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10 Best Bakeware Sets In 2022 Reviews

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The best bakeware sets include the right number of baking pieces. These pieces are normally of different shapes and sizes to meet all your baking needs.

These sets are also easy to use and clean in the dishwasher or by hand. Plus, they are well-sized so they can fit toaster ovens and even microwaves nicely.

We have talked about them in detail in the following reviews to make your purchase experience one to remember.

Top 10 Best Bakeware Sets Reviews

1. AmazonBasics Nonstick Oven Bakeware Baking Set, 6-Piece

AmazonBasics Baking Set includes an assortment of essentials to help make your baking moments memorable. It has a total of 6 pieces, which are a loaf pan, a muffin pan, a baking sheet, a roast pan, and 2 round cake pans. The loaf pan measures 9 by 5 inches and the roast pan and baking sheet each measure 13 by 9 inches.

The muffin pan features 12 cups and the 2 round cake pans measure 9 inches. Because of the assortment of pieces, this set is ideal for making entrees and vegetable side dishes. It is also perfect for making special-occasion desserts such as 2-tiered birthday cake or breakfast muffins.

Key Features

  • Carbon steel construction heats evenly and will not warp
  • Oven-safe to 500 deg F makes the set suitable for a wide range of uses
  • Nonstick coating ensures you do not use too much oil or butter
  • Care instruction is hand-wash only


  • Pieces appear to be of good quality
  • The price is great
  • Extremely easy to clean
  • Food does not stick to the pieces
  • Fits nicely in small-sized countertop ovens


  • Pans are a bit smaller than in some sets

2. Chicago Metallic 8-Piece Nonstick Bakeware Set

Chicago Metallic Bakeware Set is suitable for all oven types. It includes 8 pieces, which include a loaf pan, a cake pan, 2 baking sheets, a cooling rack, 2 round pans, and a muffin pan. The muffin pan features 12 cups and the loaf pan can hold up to 1lb of a loaf.

The cake pan measures 9 by 13 inches; the baking sheets measure 14.75 by 9.75 by 1 inches; the cooling rack measures 16.7 by 11.5 inches, and the round pan is 8 inches. The set will meet all your oven needs from baking cakes, brownies, and bread to making omelet and lasagna.

Key Features

  • Oven safe up to 450 deg F (232 deg C)
  • Non-stick coating ensures easy release of food
  • Dishwasher-safe makes cleanup quick and easy
  • Heavyweight carbon steel construction heats evenly
  • Strong wire rod reinforced rim prevents warping during baking


  • Pieces fit toaster ovens perfectly
  • Muffins come right off the pan easily
  • The packaging box is nice
  • The quality of the pans is outstanding
  • The price is affordable


  • The muffin pan is not as large as expected

3. Rachel Ray Cucina Nonstick Bakeware Set with Grips (47578)

Rachel Ray 47578 includes multifunctional bake pans. One of the pans is a cake pan, which comes with a lid. This makes it ideal for bringing baked goods to a picnic or fishing adventure. Others are round cake pans that are great for roasting and cookie pans that are ideal for dinners.

Cookie pans measure 10 by 15 and come in a pack of 2. Round cake pans measure 9 inches and come in a pack of 2 as well. The square cake pan is 9 inches and the rectangular cake pan with lid is 9” by 13”. Other pieces of this set are a cupcake pan, a 12-cup muffin, and 2 loaf pans.

Finding quality bakeware sets with lids is not particularly easy. And, although, not all pieces in this set have lids, we still recommend it for someone who loves picnicking.

Key Features

  • Heavy gauge steel construction makes the set ideal for everyday use
  • Rolled-rim bake pan edges further improve durability
  • Latte-colored nonstick inside and out ensure easy food release
  • Silicone grips on pan handles provide a solid and comfortable grasp
  • Oven-safe to 450 deg Fahrenheit

Note: The cake pan lid is not designed to be used in the oven


  • Arrives quickly and well packaged
  • The color of the pieces is beautiful
  • Metal is thick and sturdy
  • Pans are of good size
  • The nonstick layer stays clear after washing


  • Pans scratch easily

4. Cuisinart Classic Bakeware Set, 6-Piece

Cuisinart Baking Set is covered by a limited lifetime warranty. This simply shows that the set is of wonderful quality, and, therefore, perfect for everyday use. What’s even better, this set is affordably priced despite the stunning quality. The set is also dishwasher-safe; meaning cleaning it after use is not time-consuming.

