easy to see why this is one of the best low heel black wedge sandals. One of these features is the platform. It measures just 0.5 inches and helps make the sandal very comfortable to wear.

The mush comfort midsole is another feature, and it promotes comfort too. What’s more, this sandal boasts a simple design that allows you to slide in and take it off with ease. It has a classic thong strap, which, in turn, is equipped with extra crossing slide straps. The sandal also features blue stitching that gives an amazing contrast to the black look.

Reasons To Buy

  • Provides enough arch support for all-day wear
  • The length is true to size
  • The price is very affordable
  • The heel height is excellent
  • Extremely lightweight and does not rub anywhere

Take Note

  • Quite tight when new, but also loosens up quickly

8. Pierre Dumas Hester Women’s Platform Wedge Sandals


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If you are looking for the best open-toe black wedge sandals for women, the Pierre Dumas Hester Platform Sandals are for you. The platform of these sandals measures around 2 inches, and the wedge measures roughly 3.5 inches.

These wedge sandals also feature an open and rounded toe area that gives the toes a cuter look while promoting comfort. The back strap has elastic material that enables it to offer a snug fit. This, in turn, keeps your feet secure while walking in these Pierre Dumas Hester Platform Wedge Sandals.

Reasons To Buy

  • The footbed is made of soft faux suede
  • The appearance is gorgeous
  • Made of vegan material
  • The heel strap stays put
  • Sandals run true to size

Take Note

  • Sandals might not fit you perfectly if you have small heels

9. Dr. Scholl’s Shoes Women’s Sheena Wedge Sandal


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Dr. Scholl’s Shoes Brand is one of the best in the market. Sheena Black Wedge Sandal is no exception. It has a well-thought-out design that makes it perfect to wear throughout the year. The design is a combination of a contemporary look and a sporty appearance. That being said, this wedge sandal can also be matched with any outfit.

You can wear it with jeans, dresses, or skirts. The strappy silhouette makes the sandal a great purchase for someone that loves strappy heels. The sandal also boasts an inside hidden gore that improves flexibility. Another feature is the anatomical contoured insole, plus there is the scored outsole for more flexibility.

Additional Information: The open-toe design allows your feet to move freely in this strappy wedge heel. Furthermore, the upper of this sandal is made of faux leather or microfiber. It is of good quality and easy to keep clean.

The adjustable ankle strap features a hook-and-loop closure that ensures easy on and off. Last but not least, we love that the 2.5” wedge heel of this sandal is integrated. This makes it easier to walk in it.

Reasons To Buy

  • Comfortable enough to wear all day
  • The fit is perfect out of the box
  • No pinching or rubbing when walking in them
  • Fashionable and has good arch support

Take Note

  • Not everyone loves how high up the back of the sandals come on the ankle

10. Skechers Women’s D’Lites-Fresh Catch Wedge Sandal


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If you are looking for black wedge sandals that you can wear almost anywhere, the Skechers Women’s D-Lites-Fresh Catch Sandal is for you. What we love about these open shoes for women is their level of comfort.

We also like the sporty look and stunning build quality. That being said, this sports wedge sandal is suitable for hiking, camping, and other outdoor activities. It looks solid enough to stand the test of time. It also has a decent heel height of 1.25 inches; hence, it is not easy to trip while wearing it.

Reasons To Buy

  • Available in 2 colors (Black and Black/Black) to choose from
  • Looks nice with socks
  • The price is good
  • The straps hold feet securely
  • The cushioning in the sole is superb

Take Note

  • The ankle strap is pretty short, but it still serves its purpose

Buyer’s Guide For The Best Black Wedge Sandals

Whether you are looking for the best high wedge heels or are interested in low heel black wedge sandals, you need to have the key factors in mind during the buying process. If you get all of these factors right, then your chances of bringing home top-notch wedge sandals for women are high.

That being said, we have discussed the following factors in this buying guide.

1. Fit

A wedge sandal can be comfortable and stylish. But if the fit is not right, you will not be a happy owner of the sandal. Therefore, it is important that you get it right as far as the fit is concerned. Wedges that fit true to size are recommended because all you have to do is go for the size you normally wear.

However, assuming you are set to buy a wedge sandal only to realize that the size is off. In this case, you will have to go through customer reviews to check whether you should size up or down. Moreover, some manufacturers are honest enough to let you know if their sandals run small or large.

With that said, you can also check the size chart the manufacturer provides. Another thing you should consider is the style. Some black wedge sandals are designed for narrow feet, while others boast a wide fit. If you are interested in sandals suitable for narrow feet but have wide feet, you will have to, at least, size up.

2. Comfort

A good number of black wedges for women are not so comfortable, and this can be a deal breaker. Therefore, you want to make sure the sandals you are settling on have plenty of features that support comfort. Well, the most comfortable black wedge sandals for women have a nicely padded insole, which, in most cases, is the EVA insole.