The 6 pieces include a 9-inch loaf pan, a 9-inch round cake pan, 2 muffin pans, and a 17-inch baking sheet. Muffin pans include 6 cups each. Well, if you are looking for a reliable baking set for everyday cooking, this bakeware by Cuisinart should be a frontier for you.

Key Features

  • Heavy-gauge steel construction is durable and heats evenly
  • Thick rolled edges ensure there is no warping
  • Nonstick interior and exterior for easy food release and cleanup
  • Available in a variety of colors: Silver/Black, Champagne, and Bronze


  • Gives flawless results without the spray oil
  • Very easy to use for baking
  • Pans are heavy-duty and decent quality
  • Pans have some weight to them
  • Maintains non-stick properties even after months of use


  • Directions are a little confusing

5. Perlli Carbon Steel Nonstick Bakeware Set, 10-Piece

Perlli 10pc Baking Set comes complete to make sure you have endless imaginations when it comes to making delectable baked goodies. The set includes a large cookie sheet, a square baking pan, a loaf pan, a roasting pan, and more. All the pieces can stand high temperatures up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit.

That being said, you will be able to create anything you want when you have this set. The pieces are ideal for making birthday cakes, chocolate cookies, brownies, apple pie, and chocolate fudge, among others. They work well with both standard and convection ovens. Furthermore, this set is covered by a money-back guarantee for peace of mind.

Key Features

  • Heatproof silicone handles promote safety
  • Non-stick coating is scratch-resistant and does not emit any weird smells
  • BPA-free carbon steel metal is heavy-duty
  • Pans are of different sizes and shapes for convenience


  • Pans bake evenly and nicely
  • Great for Christmas, birthdays, etc
  • Pans do not take up a lot of space
  • Beautiful and made really well
  • Red silicone handles are perfectly placed to function well


  • Shallower than anticipated

6. Ayesha Curry Nonstick Bakeware Set

Ayesha Curry Bakeware Oven Set fits in the toaster oven without any issues. Bake pans are downsized, and this makes them very convenient to use. Needless to say, if you are looking to make family-sized goodies, this set is what you should go for. It includes 4 pieces, which, although is not the highest number, does not compromise performance.

These pieces are a perforated crisping pan, a 6-cup muffin pan, a cookie pan, and a cake pan. The perforated crisping pan measures 10.25 by 7 inches; the cookie pan measures 10.25 by 7 inches, and the cake pan measures 10.25 by 7 inches. These are decent sizes that help make using these pans a breeze.

Key Features

  • Steel construction is heavy-duty and performs nicely
  • Extended edges make the pans easy to handle in and out of the oven
  • Perforated crisping pan is ideal for making pizza
  • Enhanced non-stick coating is diamond textured and ensures easy food release
  • Dishwasher-safe for quick, easy cleanup


  • Great for someone that uses the toaster oven a lot
  • No need to spray down or to use foil
  • Easy to hand wash
  • The price is excellent
  • Quality is better than imagined


  • Measurements are not very accurate

7. Anchor Hocking 15-piece Oven Glass Baking Sets Dishes

Anchor Hocking 15pc Baking Dishes Set includes a 2qt. baker, four 6oz custard cups with four plastic lids, a 1.5qt casserole dish with glass cover, an 8oz measuring cup, a 1.5qt loaf dish, a 9” pie dish, and a 1qt mixing bowl. In other words, you get all the essentials when you buy this set.

And since these dishes are made of glass, they are healthier than plastic and metal. They will not stain, retain smells, warp, or leach harmful chemicals into your food. Additionally, these baking dishes are made in the USA as well as backed by a 5-year limited warranty.

Bakeware sets glass bring a touch of elegance. So, if you are that person willing to give anything for class, Anchor Hocking Glass Bakeware Set is for you.

Key Features

  • Dishwasher-safe for quick and effortless cleanup
  • Oven-safe up to 425 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Compatible both with gas and electric ovens
  • Can also be used to store food in the refrigerator or freezer


  • No worries about scratching the surface
  • Perfect for roasting veggies
  • The glass is nice and thick
  • They cook evenly and are easy to store
  • Packing is very good


  • The lids of the custard dishes do not fit as tightly as many would have liked

8. Elbee 8-Piece Stack ‘n’ Store Bakware Sets

Everything you need to become a baking expert is included in this set. It is an 8-piece set that includes a large roasting pan, a large oven tray, a small oven tray, an 8” square cake tin, two 8” round cake tins, and two muffin pans. The set is perfect for kitchens with small storage spaces.

This is because all the pieces stack together to save valuable space. Ideally, the fact that the pieces are stackable means they will not get lost or misplaced easily. Pieces are also of different shapes and sizes; making this set versatile. You can use them to bake cakes, muffins, pies, and cookies.

Key Features

  • Non-stick coating is high-quality and will last longer
  • Carbon steel is heavy-duty and makes the set perfect for everyday use
  • Baking pieces are heat-resistant up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit
  • 100-percent dishwasher-safe for hassle-free cleaning


  • Stack nicely to fit in tight spaces
  • Arrives in good condition
  • The non-stick coating works beautifully
  • Shipping is done very fast
  • Meets many different baking needs


  • Sheet cookie pan is not very sturdy

9. Turbo Bee 5 Pcs Nonstick Bakeware Set

Turbo Bee 5-piece Baking Set is designed to meet all your baking needs. It comes with different baking pieces to allow you to bake or cook anything. These pieces include a 10” by 15” cookie sheet, a 9” round cake pan, a 9” by 9” square pan, a 12-cup muffin pan, and a 10” by 5” loaf pan.

The set is suitable for making breakfast muffin brownies, turkey roast, bread, roast hot pot, apple pie, baklava, tiramisu, and pizza, among others. Moreover, this set is made by a dedicated manufacturer that values the experience of its customers. This means that in case you have a problem with yours, simply contact the manufacturer.

Key Features

  • Strong carbon steel is durable enough to hold up well to everyday use
  • Oven-safe to 500 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Superior non-stick coating ensures foods are released easily
  • Perfect starter for an aspiring chef


  • The price is competitive
  • Can be used daily and will still look brand new
  • The non-stick coating works as advertised
  • The parchment papers are a wonderful bonus
  • The cake pans make beautiful cakes


  • Smaller than imagined

10. Farberware Nonstick Steel Bakeware Sets with Cooling Rack

Farberware 46650 includes cookie pans, a 12-cup muffin pan, a cake pan, a loaf pan, and 4 layer cake pans. It also comes with a cooling rack. In total, there are 10 pieces in this set. This means you will have everything you need for baking when you buy this set.

The baking pieces are well-sized to provide you with exceptional results every time. The cookie pans measure 10 by 15 inches and 11 by 17 inches. The 4 layer cake pans measure 8 inches; the cake pan measures 9 by 13 inches; the loaf pan measures 9 by 5 inches, and the cooling grid measures 9 by 14.5 inches.

Key Features

  • Long-lasting nonstick inside and out ensures easy food release
  • Gauge steel solid construction will not warp even after years of use
  • Cooling rack is dishwasher-safe
  • Oven-safe to 450 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Suitable for baking bread, making cookies, roasting veggies, and cooking lasagna


  • Nonstick coating cleans easily
  • The baking sheet cooks pizza nicely
  • Perfect for someone starting life on their own
  • Scratch-resistant and easy to use


  • Stains easily, but again, cleanup is a cakewalk

Guide to Buying the Best Bakeware Sets

To further make it easier for you to get a good baking set, we have highlighted the key factors to consider when buying one.

The Number of Baking Pieces

You have noticed that different baking sets include different numbers of baking items. While some come with 15 pieces, others include just 3. Well, you must know that the sets that come with fewer baking items are much cheaper than those that come with more. These sets are also perfect for someone living alone.

Nonetheless, if you are looking for a bakeware set to serve a large family then settling on something with around 6 – 15 pieces is a nice idea. You should, however, prepare to spend more.

The Material Used for Construction

Good bakeware sets are made of carbon steel. And this is because the material is durable enough to hold up well to everyday use. It gives pieces a nice weight as well as making sure they are able to withstand very high temperatures of more than 400 degrees Fahrenheit in the oven.

Carbon steel also heats evenly, thereby, enabling the baking pieces to deliver excellent results. We also advise that you go for a baking set with non-stick coating both on the inside and outside. Non-stick coating not only allows food to slide off to the plates smoothly but also helps make cleanup a walk in the park.


If you dislike putting on oven mitts every time you want to get baked goodies out of the oven, you must try to get a baking set with functional handles. Handles in baking sets are normally overlooked, which should not be the case.