The upper of these sandals is also normally well done. It is soft and will not dig into your skin when walking. Another feature that supports comfort is the outsole. Therefore, make sure you pay attention to it as well. Normally, outsoles made of rubber are preferred because they absorb impact and offer nice cushioning with each step.

If you are looking for black wedge sandals for office, you should prioritize fit and comfort. Comfortable sandals will not hurt your feet; meaning you can walk or stand on them almost all day.

3. Look

Some women’s black wedge sandals have a classic look. These sandals are always simple and suitable for office or wedding. What’s more, classic black wedge sandals look great with long skirts and dresses.

Others, on the other hand, have a contemporary look. These sandals are perfect for almost every occasion, plus you can wear them with nearly any outfit. Also, there are black wedge sandals with sporty look.

These shoes are well cushioned; making them perfect for such outdoor activities as hiking, camping, walking, and even running. Black wedge sports sandals can be worn with different sports attires. They also look great with sweatsuits.

How To Walk In Wedges Comfortably

Wedges are much safer (and easier) to walk in than heels. However, this does not mean you will not struggle walking in high-heeled ones for the first time. So, if you fear for your ankles or planning to walk on the runway in high heel black wedge sandals, this piece is for you.

Here, we talk about what you need to consider so you can walk in wedge sandals comfortably and safely in the long run.

1. Make The Outsole Grippy

Having wedge sandals whose outsole has good traction is good, but you may want to make the outsole grippier. And one way to do that is to rub sandpaper on the outsole. This improves traction, which, in turn, makes your wedges very stable to walk in.

2. Start Small, Then Go Big

According to, you should start with a wedge whose heel height is around 2.5 inches. Try walking in it every time you are going outside. Once your feet have got used to it, look for another pair whose heel height is maybe 3 inches. Keep working your way up until you can walk in super high heel wedge sandals without a problem.

3. Make Sure You Walk The Right Way also states that you should try to walk the right way always. To do this, do not slam your foot down all at once because this can lead to a sprained, broken or twisted ankle. Instead, you should push your hips forward and then engage your core. After that, bustle advises that you step in a heel-toe manner.

4. Do Not Forget To Pick The Right Size

We mentioned this in the buying guide, but now it is in relation to walking safely in wedge sandals. Turns out most people do not focus on the size when buying a pair of shoes. In a 2018 study, just 28-percent to 37-percent of people are really wearing shoes of the right width and length.

Apart from increasing your chances of getting hurt, ill-fitting footwear has other disadvantages. According to, you can suffer from peripheral neuropathy (a medical condition due to damage to the peripheral nervous system) simply by wearing shoes that do not fit you perfectly.

Other ways to learn to walk in high-heeled wedge sandals for women are to practice and making sure your sandals have a back strap. The thing is, your toes will start to curl if you keep wearing backless wedge sandals. They do this to prevent the sandals from slipping.

Nonetheless, this is not a good thing as you can easily be thrown off balance. By choosing a pair of wedge sandals with back straps, ankle straps, or full back, you get to keep your feet securely in place. This, in turn, provides you with more stability.

Black Wedge Sandals FAQs

Q1. What Are The Benefits Of Black Wedge Sandals?

Black wedges for women hide dirt beautifully, and this means they will always look clean. Therefore, you will not have to clean them every time you want to rock them. Another benefit is that black wedge sandals can be matched with just about any color. They look great with red, white, green, and blue, among other colors.

Q2. Are Black Wedge Heels Professional?

Black wedge heels are professional but to some extent. By this, we mean there are some occasions they might not be your go-to. For example, wedges are not the best for super formal occasions, otherwise, known as Level I and Level II. They are, however, worth wearing for Level III, which is also referred to as a business casual.

Q3. Are Black Wedge Sandals Perfect For Spring?

Yes. You can wear your black wedge sandals during spring. All you need to do is get your spring dress, and you are good to go. Their open-toe design makes them breathable and comfortable to wear both during spring and summer.

Q4. Can You Wear Socks With Wedge Sneakers Sandals?

Yes. Wedge sneakers look amazing with socks. Therefore, if it is a bit cold outside or looking for more grip, do not think twice about wearing your sporty wedge sneakers with socks. You can also wear your wedge sneakers with socks purely for fashion. This will make you look cool and trendy.

Q5. Why Is It Easier To Walk In Wedges Than Heels?

Walking in wedge sandals is easier than walking in heels because wedges provide you with a more stable and even surface to walk on. This is opposed to heels that can easily throw you off balance. The stable, even surface wedges create also promote comfort.

Summary Of The Best Black Wedge Sandals For Women Reviews

When choosing the best black wedge sandals for women, make sure they fit properly and are comfortable. You should also pay attention to the look because this will determine what you pair your sandals with. Moreover, try to pick wedge sandals that are built with convenience in mind. These sandals are always easy to put on and take off.