Well, good, functional handles should not conduct heat and get so hot that they compromise safety. Moreover, they should be conveniently placed so you can grab them with ease. They should also be ergonomic to provide unparalleled comfort and convenience.


We bet you have also noticed that some cookware for baking comes with lids while others do not. In our opinion, bakeware sets with lids are the best. This is because, apart from baking, you can use them to store food, perhaps in the refrigerator. However, these sets tend to be more expensive than their lidless counterparts. So, if you are on a budget, sticking to bakeware sets with no lids will do no harm.

FAQs for Bakeware Sets

Q1. What is the best bakeware set for kids?

Kids do not just enjoy eating baked goodies but also love to make them on their own. If your child loves to bake, buying them a bakeware set is a smart move. But before you do that, you must know the factors that make a bakeware set for kids the best.

Firstly, a good kid’s bakeware set is easy to grasp so little ones can handle it with ease. Secondly, it is easy to clean to spare kids the frustration that comes with chores like this. And, lastly, it heats evenly; making sure cakes and other baked goods always come out looking beautiful and delectable.

Q2. Are baking sets dishwasher-safe?

Yes, most bakeware sets are dishwasher-friendly. But, like most manufacturers of these sets, we advise that you hand-wash yours once you are done using it. Hand-washing delivers better results than when you wash the set in the dishwasher.

Q3. Are nonstick baking sets safe?

Non-stick coatings are known to warp when exposed to high temperatures. And when this happens, they can easily get into your food. However, only poor quality nonstick coatings tend to behave like this.

Superior coatings hold up beautifully to high temperatures plus they help make cleanup a no-brainer. Well, what we want to say is that to avoid inconveniences, go for a set made with superior, high-performance non-stick coating.

Moreover, you must take care of your nonstick bakeware set properly. And in the event that it gets old and starts to show signs of warping, make sure you throw it away and then get a new set.

Q4. Can glass bakeware sets withstand high temperatures?

Yes. Bakware sets made of glass are gaining popularity at a tremendous rate. And this is because they do not warp or leach chemicals to foods. In short, glass baking sets are very safe to use. Nevertheless, questions have been asked whether glass is as enduring as steel and aluminum when it comes to standing up to high temperatures.

The answer to this question is yes. Glass can withstand temperatures past 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Just make sure the glass used to make your baking set is thick and will not crack or chip even when exposed to impacts.

Q5. Do baking sets take up too much storage space?

No. We bet that if space is invaluable in your kitchen, the last thing you want is to end up with a bulky set that is not easy to put away when not in use. The good news is that most modern bakeware sets are stackable and space-saving. So, whether you are moving to your first apartment or, for some reason, have a small kitchen, a bakeware set is still a purchase worth considering.

How to Make the Non-stick Coating in your Bakeware Set Last Longer

Non-stick cookware sets are very easy to clean because food does not stick to them. Needless to say, these bakeware and cookware sets are ideal for cooking sticky foods. Non-stick coating, however, has a drawback – it tends to warp and scratch very easily.

But, with the following tips, your nonstick cookware and bakeware set should last for at least 3 years.

Let’s check them out.

  • Immediately you receive your nonstick baking set, wash it to remove any factory residue then dry it thoroughly.
  • Use canola or vegetable oil to cover the surface of each piece of the set. Make sure the oil is evenly distributed for great results.
  • If the baking pieces are oven-safe, put them in the oven at 300 degrees Fahrenheit for 20 minutes. You can also heat them over medium heat for a couple of minutes.
  • Finally, let the oil and the baking pieces cool down and dry. You can use a towel to wipe off any excess oil from the surface of the baking pieces.

Another Important Tip: Avoid using metallic spoons and other similar objects when cooking in a nonstick pot or pan. They might scratch the coating and shorten the lifespan of cookware.

Summary: Best Bakeware Sets Reviews

We would like to wrap it up by saying that the best overall bakeware set is the AmazonBasics 6-Piece Baking Set. As its name suggests, the set has 6 pieces, meaning it is suitable for a small to medium family. It is also nonstick, and, therefore, very easy to clean.

We would also like to say that the set with the highest number of pieces is the Anchor Hocking Glass Baking Dishes. It has 15 pieces, albeit some are lids. These lids allow you to use the dishes for storing food in the refrigerator. They also make the set perfect for carrying food to the picnic.

That’s all we had for you about bakeware sets reviews.